CS Deepak Amrutkar

CS Deepak Amrutkar

By the time, the results of Company Secretaries examination are out, some students must have cleared the examination, congratulations to them. Those who could not, need not be disappointed. The purpose of this Article is to encourage students who could not test the success this time. But will definitely succeed next time. You must have gone through many motivational articles, videos. This is my maiden attempt to motivate you. I will provide you some tips and guidelines which if implemented properly, success will be yours.

(1) Always have a Positive attitude. Never ever give up the goal you have set. No doubt you will feel depressed despite sincere efforts. It is quite natural. But the negative thoughts should remain in your mind for a day only. The next early morning, you should start a fresh beginning. Have a refreshing outing with friends for a day or two. You will feel energetic and start afresh.

(2) Analyze the drawbacks and shortcomings. When you feel afresh after a short outing, analyze your  strengths, weaknesses. Analyze your study plan considering time available, available resources.

(3) Effective time management is most important. Allocate available time with subjects or modules to be attempted in optimum manner. Adhere to the given time table. Avoid all sorts of social media attractions for the time being. Be focused.

(4) Effective Written Presentation skills is equally important. Whatever you have studied in a time bound manner should be understood in effective manner with correct interpretation of the Laws and given subject. When you think that proper grasping of subject, attempt written test to test yourself. Understand that the examiner tests your conceptual clarity and problem solving ability. Consider yourself as a Professional person and attempt questions with proper understanding and as per expectations of the examiner.

(5) Practice, Practice and Practice. Arrange your studies in such a way that at least three or four reading of Institute Study Material and related material thoroughly with proper notes. Revision is the key to success. Read out short notes and remember basic points and analyze and write in the examination. Read and understand the question first, think over for a while and attempt the answer in simple and to the point answer.

(6) Give equal weight age to all subjects. Even though you may find one or two subjects little tough, focus on them more, avail expert guidance, attend video lectures if you are working. Solve your academic questions to expert faculty. They will definitely help you out to overcome the problems.

(7) Understand and implement above points properly. Be Self motivated. Always say every morning that I will try my level best and will clear the examination this time. Positive thoughts lead to positive results. Listen to motivational videos, listen to good music during the break. It will definitely improve your confidence and self esteem. Only self motivated persons with great desire to win only succeed. Have a role model and a mentor and follow the guidelines. Consistent and proper efforts lead to success not only in examination but in your life too.

(8) Be Ethical. The success achieved should be through hard work, consistent efforts and by adopting ethical practices. Such a success lasts for long time. Success achieved through short cuts remains short lived in nature. Best Wishes.

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