ICAI forms panel to answer queries related to Bank Branch Audit

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that after the release of the Guidance Note on Audit of Banks, 2017 edition for the benefit of the members carrying out Bank Branch Audits, the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, like earlier years, has now also constituted an online Expert Panel for fast resolution of technical queries of the members carrying out Bank Branch Audits.

Expert Panel to address Bank Branch Audit Related Queries for the Financial Year 2017-18


Dear Members,

The bank audit season is around the corner. Given the fact that the banking industry is typical in terms of its geographical and customer spread, the volume and varied nature of products and services offered, coupled with the strict constraints for completing the audits, the members, many a times, face a lot of issues/ queries while conducting Bank Branch Audits. These could include determination of NPA status, implications of complicated data found in a branch audit, unavailability of any relevant RBI circular, implications of the requirements of RBI circular, nature and adequacy of documentation, possible wordings of the audit report on some important matters in bank branch audit, reporting on Long Form Audit Reports, Ghosh and Jilani Committee recommendations, special purpose reports and certificates, etc..

With a view to support our members for fast resolution of such queries, the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AASB) is pleased to offer an Online support to our members from April 1st, 2018 till April 15th, 2018 for the bank branch audits for the year ended 31s‘ March 2018. The queries can be sent at bankauditfaq@icai.in.

The Online support facility will be managed by an expert panel containing the following members:

Panel Convenors

CA Shyam Lal Agarwal, Central Council Member and Chairman, AASB- Convenor. CA Sanjay Vasudeva, Central Council Member and Vice-Chairman, AASB- Deputy Convenor

Other Members on the Panel

CA Shriniwas Y. Joshi, Coordinator, Mumbai, CA Abhay Kamat, Mumbai, CA Ashutosh Pednekar, Mumbai, CA Dhananjay Gokhale, Mumbai, CA Gautam Shah, Mumbai, CA Ketan Saiya, Mumbai, CA Manish Sampat, Mumbai, CA Niranjan Joshi, Mumbai, CA Parag Hangekar, Mumbai, CA Sandeep Welling, Mumbai, CA Sanjay Khemani, Mumbai, CA Sanjay Rane, Mumbai, CA Shivratan Agarwal, Mumbai, CA Vikas Kumar, Mumbai, CA Vipul Choksi, Mumbai, CA Atul Bheda, Mumbai, CA I.B. Sonawalla, Mumbai, CA Nachiket Deo, Mumbai, CA Pankaj Tiwari, Mumbai, CA Prakash Kulkarni, Pune, CA. Saurabh S. Peshwe, Pune, CA Bhagwan Das Gupta, Delhi, CA Ajay Kumar Jain, Gurgaon, CA. K.A. Balasubramanian, Delhi, CA. Lokesh Gupta, Delhi, CA Nitin Jain, Delhi, CA Anuj Dhingra, Delhi, CA Simran Singh, Delhi, CA Rakesh Gupta, Delhi, CA. Bhuvnesh Maheshwari, Delhi, CA. Bhupendra Mantri, Jaipur, CA. Vikas Gupta, Jaipur, CA. Vishnu Mantri, Jaipur, CA Anil Mathur, Jaipur, CA. Ajay Atolia, Jaipur, CA. P.D. Baid, Jaipur, CA Mukesh Gupta, Jaipur, CA Ram Avtar Sharma, Jaipur, CA Vikas Rajvanshi, Jaipur, CA Vimal Chopra, Jaipur, CA Varun Bansal, Jaipur, CA Prahalad Gupta, Jaipur, CA Keshav Agarwal, Jaipur, CA R. Sundararajan, Chennai, CA. Sivaprasad N., Chennai, CA. Sukumaran T. G., Chennai, CA. Anusha Sreenivasan, Chennai, CA. Asir Raja Selvan M, Chennai, CA. S. Ramesh, Chennai, CA Vijay T. C., Chennai, CA. Mahesh Krishnan, Chennai, CA R Venkatesh, Chennai

CA Mehul Shah, Member (IT Support)

The queries so received will be distributed amongst the members of the panel on random basis and they would reply to the same.


Members are specifically informed that the views expressed by the experts would be their personal views and not necessarily the views of the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AASB) or the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). AASB, ICAI or the members of the Panel, do not accept any responsibility for actions taken by the querists based on such advice.

To enable us to serve you better, you are also advised to:

  • Be brief but provide full information and facts.
  • Not to mention the name of the Bank or Branch or the name of the Borrower or depositor to avoid problem of violation of client confidentiality requirements under the ICAI Code of Ethics.
  • Avoid rejoinders.
  • Not to send the same query twice.
  • Draft the report on your own.
  • Use own judgment.

(Source- ICAI)

(Republished with Amendments)

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