CA Priti Kachhal

CA Priti KachhalTake the financial statements,

As essential documents of life.

Dive as much as you can,

So as to enjoy every point and each moment of time.

What we get in legacy,

Can be named as the opening Stock.

What we leave behind as legacy,

Can be termed as the closing stock.

Purchases are the knowledge,

Acquired during different processes of time.

Sales are the traditional -moral norms and values,

Truly spread over everywhere over a period of real time.

Expenses are the subscriptions,

Made honestly for the needy.

Gains are the appreciations,

Obtained from the enemies.

Dividend tells us screamingly,

Do not celebrate happiness alone.

Share it and appropriate it,

You are one of the most well-known.

Coming to the Liabilities &

Assets side of the Balance-Sheet.

True & fair view position is,

Balancing the office & family responsibilities.

Audit is conducted by others,

Through evaluation of our life.

Queries are misunderstandings,

Observations are misbehaviours, please rely.

Pay the tax as & when is being imposed,

Relax and move with the world river flows.

Do not get the report as qualified by anybody.

It is, hereby, certified that GOD exists in everybody.

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  1. debjani says:

    Only a person with in-depth knowledge of life and finances can write such an inspirational and pleasant poem like this. The way you have related each aspect of life and finance is worth praising. This poem proves that we all can indeed learn great lessons of life if we just pay enough attention. 🙂

  2. Jitendra Sharma says:

    As truely said An accountant sees accounts in every thing!!!!!! it is part of their life—- so no matter what the author has seen — the religion also say the same way!!!! It is the way we see!!!!

  3. Sujendra Zeet says:

    Nice creation …balance sheet can be taken as a lession of life , the way of evolution of life is likewise evolved as represented above in transactional form..really profit and loss can be taken as the day to day experience of growing life .there is exertion in life in ease of achievement of gain ie. better life.and every thing we do in earth will be accounted in judgement day likewise as we finalise account in FY end. The beauty of life and it’s decoration is in gravity of balance of purposeful living like wise the valve sheet tallied by asset and liabilities …

    Thanks mam and best wishes for your creativity ..

  4. Vikas Goyal says:

    Excellent – this reflects the true and inner meaning of life.

    Only a through Professional and good human can write such wonderful learning’s and teaching.

    Pl do keep writing.


  5. Tilak Sharma says:

    क्या बात है भाभी जी खुबसूरत विचारों को बहुत सुंदर मोती जेसे शब्दों द्वारा माला रूपी कविता में पिरोया हुआ है…

  6. Samir Gupta says:

    Nice combination of poetry and finance..

    Perfect example of how work life and financial life are to be balanced.

    Seeing this for the first time.

    Awesome is the word which comes to my mind after reading this!!

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