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Urja Mahesh KariaWe have a tendency to always notice what we lack. Even if we may have everything but someone else got something which we don’t, we see the lack of that thing in our lives.Why should we try to find that thing within our lives? We may as well have something that person doesn’t. But still our mind will only notice that one thing. If we compare our lives with that of others, we will never feel abundance of anything. ‘Synthetic desires are nothing but a contract we make with ourselves to be unhappy until we achieve that desire.’ But we must understand that No two people can have the exact same things in life. Why not? Because not everyone needs everything. We already have what we need. The thought of Lack creates more lack. Thinking about what we don’t have won’t change anything. ‘But if we think about what we have and be grateful for it, it sure multiplies 100 folds.

It is a scientifically proven fact that 50000 to 70000 thoughts crosses a person’s mind every day, not all can be positive, many of them are negative too, but one positive thought in an entire day can outcast all those negative thoughts. There sure is some kind of invisible power in thinking good.

We must always count our blessings! What does it mean? It just means that we have to be grateful for the things that are, rather than noticing the ones that aren’t. When we are grateful even for the smallest of things, we realize that there’s so much that we have, that we are Blessed, lucky and abundant. So, How to be Grateful? Does it count when we say Thank You for a particular thing? Yes, sure it does. It even counts when we don’t say anything but we feel grateful for the things we have, for the things we are blessed with. To feel thankfulis all that’s to it. Words aren’t important; they only help others understand what our mindset is. But, when we feel something, we understand it ourselves.

Now we may as well think, ‘But, how can I be grateful if I’m not happy?’ then take a minute out of your busy life, sit in a quiet corner and tell yourself, ‘My Dear self, Happy people are not Grateful, Grateful people are Happy!’ and when you come in terms with this truth of life, Every day will be Beautiful.

So, what can we be grateful for? To start with we can be grateful for the small but most significant things in life, like the air we breathe, what would we do without the oxygen in the air? For the food, shelter, clothing, all the basic necessities, which sure goes unnoticed by almost everyone. For our family, friends, everyone. And the most wonderful thing is, Once we start being grateful for the small things, we automatically notice all the good things that happen to us. ‘One blessing leads to another and another and another, we just have to recognize it and appreciate it.’ It works like Magic.

If not anything else, we can be grateful for the Life we live. WE LIVE, isn’t that amazing? When we are grateful for the Life we are gifted with we feel a different kind of satisfaction the one that makes us feel free and relaxed, aswe have so many things working out for us. So, be aware of your Blessings and be sure to count them every day. Write them down, as when we write, we express things in detail which leads us to discover more about ourselves. So let’s be Grateful for this day and all the days to come.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”

(Author may be reached at oorjakaria@gmail.com)

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  1. Sanjiv M Kapadia says:

    I am really graful to you. You article is very effective and important for everyone of us. It’s create flow of positive energy and out of 50000 thoughts as you say You have created atleast 5 positive thought by writhing this article.

    Pl. keep writting.

  2. Surendra says:

    Once again a nice and beautiful thought … keep on please also let us know how to read your earlier articles .. for eg if i want to read your june or july articles

    its always pleasure to read …….

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