The CS Foundation Programme Examination shall be conducted anywhere through remote proctoring mode as per details given below:

(i) Foundation Programme Examination shall be conducted through REMOTE Proctoring mode. Candidates are allowed to appear for the examination through laptop/ desktop from home/ such other convenient place. Candidates shall not be allowed to appear through smart phone (mobile)/ tablet 0r iPad etc.

(ii) The Examination will be held on 2 days as per the Structure mentioned below.

Paper Subject Code Subjects Total No. of Ques-tions Type of Questions Duration of





Business      Environment and Law (BEL)


Business Management, Ethics and Entrepreneurship (BMEE)





90 minutes in one sitting for both the subjects (45 minutes in case of
exemption in any one







Business Economics (BE)


Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing (FAA)









90 minutes in one sitting for both the subjects (45 minutes in case of exemption in any one subject)


Day Subject Code and Numeric Code Examination Timing
Batch I Batch II


BEL & BMEE (411 & 412) 11:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. 2:00 P.M. to 3:30 P.M.
14th August,2021 BE & FAA (413 & 414) 11:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. 2:00 P.M. to 3:30 P.M.

(iii) The timings for appearing in the examination will remain same for both days of examination and will be mentioned in the Admit card.


1. Immediately after taking the print-out of the Admit Card from the website of the Institute, every candidate is advised to verify all the details mentioned in his/her Admit Card, i.e., his/her Name, Photograph, Signature, Admission Number, Name and Address of the Examination Centre (applicable for CBE only), Date and Timing of Examination, etc. In case of any discrepancy, the same must be brought to the notice of the Institute immediately at our support portal

2. Conduct of examination in remote proctored means –

a. Candidates shall be required to download Safe Exam Browser in their Laptop or Desktop as per the link provided to the them in due course of time;

b. Candidates shall be continuously monitored through video / audio mode by the supervisor/invigilator, known as Proctor in the same manner as if they appearing in the examination at examination centres;

3. Candidates should keep with them (i) Admit Card; and (ii) Student Identity Card/Identity Card issued by Govt. Departments viz. Passport, Driving Licence, PAN Card, UID Aadhaar Card, Voter Card on the day of examination for verification by the Remote Proctors for securing appearance in the examination failing which they shall not be allowed to take the examination. Only those candidates whose identity is matched and established will be allowed to appear for the exam. Candidates will not be allowed to keep any other document with them other than Admit Card and original Identity Card and they should not write/note anything on them. If anyone write anything and found using, strict action will be taken.

4. Candidates are required to login to the system 40 (forty) minutes before the time specified for the commencement of the examination. No candidate shall be allowed to appear in the exam after completion of 30 minutes of the start of the examination and no candidate shall be permitted to finish the exam until the expiry of 45 minutes of the commencement of the examination.

5. There will be 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s) of 2 marks each in each paper and the candidates shall be given 90 minutes for appearing in both the papers on each day (45 minutes in case of exemption in one of the papers).

6. The question papers will be displayed on the Computer Screen both in English and Hindi language except for Business Management, Ethics and Entrepreneurship paper for which questions will be displayed in English only. In case of any doubt or discrepancy in Hindi language, the English version of the questions shall prevail.

7. Candidates are not required to appear in the paper(s) in which they have been granted paper-wise exemption as shown in the Admit Card. In case of any discrepancy in regard to paper-wise exemption(s) shown in the Admit Card it should immediately be brought to the notice of the Directorate of Student Services of the Institute in writing at our support portal

8. Every candidate is compulsorily required to appear in all the subjects /Paper(s) for which he/she had enrolled. In case any candidate remains absent in any subject(s)/Paper(s) due to any reason, whatsoever, he/she shall be summarily declared fail. However, in case a candidate who has been granted exemption in any one subject i.e., Paper 1 or 2 (on first day i.e., 13th August, 2021) or Paper 3 or 4 (on second day i.e., 14th August, 2021) as the case may be, he/she is required to answer only those questions in the relevant subject/paper in which he/she is enrolled.

9. Candidates are required to secure a minimum of 40% marks in each paper, i.e. Paper- 1, Paper-2, Paper-3 and Paper-4 separately as the case may be, and 50% marks in aggregate of all papers put together for passing the Foundation Programme Examination. There will be no negative marking for wrong answers.

10. No candidate shall carry/keep with him/her mobile phone, I-pad, palmtop, pager, books, study material, printed or handwritten material, pieces of paper, digital diary, watch alarms, blue tooth, health band, smart watch, scientific and programmable calculators, listening devices and recording or photographic devices or any kind of communication device/gadget, or any other reference material etc. during the examination.

11. On the second day of Examination i.e. 14th August, 2021 for examination relating to Business Economics (BE) (Paper 413) and Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing (FAA) (Paper 414) the candidates will be permitted to use ordinary calculator (12 digits, 6 functions and 2 memories) and rough sheets (blank papers) for calculation purpose. In no case scientific calculator or calculator with more than 2 memory will be allowed. It will be mandatory for the candidates to show the calculator and pages for rough work to remote proctor/invigilators.

However, on the first day of Examination i.e. 13th August, 2021 for examination relating to Business Environment & Law (BEL) (Paper 411) and Business Management, Ethics and Entrepreneurship (BMEE) (Paper 412) the candidates will not be allowed to use calculator and rough sheets.

12. In case of violation of Instructions regarding use of calculator and rough sheet the result of candidates will not be processed and will be declare as cancelled.

13. An illustrative list of ordinary calculators is also annexed to the “Instruction to Examinees”. In no case the calculator should have more than 12 digits, 6 functions and 2 memories.

14. Any candidate found consulting, talking, whispering with any person, attempting to copy or found copying or referring to any printed/handwritten material, notes, books, mobile phone or any electronic device etc., or helping or asking help from any other person in any manner during the course of examinations will be treated as adoption of unfair means in the examination. Taking photograph of screen during examination is also strictly prohibited.

15. Candidates’ eligibility to appear in the CS Foundation Programme Examination shall be subject to the provisions of the Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982 (as amended from time to time) as in force and the guidelines issued by the Council from time to time.


Candidates will appear in the Examination from a secured environment. The candidates should:

i) Sit in a secluded room or any other suitable quiet place with a chair and desk/table preferably with plain backdrop (area behind the candidate) with adequate lighting so that the candidate is visible to the proctor. The place should be noise free with no other person/s in the surroundings except the candidate.

ii) No item except the computer, external webcam (if internal webcam is not available), keyboard, mouse, other permitted items, if any, should be kept on the desk/table on the day of the examination.

iii) Candidates must dress decently.

The modus operandi for conducting the Examination through proctored mode shall be as under:

(A) Technical Requirements for Candidates appearing in Foundation Programme Examination through remote proctoring mode:

Candidate has to ensure that the following technical requirements are available at his Desktop/laptop (mobile/ tablet is not allowed) for appearing for the examination:

1. Desktop/Laptop:

  • Browser: Google Chrome version 8.0 & above
  • Video/Audio: Webcam and a good quality Mic is required. Enable web cam and mic under Chrome settings-Extensions
  • Operating system: Windows 8 or 10
  • RAM & Processor: 4 GB+ RAM, i3 5th Generation 2.2 Ghz or equivalent/higher
  • Pop-up blocker: Disable ad blocker/pop up blocker under Chrome Extensions
  • Cookies: Enabled
  • Firewall: Disabled
  • Anti- Virus: Disabled. “Any make” to be disabled-can be re-installed post examination
  • Admin-rights: Enabled. Candidate to have administrative privileges on the laptop/desktop to enable installation/uninstallations
  • Any Remote Desktop Applications: Uninstalled

2. Internet Connection:

Recommended Internet speed per user: Dedicated Internet and Internet Bandwidth of min. 2 MBPS (4G/ Wi-Fi) or above + upload speed

(B) Examination Process:

Every candidate will be required to copy and paste the test taking url , login with the ID and password provided, 40 minutes before the Examination start time.

Please note: The test taking url, user ID and your password for mock exam and the live exam will be provided to the candidates separately.

Candidates are advised to ensure that on the day of the Examination their Laptop is fully charged and in case of Desktop it is connected to an uninterrupted power source for smooth conduct of Examination.

Candidates must not setup the computer at the time of the Examination. All the settings need to done much before the examination and tested properly.

(C) Remote Proctoring:

The candidates appearing in Foundation Programme Examination shall be remotely proctored from the Control Room of the Institute, as per details given below:

1. Login credentials for candidates will be sent by email and SMS before the examination.

2. At the beginning of each session, the candidate undergoes an identity verification at 2 levels,

Level 1: Capture of facial photo. During the examination, the AI tool constantly monitors the picture of the candidate taking the examination with the facial photo captured initially for any mismatch. In case of any mismatch, the system will capture the anomaly and notification to live proctor is instantly displayed.

Level 2: Candidate will need to display Admit Card and Student Identity Card/Valid ID Proof (PAN / Aadhar / Any other valid Govt. Approved ID). Proctor will instruct the candidate to display the Admit Card / valid ID proof after the logging in to the examination. Once the identity is approved by the Proctor, candidate will be allowed to start the examination. Candidates are advised not to write anything on Admit/Identity card and rough sheets failing which strict action will be taken.

3. The activities of the candidate during the examination will be monitored and if he/she is violating any rules during the examination or trying to adopt any unfair means, the system will automatically collect data based on the following parameters and will immediately alert the online live proctor:

  • Focus changed to a different window: Candidate tabs out of the examination taking window.
  • Browser not supported: Candidate is using an older browser version.
  • Webcam is disabled: Candidates web cam is switched off.
  • Face is not visible in the camera: Candidate is not looking into the camera or stays away/blocks the camera view.
  • Several faces in front of the camera: There are other people along with the candidate.
  • Face does not match the profile: Candidate giving the examination is not the same person whose photo was captured in before starting the examination and as per the Admit Card.
  • Microphone switched off /muted or its volume is low: Candidate has switched off /muted the microphone
  • Conversation or noise in the background: System has captured background noise.
  • Screen activities are not shared: Candidate has stopped screen share activity.
  • Second display is used: Additional display like extended monitor has been connected.
  • Full-screen mode is disabled: Candidate has disabled full screen mode.

4. There shall be Live proctors. A session that is in progress, shall be continuously watched online :

  • Proctor if required, can chat, convey information/instructions to the candidate using chat box.
  • Session saves photos of the candidate face and periodic (every minute) snapshots of the candidate webcam.
  • Each session is finished either by the candidate, or automatically after the end of the allotted time, or by the proctor. All audio, video, text messages and recorded events are saved in the system and are attached to the session protocol.

In case of any technical issues the candidates can reach out to Help Desk Number 02262507719 to resolve their issues. The helpline number will be operational from 7th August, 2021. For Enrollment/exemption related issues the student can contact through support portal

5. The position of the camera should not be too low/ high or hooked onto a different monitor. The candidate should make sure that the camera is at eye level and on the monitor during the examination.

6. Candidate must not look away from laptop/desktop screen, must face computer screen.

7. The candidates shall be required to strictly follow the instructions given by the proctors during the course of the examination failing which they shall be disqualified.

8. Candidate’s face must be positioned in the middle of the camera view and candidate’s face must be visible throughout the examination.

9. Candidates must not navigate away from Final Test/examination window.

10. Candidates will not be allowed to leave the room/test area or take bio-break during the examination until its submission. If any candidate takes any break or leaves the room for any reason during the examination, will be treated as resorting to unfair means.

11. Candidates must not use headphones, ear buds, or any other type of listening equipment during the examination.

12. The issues faced by candidates during the examination, viz. No network connection, network disconnection due to Wifi disabled, no internet connectivity, Power cut, etc) :

In such a scenario, the candidate will be allowed to login again and continue from the last question attempted. Remote Proctor shall keep watch on all such instances and report all such instance to the Institute immediately.

13. Candidate must ensure that he/she has attempted every question and reviewed the accuracy of his/her answers before submitting the paper. Once submitted (even by mistake), re­examination will not be permitted.

14. Mock test/examination will be held on 10th 11th & 12th August, 2021. The mock test will be conducted for candidates to familiarize themselves with the remote proctoring process. Detailed information about appearing in the mock test shall be sent to candidates separately.


I. Attempting the Examination

1. Upon Proctor’s instruction, click on the “APPEAR” button to access the Onscreen Instructions. In case of any doubt or question about functioning of the Exam Window, candidates may seek advice/guidance from the Proctor before the commencement of examination. No query shall be entertained after the commencement of examination.

2. Do not close the Exam Window or try to restart the system after the commencement of examination.

3. Each question is followed by four alternative answer marked as A, B, C and D. The candidate shall choose the most appropriate answer to each question and mark the same through click of mouse against the appropriate answer. Chosen answer will be highlighted and shall automatically be saved. The questions may be answered in any order within the stipulated examination time.

4. Candidates can make changes in their answer already chosen/marked by simply clicking the other answer option of their choice at any time before conclusion of examination or before clicking “FINISH”

5. Candidates shall not click “FINISH” button followed by three warnings until they have completed all the questions, e., 100 questions for both the papers (50 questions in case of exemption in one paper) of their examination. The examination shall not re-start once “FINISH” button is clicked.

6. Countdown clock will start on commencement of examination and the same will be displayed on the top right hand corner of the Exam Window for the remaining time available to a candidate for the Examination.

7. Before conclusion of examination, the candidates can use the “Bookmark” option by clicking on “BOOKMARK” button, if they wish to review or revisit the question later. However, the “Bookmark” button shall not capture or save the answers.

8. In case of restarting/shut down of computer due to technical reasons, immediately report the same to the Proctor. Answers already marked and time of the examination will be saved and the candidate will be able to resume the examination from the exact point that last appeared before him/her.

II. Working on Examination Window

1. APPEAR – CLICK – Display of Exam Window

2. Only one question will be displayed on the Exam Window at a time.

3. Candidates can mark their choice of answer by placing cursor on any one of the four alternative answers to each question and clicking through mouse there at. Chosen answer option will be highlighted.

4. Candidates can change their answer to any question by clicking at the new answer option (Radio Button) before “FINISH” of the examination.

5. Candidates can answer question in any order and can navigate between questions either by clicking on ”Previous”/“Next” button or by directly clicking on the question numbers which are displayed in the Paper-wise Summary panel available on the left side of the Exam Window.

6. Every particular question answered by the candidate will be displayed in GREEN colour on the Summary Panel. The questions that are not attempted and not bookmarked for review will be displayed without any colour. Questions Attempted and Bookmarked for review will be highlighted in BLUE and those which are not attempted but Bookmarked for Review will be displayed in RED.

III. Examination Submission

1. After completion of the examination, candidates can click “DONE” button followed by three warnings with “FINISH” button to submit the examination. After conclusion of examination timing, system will automatically save, finish and submit the examination.

2. In case any candidate wrongly clicks the “DONE” button, warning screens will be displayed; and he/she can return to the question paper by clicking “Go to Examination”. There are three such warnings – WARNING-1, WARNING-2 and WARNING-3 with “FINISH”

3. Candidates shall remain cautious while clicking “FINISH” button and warnings. On clicking the “FINISH” button after “WARNING-3”, examination will be completed, finished and submitted.

4. After submission of examination, it shall not re-start at all and the answer marked by the candidate to the questions shall be considered for purposes of computation of the result.

5. No candidate is permitted to leave the examination until the expiry of Examination timing.

6. A “Thank you” message will appear confirming the completion, finishing and submission of the examination.

Infringement of any of these instructions shall render the candidates liable for disciplinary action which could lead to cancellation of result of the examination and/or studentship registration under the Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982 as in force.



1. Karce KC 189
2. Casio, Japan BL 805
3. BL 807
4. DJ 240D
5. DJ 220D
6. DJ 120D
9. MINI CORD 786 (LCD)
0. MJ-120D
1. MJ-120T
2. MJ-12VCB
3. MZ-12SA
5. Citizen CT 500
6. CT 512
7. Orpat OT 150D
8. OT 512GT
9. Neel CT-912
NOTES: > Scientific calculators are not allowed.

> The above list is only illustrative but not exhaustive. The calculators should not have more then 12 digits, 6 functions and 2 memories.

> The Remote Proctors have complete authority to disallow the use of particular calculator on non complying with above requirements.


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