Constitution & Composition of Building Committees of Regional Councils and Branches – (07-06-2010)

No. Council Affairs/M-626/2010, 4th June, 2010


All Members of the Council

Madam/ Dear Sir,

This has reference to Circular no. No. Council Affairs/M-626/2010 dated 29th March, 2010 communicating that the Building Committees constituted in the past in Branch, Regional & central levels be dissolved and accordingly all such Committees stood dissolved.

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Pursuant to the above, the following decision has been taken on the constitution and composition of Building Committee at Regional and Branches levels:-

  • For Regional Councils – The Building Committee shall include the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Regional Council concerned. In addition, at least one of the Council Members from that region which shall be with the approval of the President.
  • For Branches – The Building Committee shall include the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Branch concerned and member(s) of the Council and/or Regional Council(s) hailing from that city, if any.However, in a place where no Central and/or Regional Council Member is hailing from, the President would nominate one member of the Council.
  • In the case of branches, a copy of the resolution for the constitution of such Building Committees be sent to the Head Office and to Regional Council concerned, for their information and records.

This is for you information please.

Yours faithfully,

(T. Karthikeyan)

Copy for information to:

1. All regional Councils and their Branches

2. Secretaries to various Non-Standing Committees

3. All Officers and Sections of the Institute including Regional/Decentralised offices

4. President’s/ Vice-President’s Secretariat

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  1. CA student says:

    Another way to embezzle funds of icai for personal uses. Why didn’t ICAI answer the RTI applied by a CA working in cnbc in mumbai when he asked for minutes of 2008,2009 council meetings?

    Something is going wrong in there

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