Draft Bank Branch Auditors' Panel for the year 2013-14

We would like to inform that Draft Bank Branch Auditors panel for the year 2013-14 has been hosted on www.meficai.org and the same will be available till 6th November, 2013 (no extension possible under any circumstances).

In case, you do not agree with category given, you can visit http://www.meficai.org/login-step-1.jsp and check the details provided therein with the empanelment norms (http://www.icai.org/new_post.html?post_id=725&c_id=91).

If still not satisfied, a complaint can be logged at MEF Complaint Center http://www.meficai.org/complaints/complaint_enrty_enter.jsp alongwith reason.

Categories: CA, CS, CMA

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  • See the Draft Bank Branch Auditors panel 2013-14 but also study the ANALYSIS OF AUDITED & UN-AUDITED BRANCHES DURING 2012-13. Regulator is weakening the Audit every year without any solid reasons and inviting comments from Statutory Auditors. They may increase the limit from Rs.20 crore to 100 crore on the same plea when they increased it from Rs.5 crore to Rs.20 crore if we will not raise our voice. The action of regulator always effects small and medium firms and decision is taken unilateral without inviting comments form Statutory Auditors. Users/shareholders of Banks are kept in dark for diluting the provision of Statutory Audit. Statutory Audit is being weakened to reduce the cost which is very meager as compared to other costs being incurred by banks. plz send your comments.



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