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Hard work is the essence of the whole universe. There are many routes to a place, but success has only one route. i.e. Hard work which is the shortcut also. Hard work has no substitute either. It gives pleasure, satisfaction, and experience to anybody. Many people don’t believe in the hard work but prefer lethargy to suit their convenience. Hard work involves one or several of these aspects; Learning, experimenting, determination, dejection, restarting and sacrifice. A good article or book is the culmination of conscious and creative thoughts refined through arduous efforts.

 The earth rotates and revolves continuously for us to get the day, night, and seasons. Sun shines unhindered forever to energize the planets encircling it. Diamond bears more cuts and strains to glitter sharper. Dams, bridges, buildings, highways, and tunnels are the fruits of hard work only. Silk is the product of hard work of the silkworm. A seed works round the clock to grow into a giant tree. Coconut palm takes five years to bear the fruits. A rubber tree matures after 7 years to yield the latex.
Peasants labor hard right from the ploughing to the harvesting of the crops. A mother takes all pains and inconveniences during the pregnancy. Stringent practice makes a sportsman winner. More efforts and hours in studies get the top rank and knowledge to a student. Many years of hard work led to the useful inventions. Several days of the voyage made the discovery of sea routes. Sincere hard work of the surgeons saves the lives.
Patience and hard work of a sculptor give beauty to the stone and wood. Great leaders earned their fame not overnight, but through sheer hard work, sincerity  and dedication. One person lost his father during his childhood and brought up by his poor mother. Initially, he could not afford a square meal, worked in the dramas and later scaled great heights to become the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, India.
Bhagavad Gita refers to the hard work as the Yoga. It goes on to treat any person as a thief if he lives without discharging his duty. Hard work never fails, but gives joy and a sense of achievement.

(Author is a Ex-Banker and can be contacted on [email protected])

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