Empanelment for migration audit of Neelachal Gramya Bank CBS system

Proposals are invited from interested CA firms for migration audit of Neelachal Gramya Bank CBS system. The details of the scope, terms and conditions of this migration audit is as under.


Head Office, Kokila Residency, Ananta Vihar,
Bhubaneswar- 751020

 Proposals are invited from interested CA firms for migration audit of Neelachal Gramya Bank CBS system. The details of the scope, terms and conditions of this migration audit is as under.


Date of Notification- 03.01.2012

Last Date of Application for Empanelment- 10.01.2012

No of Branches- 174

Amount of Fees per Branch- Rs.1000/-

Proposals in plain paper must reach the General Manager (IT) in the following address before last date.

The General Manager (IT)


Head Office, Kokila Residency, Ananta Vihar, Bhubaneswar-751020

Introduction :

All our Branches have moved over to Core Banking System and are functioning as our CBS branches.

The present Assignment is to conduct the Migration Audit of the data / information as migrated from TBA module.


Indicative Scope for the Migration Audit is given below

  • Verify the balances from the Trial Balance in old GL on the date of migration to the Trial Balance from migrated system. The balances may be verified at the GL level and adjusted for regroupings as required.
  • Product mapping – whether existing products have been mapped in the new system or new products created, check for parameterization.
  • SB interest – check for accrual and carry over on date of conversion.
  • VERIFY Customer Information file (CIF) for

Generation of new account number with old numbers

Whether multiple CIF exists for a single customer.

Whether CIF’s created for all the joint account holders?

Whether address and all-important data have been input in the system or else kept blank?

Check for mandatory parameters in customer masters that are blank.

  • Verify the exception reports (errors/integrity error reports) generated during data migration procedure. Ensure that all the exceptions have been rectified and necessary sign off has been obtained.
  • Whether account wise balances for all products (SB,CA, Loans, TD) in old system have been carried forward to new system.
  • Verify that the break up between principal and interest, Progress period interest, charges, holiday period in Loans (and term deposit) have been correctly retained along with category (like NPA etc). Ensure that the date of last date of interest credit / accrual has been correctly entered in new system.
  • Verify for the carry over of individual entries in suspense debtors (others) in the new system.
  • Verify for carryover of individual festival advance / suspense debtors (staff accounts) etc.,
  • Verify for the carry over of Locker caution deposit of all the lockers account wise. Check whether Reconciliation is in place for the account.
  • Whether outstanding Bills for Collection are carried over to new system.
  • Verify DD/Pay Orders account of all the outstanding DD / Pay orders carried over to the new system. Whether the Pay orders payable account reconciled on the day of conversion.
  • Verify carry over of Standing Instructions.
  • Verification of Stop payment Instructions in SB, CD, CC, OD.
  • Whether Interest rates for Deposit Accounts / Loan Accounts correctly carried over?
  • Whether account status in products such as inactive, dormant, overdue correctly carried over.
  • Whether cheque books issued to the account holders are carried over to the system.
  • Whether the entire Backup of Database upto the data of conversion is taken.
  • Data Cleaning : – Prima facie, wrong balances, abnormal balances and GL heads in erstwhile application (if not cleaned) to be listed and certified before the conversion process. Whether data enrichment / cleaning is conducted after post conversion?
  • Whether the Bank has sent customer statement generated from old system as on the date of stopping the operations and obtained confirmation.
  • Whether stop payment of Drafts have been carried over to new system accurately.
  • Whether special notes with regard to Lien, Deceased account, Stop Payment of cheques, attachment order, Garnishee order etc., have been carried over accurately in the New system.
  • Whether guarantees, open LC and bills have been correctly carried over to the new system.
  • Evaluate controls over migrating Signatures of customers to the new system.

The audit is to be conducted by adopting the industry best practices and standards and as per the guidelines / recommendations of Reserve Bank of India.



Four copies of the Migration audit report should be submitted.

The First copy should be submitted to the concerned branch Manager. The Second copy should be submitted to the Regional office concerned The Third and Fourth copy should be submitted to

The General Manager (IT)


Kokila Residency,Ananta Vihar, Bhubaneswar

The report should contain the following, in the first page

(1)  Name of the Audit firm, Address and other details

(2)  Name of the Branch and address

(3)  Date of Migration into CBS from TBA

(4)  Name of the Auditors (with their qualification) who actually audited

(5) Date(s) of Audit

A certificate in the following line should be submitted by the auditor in the letter head of the audit firm in all cases (i.e., whether discrepancies are found or not in a branch).


We hereby certify that we have carried out the Migration Audit of     branch of Neelachal Gramyaa Bank which was migrated from the existing TBA to CBS system of the Bank on  .

We confirm that the data existing in the TBA system as on the date of migration has been migrated correctly to the CBS solution of Neelachal Gramya Bank and that due care has been taken for the data migration and such migration does not have any impact on the financial results of the Bank, except the discrepancies / exceptions detailed in the report.

Place : Date :    

Signature(s) of the auditors with seal

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