Bombay chartered Accountants Society has made a representation to Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, Hon’ble Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs on Problems being faced by taxpayers on new portal E-filing 2.0. They summarized issues in the ensuing sections i.e. Issues relating to Login, Issues relating to E-filing, Issues relating to Services, Issues relating to Pending actions, Issues relating to Grievances and Other Issues. Full text of the representation is as follows;-

Bombay chartered Accountants Society

Date: 11.08.2021

Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman
Hon’ble Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs
Government of India
New Delhi.

Respected Madam,

Subject: Problems being faced by the taxpayers on the new portal “E-filing 2.0”

The Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society (in short ‘BCAS’) is a voluntary organisation established on 6th July 1949, BCAS has presently more than 9,000 members from all over the country. It is a principle-centered and learning-oriented organisation promoting quality service and excellence in the profession of Chartered Accountancy. The organization works for the welfare of the Chartered Accountants and represents before various regulatory authorities to resolve the problems/ hardships faced by Chartered accountants and business communities. Our members act as a bridge between the Tax Departments and also the Taxpayers.

We would like to convey our gratitude and congratulate you and your ministry for taking up the pro-active, ambitious and forward looking step of development and launching of new Income tax e-filing portal with the objective of realising many functional improvements, and addition of new features in to the new e-filing portal which inter-alia includes faster processing of refunds to taxpayers, free ITR preparation software, call centre services, single dashboard interface and to bring in many more better and improved functionalities. We wholeheartedly support the various initiatives taken by the government in trying to establish a robust mechanism to ease the compliances of taxpayers.

The new e-filing portal was expected to replace the existing e-filing portal, it was viewed to create a strong technology backbone by enabling host of new functionalities to the taxpayers including enhancement of look, feel and usage experience. The new portal was mainly presented with a moto of Reset..Realign and Restart!

Given such heightened expectations, we regret to say that after the expiry of more than two months, the portal is still not functioning and is suffering from several serious problems causing great and unavoidable hardships to the taxpayers and their representatives.

Despite the sincere, honest and best efforts of the team working behind in the development of this new portal, it was disheartening to realise that this new portal is almost non­functional from the day of its launch on 7th June 2021 and has witnessed many defects which have prevented the taxpayers and other stakeholders from performing their legal compliances. The most fundamental and basic defect observed by many users which ideally should have been tested before he launch that the new portal did not even allow the users to login and enter inside their accounts on the portal.

We at BCAS have worked closely with multiple stakeholders to understand the issues at hand with respect to e-filing portal 2.0.

We have summarized those issues in the ensuing sections.

I. Issues relating to Login

1.1. Login into the portal is herculean task with the site running slow at most of the times. If such situation persists, it will be a difficult task to file returns / other forms when all the forms are made available and last date approaches. We request that the said matter be looked at on an urgent basis.

1.2. To register any taxpayer on the e-filing portal, it is required to e-verify the taxpayer using an OTP which is sent on taxpayer’s mobile number and email id. In case, if the registration of a Non-Resident (NR) is to be carried out, the OTP for the mobile number is not received on overseas numbers, this becomes a major issue when a NR is in a possession of overseas number only.

1.3. In case the taxpayer manages to log in after the above-mentioned issues (Resident & NR) data is not available in almost all/ many places to download the past information as it appears as though the migration has not happened completely.

1.4. Newly incorporated companies/ firms are not able register themselves.

1.5. While logging in through TAN, name of taxpayer is not visible.

1.6. Accounts on e-filing portal are locked after in the second attempt itself. (Screenshot below)

Accounts on e-filing portal are locked after in the second attempt itself

2. Issues relating to E-filing

2.1. The new portal states that ITR post to AY 2013-14 can be downloaded, however, the same are not available on the view ‘filed returns’ tab.

2.2. Details pertaining to AYs prior to AY 2013-14 are not available and therefore it is difficult to ascertain the reasons for the outstanding demands related to those years. The taxpayers do not normally keep records of ITR details related to such past years as they were readily available in the legacy portal. As corollary, the Form 26AS could be generated from Traces portal even for AYs prior to 2013-14.

view filed returns

2.3. Additional Schedules are being added even though they are not relevant to the tax­payer, these schedules are also seemingly mandatory and cannot be deleted / removed. A taxpayer will have to mandatorily mention zeros in those schedules for the validation to be successful. An example of the ITR-2 has been provided below:

ITR-2 has been provided

2.4. New portal does not have any pre-filled data such as Salary figures, other sources figures, which was said to be one of the key reasons why the revamp is being done. Also, only partial data from Form 26AS is being populated.

(For ex. TDS on salary is auto captured in the ITR but salary income is not auto captured.)

2.5. When a HUF is trying to file its ITR on the new portal and it is been verified by the Karta of HUF, the new portal is displaying an error saying “Return is being filed by the representative assessee but the PAN quoted in representative assessee’s field is not the same as the PAN who is trying to upload the return. Karta signing on behalf of HUF is not representative assessee filing the return as per section 160 of the Act.

HUF is not representative assessee filing the return as per section 160 of the Act

2.6. A separate tab / drop down for exemptions under Section 10 is not appearing / not auto populated in cases of certain incomes from other sources. For example: In case of clubbing on income of a minor child, the exemption u/s 10(32) is not getting populated automatically / there is no specific tab appearing to enter the exemption as well.

2.7. Though facility for furnishing ITR -1, 2 and 4 has been provided but these cannot be uploaded properly. The portal is showing error in respect of bank accounts – “Enter Bank Name” error being the most common one. This error is thrown up even after the Bank has been validated, and the Bank Name tab is not an editable field.

2.8. In ITR 4 Form, many tabs are not accessible in the offline utility and hence, taxpayers are unable to file the returns.

2.9. On submitting the ITR, e-verification is a mandatory process, for this process OTP is not received on time and in case the OTP is, if at all received, it isn’t being accepted. At times, the system is not taking us any further after clicking on e-verify button, and the absence of a loader does not help the taxpayer in figuring out whether the request is placed or not.

2.10. JSON utility if it is saved from the ITR which has errors thrown up at the time of validation (For ex: Bank pre-validation wasn’t done at that point in time), will show error while uploading at a later point in a time, when for instance the validation is complete.

2.11. Returns that were already processed u/s 143(1) in March 2021 are still showing as under process in the new portal. Intimations u/s 143(1) which are issued after processing of returns for FY 2019-20 (AY 2020-21) contain multiple mistakes apparent from record.

(For ex. Returns which are filed claiming refunds are showing processed with huge demands payable. This also results into trouble with provisions of section 281, whereby if an assessee wants to sell a property is forced to apply for clearance u/s 281 owing to an erroneous demand in the portal.)

2.12. Further, the option for filing rectification u/s 154 is also not available on the new portal and it is a serious worry because time limit to file the rectification u/s 154 will become barred by limitation of time.

2.13. While filing the ITR (under ‘Personal Information’), even after saving address,

2.14. Date of filing the return is not coming appropriately, there is an issue in format of the date (i.e ddmmyyyy). Return was filed on 03-August-2021(03-08-2021) but date of filing the return on new portal is coming as 08-March-2021 (08-03-2021(i.e before the FY) and hence, taxpayers are not able to e-verify those returns.

e-veriy return

2.15. While taxpayers are trying to file responses against notices issued u/s 148, a common error thrown up is ‘something went wrong’.

2.16. In cases where reassessment proceedings u/s 148 have been initiated for the second time, the portal is not allowing the taxpayer to upload the ITR in response to notice u/s 148 with an error stating ‘Response submitted against notice u/s 148 with acknowledgement number …’ which refers to earlier reassessment proceedings (completed in 2019).

2.17. If companies opt for New Tax Regime u/s 115BAA, MAT provisions u/s 115JB should not be applicable to such companies. However, the new portal is computing MAT irrespective of companies exercising the option u/s 115BAA.

3. Issues relating to Services

3.1. After generating instant E-PAN, the same could not be downloaded from the new portal.

3.3. Taxpayers are not able to download Intimations u/s 143(1) from the income tax portal for any year.

3.4. Closure orders of Assessment Proceedings (appearing under Services – e-proceedings) cannot be downloaded due to system issues.

Closure orders of Assessment Proceedings

4. Issues relating to Pending actions

4.1. The basic details like DIN, PAN, address of the taxpayer is not auto populated when

the taxpayers are trying to pay off the outstanding demand through the portal directly.

4.2. Notices are issued and DIN is also generated but taxpayers are not able to download them as data is not available on the portal, same is the case with closure orders as well which are been issued by the tax department on account of completion of various proceedings but the same are not available on portal to download for taxpayers.

4.3. There are certain actions which are shown as pending on dashboard, but when taxpayers are trying to complete those pending action data is not available to indicate the pending actions.

There are certain actions which are shown as pending on dashboard

4.4. The functionality to carry out trust registration (new or renewal) is now available on the portal, however, Form 10A is not functioning appropriately.

(For Ex.While filing Form 10A, the portal is not allowing the trust to fill in income details of last 3 years. Separate sections of Form 10A cannot be filled in simultaneously and it is forcing the user to complete a particular section and only then move to the others. In such a case, the option to save each section becomes useless.)

4.5. If 15CA/CB form is filed, either the acknowledgement/ the filed forms or sometimes both are not appearing on the portal

a. In Form 15CA/CB, tax and net amount that is to be remitted in foreign currency comes with Rupee symbol prefix and commas in amounts come at hundreds, and not thousands.

b. The new process of Form 15CA/CB is very clumsy; it requires CA and taxpayer to log in parallelly. There is no provision to preview the form before submission. No provision exists to withdraw forms also if some errors are

c. Form 15CA is when client has to finally sign after the issue of Form 15CB by CA. There isa tab which gives the option to modify if required, but it is a nonfunctioning tab.

d. Preview of Form 15CA not available when assigned to CA by the taxpayer while accepting assign CA request. Hence, rejection of form by the CA due to errors is not possible on the new portal before accepting the Form 15CA. However, once the Form is accepted, it cannot be withdrawn if errors are noticed and here it goes on loops. On the same note, taxpayer should also get the option to preview the form, the view form option for taxpayers is not working.

e. Form 15CA/CB in preview mode and the final form available on the portal after submitting the same are identical, Final form does not have digital signature of the signatory. However, Banks needs a signed copy to process the foreign remittance and therefore, they insist to provide signed hard copies in absence of digital signature.

f. There is no provision to mention UDIN while uploading Form 15CB.

4.6. The trail of replies given by the taxpayers in response to, departmental notices, issued earlier are not available on the new portal. Taxpayers do not keep a complete track of submissions made and assessment orders issued by the tax authorities as it was easily available on the legacy portal and therefore, it should be made available on the new portal as well.

4.7. The new Portal is not allowing appeals u/s 246A to be filed before the Commissioner of Income Tax with DIN.

4.8. Already filed appeals which have been partly heard, written submissions of the same.

5. Issues relating to Grievances

5.1. Grievances raised on the new portal are automatically being deleted without getting addressed.

5.2. Existing grievances that were registered on the legacy portal under e-nivaran along with trail of interactions are not appearing in the new portal.

6. Other Issues

6.1. There is no tab for the VsV scheme for providing comprehensive information and no update of the pending actions tab. Form- 3, 4 and Form 5 under ‘Vivad se Vishwas Scheme’ are not visible on the portal. As the deadline (31 August 2021) for making payments under VsV is fast approaching the same should be investigated on priority basis.

6.2. Portal is running very slow and erratically. Some information which is visible in one login but disappears on subsequent login.

6.3. Old filed forms, audit reports, etc. are not available for download and if downloaded then it is a blank document.

6.4. E-verification of earlier filed ITRs is not happening.

6.5. Challan numbers are not auto populated while responding to outstanding demands. Also, in the legacy portal, when the payment was being made directly, the taxpayer details and DIN used to pre-populate, which is not happening in the new portal.

Challan numbers 6.5

6.6. The total amount payable on account of interest u/s 220(2) incurred on outstanding demand is appearing incorrectly in the new portal.

payable on account of interest 6.6

6.7. BSR code that starts with first character as “0” is not recognized and hence error of invalid input is encountered.

6.8. DIN numbers of company directors are not being auto populated in the new portal.

6.9. The website does not have a loader when it is trying to fetch data from the server and its taking time. This creates a problem as the taxpayer is not able to understand whether the request is placed or not. It also results into user clicking multiple times and the page becoming unresponsive.

6.10. Error number ITD-EXEC2002 appears frequently when you use any feature of the website.

6.11. The bank accounts were pre-validated in the legacy portal, however in the new portal the same bank accounts are wrongly displayed as not pre-validated / validation in progress.

bank accounts 6.11

6.12. Taxpayers are unable to register their TAN on the new portal which is required for filing the TDS return.

6.13. The DSC to be registered on the personal e-filing account of the authorized signatory, example CA’s personal login before he / she approves / provides certificate from the ARCA login.

6.14. We are not able to register the DSC on the new portal as the specific certificate does not appear in the drop down.

specific certificate 6.14

6.15. Sometimes if we manage to register the DSC of key person in their ID using Internet explorer, in company login, against their name DSC registered comes as NO.

6.16. Moving between tabs is not seamless and requires clicking many times and with the loader missing, it becomes impossible to know if the portal is working or not.

6.17. Taxpayers are not able to seek Adjournments in hearings as the due date is not updated in the new portal and as seeking adjournment is a time barring activity, adjournments could not be filed by such taxpayers.

6.18. Where an appeal is pending before CIT(A) or Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, there is an automatic stay granted after 20% of the demand is paid. However, the portal automatically adjusts the entire demand against refunds of other years, without any intimation. This results into a situation of no recourse to the tax payer. Grievances raised on this matter are being closed or deleted without resolution.

6.19. There is no option to file response to the defective notice issued u/s 139(9) in the new portal. The taxpayers are unable to file responses to the defective notices u/s 139(9) which were issued under the old portal. Since replying to notice u/s 139(9) is a time baring activity, request for a quick resolution is prayed.

quick resolution 6.19

II. Our Representation

We implore upon your goods selves to kindly take cognizance of requests we have enumerated as below and kindly take necessary steps to resolve them to the best satisfaction of taxpayers and other stakeholders

  • The ‘e-Proceedings’ functionality is not yet operational in the new portal due to which the taxpayers could not submit their timely response to various notices. Until new portal is properly functioning, necessary directions be given to the officers to follow the principles of natural justice and such officers to stop passing any adverse orders owing to non-receipt of timely responses from the taxpayers to notices.
  • Earlier, e-verification was not required while making submissions in any ongoing faceless assessment or appeal. However, now, e-verification has been made mandatory. This is not possible in several cases – especially in case of foreigners / NRIs who do not have a DSC or an Aadhaar or an Indian mobile number. In such cases, it has become impossible to respond to notices issued by the department. It is therefore suggested that the requirement of e-verification be done away with while responding to notices in case of faceless assessments and appeals.
  • Provide relaxations by way of extensions as necessary in all specific compliance dates which would fall until the new portal starts functioning in a normal mode. Ensure that extensions are given ahead of time so that precious time of tax payers and tax professionals are not wasted in only trying to figure out if the system is working or not. If justice is done, it should be done in time as well and not only done for the sake of eyewash.
  • Further, even though the extension of timelines is given, the ultimate aim of the ministry should be to regularize all the issues and to oversee that all the compliances are made in time. All the issues that are been highlighted to the ministry are resolved and that sufficient time is given to the taxpayers for all the compliances.
  • The pandemic situation is still prevailing in several parts of the country and many taxpayers are under distress, the refunds that are due to the taxpayers may be processed in a manual mode until the new portal is up and running.
  • There are multiple lacunas, issues in the functions of the new portal, there are few issues which are yet to be operational, and stakeholders are left with no choice but to wait at threshold. A consolidation of list with date of operation would reduce the uncertainty amongst all the stakeholders.
  • Allow important multiple stakeholders who can bring about the change in new portal by providing updates, expectation and bridge the issues. Going forward, any development of, or major modifications in any portal or software should consider feedback from its users on its efficiency.

In this context, we request you to consider involving independent and important stakeholders like BCAS who can bring on to the table objective expectations of the stakeholders to the development team, especially when the system is being in its initial period of implementation. This would also streamline the multiple similar feedbacks received from numerous stakeholders that would eventually clog the feedback system/loop.

We also request you to give us appointment to explain in person all the issues mentioned above and if required, we can also work closely with team involved in ensuring smooth running of newportal.

We at BCAS are confident that the various issues that are present and as discussed above in the newly developed portal would be taken up by your good selves on a war footing and that they would be resolved at the earliest of time to enable taxpayers to comply with

law and perform tasks which are required. We at BCAS are also sure that our representations enumerated as above would be given proper considerations by your good

selves and would be accepted and approved for implementation. Thank you!

Yours faithfully,

For Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society,

Abhay Mehta
Deepak Shah
Chairman, Taxation
Anil Sathe
Co – Chairman, Taxation

Cc: Chairman, CBDT
Joint Secretary, TPL-I
DIT (Systems)

Download representation on Problems being faced by the taxpayers on the new portal “E-filing 2.0” PDF.

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  1. Shan says:

    New portal does not consider loss of property into tax computation in ITR2 form and showing under current year loss is carried forward section. so final computation is showing still I owe tax to be paid along with interest.


    sir… we couldnot able to file form 10ie the save option is not enabled then we thought to file for old tax regime even the assessee had accepted the portal not allowing to file it showing error and not able to file it.. due to draft saved in the portal of form 10ie please help us how to resolve

  3. Murali says:

    on 01st Sep2021 @ 10PM, tried to efile my income tax returns online for AY 2021-22 on the new income tax portal.

    I could Login successfully and selected efile option. It asked me for AY and ITR form, selected AY 2021-22 and ITR2.

    Selected Proceed to next screen, it asked me for the reasons for efiling and selected the correct option of taxable income more than the standard income tax exemption limit option.

    The Continue/Proceed button continued to be greyed and did not allow me to proceed further.

    Tried selecting other options to see if I could continue to the next screen but the Continue/Proceed button continued to be greyed

    Is the portal open for efiling or we need to wait till 15Sep2021 to start efiling online?

  4. G R G RAO says:

    I am trying to file my wife’s Returns for the past so many days in the New portal. I am unable to complete the process.
    I am 84 years old. Easily i filed the returns for past years with minimum effort in the old portal.
    Very difficult to complete the filing in the new portal. very cumbersome . Pl..allow us to use the
    old portal also for filing returns for A Y 21-22

  5. Rambabu Gajula says:

    while filling income tax online website, what ever my tax detect (form 16 Part A) and showed in form 26S, is not reflecting in auto populated by onine tax webex site while filling for ITR-1/ITR-2 and it is not allowing to fill that numbers manually also. Hence it is showing need to pay some more tax.

  6. Saakshi Gupta says:

    Current year’s Income remaining after set off under head “STCG taxable @15%” in Schedule BFLA is not carried to Schedule SI and is therefore being taxed at normal applicable rate in ITR-2 in ITD e-Filing-DU-v1.0.10

    1. Priya says:

      I am also facing this issue. It was captured in SI schedule earlier but suddenly disappeared. Now STCG being taxed at normal slab rates. We now have to wait for resolution of this technical glitch.

  7. N D DUMASIA says:

    Unable to fill form 10A . Names of Trustees are not getting added. Trying put in grievance but the category and sub category not getting displayed to select the option.
    How to work on this portal, countless hours of time is getting wasted and work is not done.
    How can we meet the deadline of 31st Aug 21 for uploading form 10 A?

  8. T Patel says:

    I do ITR -I every year in max 1 hour. This year it took two months but still not able to do so.

    1. Every new enhancement should be done under test environment then Parallel environment and finally live for testing on certain day one all three stages are done then only it should be live for all.

    2. If infosys did all three stages tey should furnish evidences of UAT(Test), Prod Parallel and Pre-live sessions.

    3. All Authorities who provide approval for go live should be held responsible.

    4. all interest due from govt should be charged to INFOSYS as this is occurred due to there faulty product.

    5. Was this enhancement project offered to TCS first before giving it to other vendor (INFOSYS) as they could have developed it more efficiently as original service provider.

    6. ED must inter fare this contract .

    1. Priyanka Shekhar Chaliha says:

      I second you. For last 10 years, I am filing ITR 1 in less then 1 hour. This time I am not able to do so for last 2 months.

    2. sandeep says:

      Still at end of September the IT Portal is working in extremely volatile way – Sometime it allows login , sometime not – most of the time past saved information is not populating .

      And Major problem is slowness – many a times you just click nothing would happen.

      Apart from this there are workflow related issues – I don’t know how the Use Cases and flow of control approved in the first place – Who did UAT of this site – It is not something the complex thing but if that is also not delivered seamlessly – how the glob will depend on our IT design skill not sure.

  9. MEHUL A. JOSHI says:


  10. Raj Kumar Garg says:

    While filing ITR 2 , cost of improvemt ( land & building) , filled in sysytem is not taken in account while computing capital gain income. are there any precondition for claiming cost of improvement?

  11. Chandra narasimhan says:

    In the verification page the name is Pre- filled as””FULL NAME””.
    Name box is not editable by me.
    I have been e- filing my ITRs all these years and in the new portal this problem has occurred.

  12. Aditya Narayan Singh says:

    I have deposited Tax through Challan 280 which is showing in Form26AS of AY 2021-22 under “PART C – Details of Tax Paid (other than TDS or TCS)” but in Intimation u/s 143(1) demand is raised and showing “Challan is not available for the AY”. please help, what to do now?

  13. ANAND says:

    I have observed that the long term capital loss u/s112A is not getting set-off against long term cap gain fed under B9 of CG. I mean LTCL in equity u/s 112A is not getting set-off against LTCG in Debt funds. System asks to pay tax against LTCG fed under B9 of CG nnd the LTCL u/s 112A is getting carried forward to next year. In last year’s Excel utility, set-off was working perfectly fine. No response to my grievance regarding above issue. Not able file return due to above problem

  14. Hemant says:

    Filed ITR-1 on 7-Aug, tried almost all options for e-verification, none worked for me. Every day trying atleast 4times to e-verify but no success. New version 2.0 is a mess. Old portal was far far better. Registered my grievance but no response here also. Hope the responsible authorities will soon take action on this.

  15. RP says:

    The Form 26AS for TDS on dividend, interest etc is not fully and correctly populated and though manually one can edit or add there is no facility for bulk addition which is not brought our in BCAS representation – to elaborate if one has say 100 entries in Form 26AS then while validating the return all 100 are thrown as errors as the TDS credit relates to is to be selected from dropdown radio button and also the Head of Income; now if in all 100 cases if the TDS credit pertains to “Self” and head of income is “Income from other sources” one should be allowed after selecting all entries in TDS2 to select dropdown radio button of TDS credit pertains to “Self” and Head of Income as ” Income from other sources” and the same should be uploaded or updated in TDS2 for all 100 entries instead of tax payer individually having to enter 100 entries on the slow portal. If anybody is aware of how the TDS2 can be updated to remove validation errors in all TDS entries from Form 26AS auto populated kindly reply and announce

  16. Dr Veenu SK Sehra says:

    I e-filed my ITR-4 on 2nd August 2021. Return filed is not showing in view returns. However, it is showing for e-verify. I am daily trying twice for e-verification of return using OTP on mobile registered with Aadhaar. Till today, I have not been successful in e-verification of ITR-4 filed as the option is not working. Will the IT Dept resolve the issue on priority. Never faced any such issue in old portal which was faster and better.

  17. Dr J S Sehra says:

    I e-filed my ITR-1 on 2nd August 2021. I am daily trying twice for e-verification of return using OTP on mobile registered with Aadhaar. Till today, I have not been successful in e-verification of ITR-1 filed as the option is not working. Will the IT Dept resolve the issue on priority. Never faced any such issue in old portal which was faster and better.

  18. Kanchan mala verma says:

    I filled my ITR I as on 29 June 21 , I daily tried e verification through Net Banking OPT generate & submitted to Income tax but did not responded. I even tried daily
    e verification through Net banking but result is Nil. Old income tax portal is best. As said Old is Gold. But portal show 15 times e verification.

  19. Vipan kumar verma says:

    I filled my ITR I as on 29 June 21 , I daily tried e verification through Net Banking OPT generate & submitted to Income tax but did not responded. I even tried daily
    e verification through Net banking but result is Nil. Old income tax portal is best. As said Old is Gold.

  20. Vipan kumar verma says:

    I filled my ITR I as on 29 June 21 , I daily tried e verification through Net Banking OPT generate & submitted to Income tax but did not responded. I even tried daily
    e verification through Net banking but result is Nil.

  21. CA VIPIN JAIN says:

    Even ITR 1 having TCS on account of foreign remittance is not being accepted whereas the ITD utility 1.0.8 validated it and the ITX site also shows ‘validation successful’ but when it come to submission it throws error Gross amount not shown in TDS/TCS schedule.

  22. gavin dsouza says:


  23. gavin dsouza says:


  24. P. Mehta says:

    I am a NRI and have only overseas mobile number in my SBI Bank account and e-filing account. I have somehow submitted the ITR, but e-verification cannot be done, I have tried several times to e-verify my SBI NRO account, the bank website transfers me to the new portal, which welcomes me but never stops loading the page and the verification is not done. My bank account in the portal shows verified and EVR but it shows disabled when I try to e-verify through Bank option.
    On my account page, it shows my overseas mobile number but without country code and it does not save the country code.
    This is the worst website which has been made live without any proper testing, where millions of taxpayers are wasting their time. It will be better, if the old website is restored or given option to use it.

  25. User says:

    CA firm association may please file a writ petition to Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to STOP new income tax portal at this peak time and request to reinstate the old Income Tax Portal and for the interest of nation. Further the IT portal maintenance contract should be given to the existing contractor Tata Consultancy Services. The new contractor may permit to PLAY the new income tax portal (Dummy format) continuously in their office premises itself and the REAL income tax portal ACCESS facility should be banned to the new contractor. Instead, it should be given to TCS. However, the new contractor may be permitted to take over incharge of IT portal from FY 2022-23 onwards only after checking whether they have the capacity to provider error free / glitch free services to the Govt. and People. The new contractor those who are handling the New Income Tax Portal should return all the money received from the Govt. of India due to their incapacity of handling New IT portal. Since, this IT portal glitches are continuing from the date it’s launch date, Govt. Should extend the due date upto December 2021.

  26. Piyush Gupta says:

    Old portal functionality must be restored immediately. I have been having sleepless nights more and more as 30 Sep is closing on. The LTCG and STCG data is not getting auto POPUPLATED in ITR2 and it is not accepting CSV file.
    The Grievances are being closed arbitrarily without rectification.
    Immediate restoration of old portal, which was wonderful is ESSENTIAL

    1. Arun M says:

      It’s a disaster upon disaster as not only is this the peak season, everyone is also at the edge of their wits having dealt with the pandemic difficulties over the past year and lakhs of individuals have NOT yet received their refunds from AY 20-21


    Proper way to implement a new software instead of old one is parallel use of software until the new one is working without any hardship. Being wellknown about this, discontinuation of ol old portal of income tax is not acceptable. FM should consider the hardship to the taxpayers and act accordingly.


    With all the problems with the new upgraded (the current reality i it is actually a Downgrade), I strongly suggest the old portal be brought back, conduct parallel process testing of the new portal, and when all/most of the issue are resolved, re-implement the new portal. Parallel testing of new portal is important before implementation .



  30. Satish Gupta says:

    It is one of the worst portal ever seen by me .It is penalising tax practisioners and tax payers and giving sleepless nights as IT dept does no0t respond to Grievances lodged bt Taxpayers and practisioners

  31. Satish Gupta says:

    When assessee appoints CA to Carryout Tax audit U/S 44AB ,in dropbox for assigning forms to CA form 3CA,3CB and 3cd does not appear.How CA will carry out audit. In online Form 10B in verification PAN no of assessee is picked by system.But it does not pick up the PAN of Assesse but its key person which is not PAN of Assessee

  32. R d medane says:

    1) introduce the old portal immediately
    2) extende the date of filing return
    3) give 4 months time for non tax audit return s from date the New portal is perfect ready
    4) give six months time for tax audit return s
    5)stop the new portal as it is not functioning perfectly
    6) Restore old portal immediately
    7 extensionfor filing return must be made up to Dec or march 2022

    1. Rohit somani says:

      Old portal should be restored immediately. This is the first year when our clients are ready with their returns details and we are not able to file due to problems in the portal. Extension should be made immediately. If portal issues are not rectified old portal should be restored immediately so proper filing can be made. Also interest which will be charged should be not charged as assessees will be subject to fines without his fault.

  33. R d medane says:

    Assesee is entitle to file return for a y 21-22 from 1/4/21.last date is 31-7-21 which is extended up to 30 th sept 21,due to corona problem.there was no need to change the new portal from this year due to corona difficulties. Assesee must get full period for filling from 1 st April 21 to September 21.why government modified portal in between during filing time.
    It is requested to re activate form 3 ,5,6 7 of old portal with whom assesee and CA are accustomed.
    Any new portal must be ready before 1st April for filling return. Govt has miserably failed in introducing new portal without testing, untimely.

  34. Dr B L Patheja says:

    I am not able to enter the transaction of selling debt oriented mutual fund. There’s no provision for purchase price, cost after indexation, selling price etc to arrive at taxable income and pay tax @ 20%

  35. Tiru Narayan says:

    With all the problems with the new upgraded (the current reality i it is actually a Downgrade), I strongly suggest the old portal be brought back, conduct parallel process testing of the new portal, and when all/most of the issue are resolved, re-implement the new portal.

    I am happy that BCAS has brought forth the struggle of NRI’s. I am one, and it is an uphill struggle with the new portal. God save me, and people in similar NRI predicament.

  36. Advocate Vijay Kumar Garg says:

    I registered as authorised signatory on old e filling portal, on behalf of my wife(deceased) New portal do not show me in my account the registration. Her pan has been disabled in the new portal to enable me to register as her authorised representative.

  37. Chokkalingam s says:

    In ITR 2 -In schedule of assets and liabilities – not able to confirm .Validation also couldn’t be done. Pop up message to fill the value of immovable property. wherever I don’t have any such property. How to go about.

  38. shailesh says:

    This was expected.
    If you recall the mess that Infoysas made when they took over the mca web site from TCS and the GSTN. So when we got to know that infoysas was on the job it was safetly preumed that it would lake ateast 3 to 6 months for the portal to stablise.
    Wonder why the Govt gave it to them. For NO fault of the government. all the brickabts are at the FM. On the other hand Infoysas is laughing all the way to the bank at the cost of the honest tax payer. should not they be penalised. if so the the public ought to know. As Banks are pulled up by RBI are the vendors of FM pulled up. If yes, the penalty is not sufficent to deter them. Thier must be strong deternt.
    Further what was the IT dept of Income Tax dept doing when this been forulated. Have they not checked all this out before expecting this portal. Had been sombody head would have been chopping block. This never happens
    As a honest taxpayer we have to face the brunt. Rest can enjoy at the cost of the honest taxpayer.
    Hope the FM does respond on the issues highlighted.

    1. R d medane says:

      During covide time when people ,staff can not attend office, train not working for general public,there was no need to introduce new untested portal in between .very wrong decision

  39. Binod Banka says:

    nice compilation we hope every issues covered up.special worry about deadlines of various proceeding specially w.r.t.148 ,TDS,10A ,which are not complied and no support from local IT authorities showing their enability due to online response being mandatory.

  40. Protiv Kumar Chakraborty says:

    In the above mentioned Petition & comments are absolutely mentioned the problem of New Web site of Income Tax Return filing. I fully agreed to sign in this petition.
    Protiv Kumar Chakraborty, Advocate

  41. Anant says:

    During the Validation ProcessITR-2, Provide Bank Bank Name is perhaps the most common error people are facing. I have 4 bank a/cs which are showing validated and two of them (from same 4a/cs) are also appearing with Validation Failed. As a result Unable proceed past Validation.
    In wife’s case ITR-2, one bank a/c which is in Abhyudaya Co-op bank, the validation can not be done message comes. Final result, both fillings are stuck at validation stage. I think they are aiming every one to go pay a fee and get the returns filed through agencies who will somehow find ways to get returns filled with links in the CPC?

  42. Sekaran says:

    This article must wake up the FM from the slumber they are in after two months of its insuguration. The old software functioned quite well for a long time. We wonder why the FM had to rush with more sophistication for the very same 5% population of income tax payers. Are they trying to milk them dry?
    Infosys, a renowned body shopping company was wrongly put on the job @ a few hundred crores fees!

  43. Kiran says:

    I h also try to file ITR 4 it`s showing please file Form 10IE I h fill up the same and make authentication though OTP system except the OTP but showing error form not submitted successfully please re submit I h try 10 time but not success.

    Also when adding new person but showing diffrent in PAN name and enter name also showing data not found.

  44. N D DUMASIA says:

    The new portal is now throwing up too many errors in Bank accounts. A Bank account closed in 2017 is appearing in list of bank accounts in failed bank account. In another case, says error in Bank Name, upon view find no error and there is no edit option either. In another case the same account is appearing twice once with 6nos zeros and once without any zero before. How to file such returns with such erroneous bank details.
    In another case after e verification done could not download neither receipt nor form. Already fed up. Please revert to old portal.

  45. Narayan R says:

    I am senior citizen with just the bank deposit income and some capital gains. So many sections are not applicable for me. Unfortunately, the deselection option does not work properly, meaning, that even after deselecting the unwanted sections, they appear, irritatingly cluttering and confusing the data entry.

    The bank account validation for refund is also not effective.

    The prefilled utility does not update with the latest 26AS – there are missing and wrong entries. So, I have to painfully and manually enter the data.

    Help line is utterly unhelpful. Firstly, many of their contact numbers do not work. Even if it works the average time to get a person to talk to is about 15 minutes. The line is never clear, and half the time is wasted in the repetition of the utterings, back and forth. Most often one is advised to address the complaint with explanatory screen shots to an e-mail, only to get a response after so many days that the complaint such and such number is resolved and closed. The complaint is closed claiming that no screen shot is attached, even though the screen shots were attached to the original e-mail complaint. Sometimes the help line calls back, as a sham courtesy. Unfortunately, they hold the line for hardly few seconds before hanging up. So, it is almost impossible to reach the phone/ mobile phone in time to attend to the phone call.

    This is a sickening gift to the honest taxpayers at the most inappropriate time, who are already vexed and strained to the extreme, thanks to Covid19.

    What it used to take maximum a couple of hours, has taken now, days and days of precious time and effort and yet not completed.

    Bert Lance, who worked for President Jimmy Carter as Director of the Office of Management and Budget is said to have remarked “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” in the May 1977 issue of a magazine called Nation’s Business. His remark is aptly applicable here. The age-old system was working fine. We chose to throw it away and we are in this unsolicited deep trouble now.

  46. george v d says:

    I tried to file ITR 3 but landed in trouble. Total problems. For each login separate functions are coming. My friend filed easily but it was ITR 1. I think ITR 3 is complicated.

  47. Devendra Kumar Jain says:

    I filed my ITR1 for FY 2020-2021 (AY 2021- 2020)
    with great difficulty (made almost 10 attempts).
    Initially I filed ITR1 u/s 139 (1) , dated 26-07-2021.
    Later on I was forced to file U/s 139(5), dated 27-07-2021.
    Now I want to upload my ITR1 and also want to take printout. I am not able to do so. I am also not able to login. Please help me out.
    Devendra Kumar Jain

  48. Devendra Kumar Jain says:

    I filed my ITR1 for FY 2020-2021 (AY 2021- 2020)
    with great difficulty (made almost 10 attempts).
    Initially I filed ITR1 u/s 139 (1) , dated 26-07-2021.
    Later on I was forced to file U/s 139(5), dated 27-07-2021.
    Now I want to upload my ITR1 and also want to take printout. I am not able to do so. I am also not able to login. Please help me out.
    Devendra Kumar Jain

  49. kishor says:

    Whenever I logout & Login again , break up details like consideration, cost, transfer expenditure etc. entered for short Term capital gain u/s 111A in “schedule capital gain” disappears. The total only remains.

    Also it’s effect on income * tax calculation” goes away in sheets SI. & accordingly taxable income is calculated wrongly. Accordingly, the effect of STCG is not considered in item 13 of schedule TI.

    Every time I login again, such details are needed to re- entered.

  50. Pradeep says:

    In my case, company where i am working has not deposited TDS-Salary in the FY 19-20.
    While filing return i have deposited the TDS payable amount under self assesment. Now in the FY 21-22
    company has deposited the TDS payable amount for the FY 19-20, and the payable amount is reflecting in 26AS in the FY 19-20.
    Now i am unable to file for revised return.
    Please guide.

  51. kisho says:

    Whenever I logout & Login again , break up details like consideration, cost, transfer expenditure etc. entered for short Term capital gain u/s 111A in “schedule capital gain” disappears. The total only remains. Also it’s effect on income * tax calculation” goes away in sheets SI. & accordingly taxable income is calculated wrongly. Accordingly, the effect of STCG is not considered in item 13 of schedule TI

    Every time I login again, such details are needed to re- entered.

  52. srikant agarwal says:

    The new portal will be enforced upon assessee like the GST portal was forced upon dealer.
    They are testing the patience of taxpayers.
    It will not be surprising that FM will say that all this mess is created by assessee by filing the return at last moment as was said in the GST return case.

  53. gavin dsouza says:

    can we call this user friendly to dispense off the services of a professional
    when will this system stablise
    the e tds acknowledgement does not bear the RRR number which is more important than the acknowledgment number

  54. Dr. Bh.Subrahmanyam says:

    Better revert back to the previous e-filing website. Or alternatively give an option to the Assesses to choose either the sucessfully worked old one or the new irksome e-filing website, on the lines of an already given Option of choosing either the Old Tax regime or the New one. Please act swiftly and there is NO point in extending the Tax filing deadlines without rectifying the anomalies in the New e-filing website.

  55. Tjr says:

    It seems that the new portal makes it impossible to file our returns.
    I’ve read that the new portal is made by Infosys and how could they do such an untidy job ?
    Mrs FM it’s high time we switch back to the old system.

  56. Asokan says:

    ₹3000Cr wasted for creating such a world class system by world class IT major. What deficiency found out in existing system by this people. It was working nicely and simple. Instead of rectifing tge shortcoming of tye portal a brand new messed up made for keeping everyone busy.FM should revisit and revert back to old system without further delay.Having too much ego spoiling entire system. God only help us.

  57. SAMEER SAVLA says:

    one issue to be highlighted is the PAN login of amalgamating companies has been locked which results into lot of hassles as some of the proceedings and appeals are still continuing in those companies on the same PAN

  58. ANAND says:

    The department has started issuing notices for levy penalty, for assessment, for hearing of appeal, penalty orders etc. This is a very sorry state of affair. Assessees are clueless and cannot communicate with the department. Even VsVs Form 4 cannot be uploaded. VsVs is missing in the I T website. Returns forms cannot be uploaded and if uploaded very difficult to get ack.

  59. Prasad says:

    It’s a total mess. Neither the assessees nor the ITD is able to copeup with this new portal.
    CBDT , Finance Ministry , all have made the mess of the good user-friendly system which was working properly.
    Now if the assessee ask for extention of due dates , the FM will be reluctant to extend the due dates.

    1. Ambrish Mehta says:

      While uploading Form 10A being application for renewal of registration of charitable trust, even though, the trust has filed return of income for AY 2020-21 well before time allowed u/s 139(1) and also reflected in new portal against S. No. 10 of the Form the answer comes pre-filled as NO which is not editable. Consequently, one needs to fill up details in Sr. No. 11 to 20 which in the legacy portal was shown correctly. Have uploaded 2 grievances but no response so far. Last date fast approaching which is 31st August, 2021

      1. Shantanu Khandelwal says:

        Hello sir. I have been searching for the Form 10A in the new portal for many days now but however, it doesn’t appear anywhere in the list of forms. Can you please help me out regarding where is this form being seen in the new portal? Thank you in advance

  60. Srinivasa Iyengar says:

    It’s better to revert back to old portal which is user friendly till the new portal resolves all issues. I think the new software developer has no indepth knowledge and understanding of the Law and Rules

  61. Amit Handoo says:

    Additional problem in the web portal for filing
    – Long term capital loss computed owing to indexed cost of acquisition portion is only getting Carry forwarded to future years and not the portion of Indexed cost of improvement.
    So value of Long term cap loss and amount Carry forward are different

  62. Chandra Prakash Agrawal says:

    New portal is no good. I have failed repeatedly to e-verify my IT Return (Filed on 6th August 2021) and wasted several hours.Aadhar and EVC verifications are not working.The OTP expires in few seconds and asks again and again for regeneration of Aadhar OTP.The portal is damn slow. I wonder how the Portal has been launched without foolproof trials.Why the old Portal could not be upgraded instead of launching new portal.Whose wisdom to waste public money?

  63. Atanu Mandal says:

    I don’t even understand why the new portal of e-filing. Total waste of money. Old portal was too much user-friendly. So reverse the old portal.

  64. Rajani Kanta Behera says:

    Interest is being charged due to late submission of IT return even if the due date is 30/09/21. I am not able to edit the auto filled amount towards interest in the ITR-1 form. I am not able to figure out the problem

  65. Ramkamal Bhattacharya says:

    Till the problems are sorted out (which seems to be in the receding horizons as the days are going by) why can’t the Government reactivate the old portal with which we got accustomed last year, for the current AY? The new avatar should in the meantime be completely debugged before introducing next year. The last date of filing for this year can be extended up to Dec 31, 2021.

  66. Rajan says:

    The Finance Minister should have adhered to the wisdom enshrined in the popular American saying “If something is not broken, don’t fix it.”. The legacy portal was functioning well and even I, with little accounting experience and absolutely no knowledge of the Income Tax and rules was able to e-file my ITR 2 Return within 15-20 minutes on the legacy portal with no problems. But, now, I get silly and weird error messages which keep cropping up, preventing me from e-filing and e-verifying my Return on the new portal. The F M must swallow her pride, ditch the new portal, throw it into the garbage and revert to the tried and tested legacy portal without much ado!

    1. Rohit somani says:

      Agree.the government has wasted our taxpayers money and is of no use. Old portal was very good and there was no problem with same. We were able to do all our income tax related work easily. Request to restore the old portal immediately

  67. Neelam says:

    Unable to file ITR as a legal heir on new web site. I registered my self on old portal and it was approved. But after launch I m not getting access to logged in as a legal heir. Option not available to select deceased person profile to file ITR.
    Also not getting reply for grievance. I logged many grievance but no reply.
    How I will file ITR for my husband as legal heir.

  68. Swati says:

    After filing IT return through the new portal & upon successfully doing e-verification, I havent received any system generated acknowledgement email from IT dept, as in the previous years. Is this expected?

  69. Krishan Lal bajaj says:

    Iam having problem in calculation of long term capital gain.indexed cost of improvement after calculation is shown as zero in pdf thus increasing the tax payable

  70. suryakant says:

    Try to file the return of income for notice u/s 148, try to open e proceeding menu reflact that may not open or under maintance . How to comlply in such situaltion for 30 daqys time for filling of retun for notice u/s 148

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