Payment of Annual Member ship / Certificate of Practice fee for the year 2011-12

1 . Payment of Annual Membership fee/Certificate of Practice fee

As you are kindly aware that the Annual Member s hip fee/Certificate of Practice fee for the year 2011-12 became payable on 1 s t April, 2011.  The Annual Member ship fee and Certificate of Practice fee payable i s a s under:-

(i) Associate Membership fee Rs. 1,125/-
(ii) Fellow Membership fee Rs. 1,500/-
(iii) Certificate of Practice fee Rs. 1,000/- (*)

(*)     The members holding Certificate of Practice may kindly send the declaration in Form-‘D’ duly completed  in all respects including details of credit hours secured and signed for renewal of Certificate of Practice.  Form-D and Guidelines for Compulsory Attendance of Professional Development Programmes for the Members are available on the web-site of the Institute (i.e.

The fee i s payable late s t by 30th June, 2011 unle s s the la s t date for payment i s extended. 


2  Payment of fee in Advance

The members, if they so desire, can pay advance fee in lump sum for three years .   The scheme for accepting the annual membership fee in advance is available on the website of the Institute and also published in  April &  May 2011 issues of the Chartered Secretary Journal.

For any clarification / information, you may kindly contact  S/Shri O. P. Sharma, A s s i s tant Director or D. D. Garg, Desk Officer on  telephone No.011 – 45341047  or on Mobile No.9868128682 or write at e-mail s id s a s indicated below:-

Subject e-mail id Contact numbers
Annual membership fee 9868128682


Renewal of Certificate of Practice;



In case of any difficulty, please contact Mrs. Meenakshi Gupta, Joint Director on telephone No.011-45341047 or on mobile No.9868770138 or write at e-mail Id


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Meenakshi Gupta )
Joint Director 

Note :   In case you have already remitted the annual membership fee / certificate of  practice fee for 2011-12, may kindly ignore this e-mail and check your details of fee on the website of the Institute and discrepancy if any may please be intimated to us on the e-mail Ids indicated above.

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