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Why this Article? To explain a simple idea of freedom psychology which can take your organization from Good to Great. Success of your organization does not need radical changes in the entire system, success can be created out of simple things and ideas implemented in organized and phased manner. In this article, we will try to look at a simple psychological aspect of human beings and we can definitely create wonders.

Try to remember an office picnic or office party or get together. Do you remember the people who were super active, roaring, chilling out, shouting, dancing and talking to as many people as possible. When you see someone at picnic or party, the person becomes altogether different sometimes. That’s the precise time to know the nature of your employees. You can watch and observe the amount of enthusiasm your colleagues and team Members shows.

It’s not necessary to be psychologist in order to study psychology everyday.

Many a times, I went to picnic with friends, with office colleagues and I could observe change ofbehavior in them and myself also. They become open, they speak much, they crack jokes more, they laugh more, they open up, they show tremendous amount of zeal and enthusiasm. Only when the circumstances became suitable for the burst out, they became open and shown what they are and what is their potential.

The simple things disclose very important aspects of human psychology and human behavior. Did you observe that the change in circumstances and the cohesive environment made them become superactive, super performer like never before?

Similarly, if an organization provides culture of openness and frankness and liveliness then the employees will show their true potential, full productivity, full enthusiasm about everything that comes along.

Now, you will say, this person is insane. How such a simple thing can give morale booster and productivity enhancing?

After all, how it will add to the profits of the organization.

Let me give u the live example of Google, Google is able to give the picnic environment to their employees all the time all days.

They have rest rooms,they have game rooms, and they are free to seat anywhere in office and work. They can seat in garden and work. When the circumstances are right, productivity goes up, ideas comes, innovations happens, solutions pops up, client satisfaction goes up, profits goes up.

You may have heard a sentence that a problem cannot be solved by the same frame of mind with which it was created.

Let’s analyze this, if the persons seat in same place same computer same environment same colleagues around how you expect new ideas to pop up, productivity to go up, innovations to happen?

How can you reap mangoes if you have been sowing tomato and potatoes?

This is the same case here. What we do is keep on sowing tomatoes and we expect to reap mangoes 20 years later. That will not happen ever. Write it down. (Likh Ke le lo)

Indian (typical Indian) businesses have been working for soooooo many years in the same fashion and in same way for very long time (except few). They have been reaping the rewards in the same way as they were reaping. Now, it’s the time to challenge ourselves and evaluate where we are going wrong? What Next? Are we ready to ride the wave of change and development? Are we ready to dream more? Are we ready to bring about change in culture in our organization, our nation and the whole world?

This reminds me a great quote “If you will keep doing what you were doing, you will keep getting what you were getting”

Profound idea, isn’t it?

So, let’s work on it. What can we do?

Service professional, service industry people, IT Industry Bosses, please take note of this.

1. It’s incredibly important to allow the employees to seat anywhere they want on any day. Portability is important. If majority of staff uses laptop then nothing better than that. (Remember, the picnic, you are free to roam around)

2. Don’t let them seat at same place for whole day (if we can’t be like Google, we can at least adopt some features)

3. Those who are intellectual people working for you are incredibly important for your organization, to take care of them is your duty. Give then freedom to take breaks whenever they want. Just ask for final results. (This precisely is applicable for Silicon Valley corporates)

4. If your organization and office space is big enough, make sure to keep a quiet place or rest room where people can take nap. (Yes, am not insane, it’s incredibly important for brain’s optimum functioning and brilliant ideas to pop up)(WatchTED talk by RussellFoster for knowing about importance of sleep.)

5. An environment of security (mental peace) and family like environment is of prime importance. (Remember the picnic, people shows their talents when they see familiar people around them). That’s the environment where productivity sores and client satisfaction touches highest possible level. Profits will become imperative. Then, it’s just the bi-product of all the above things taken together.

If your company is in service industry, and you are making your ideas generators in front of computers for eight hours, just understand, you are putting your business at risk, the boredom will take over and you are riding the wave of crash. Be alert in advance. Do a little research and save your organization from impending crisis.

Jai Hind.

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  1. Jayant Lakhkar says:

    The article is nice, but I was flummoxed by the salutation at the end – “Jain Hind” ?? Never heard that one – is it a typo or is there a deeper meaning in it ??

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