The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) announced the  results of Chartered Accountants Final Examination held in Nov, 2012 on 21.01.2013.

The top three rank holders on all India basis of Chartered Accountants Final Examinations held in November, 2012 are from Mumbai, Rajamahendravaram (Andhra Pradesh) and Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) respectively and their details along with the marks secured by them are mentioned  are as follows :-

ca final topper

The details of percentage of candidates passed in the above examination is given below:



No. of

No. of

% of pass


Both Group




Group– I








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  1. Shivam Pandey says:

    Shivam Pandey says:- loving point really effect CA final and entire journey of success. Bitter truth! Universal truth!!!!

  2. Harsh Saran Gupta B'Com Honours, FCA says:

    Dear All,
    Qualification is necessary to filter the eligible from the crowd.
    Again, it is the attitude that makes the difference and attitude takes you to higher altitude.
    Be Positive and Be Responsive.
    One has to be truthful to one self.

  3. Rahul Kumar says:

    Dear N. Santosh
    Congratulations on your successful carrier and journey. But just one question that do you think that being a manager and having ca’s work for you makes ca to lose its value?? If yes, then what would you say about late Dhirubai Ambani who is a renowned corporate being a mere 12th pass and recruiting all the professional being elite or not to work for him and Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla from Aditya birla group being himself a chartered accountant. What happened to you was a mere an incident or an anomaly. So kindly don’t make such absurd remarks which don’t have any strong foundation and degrade your image before others.

  4. kunal says:

    ca institute has gone mad, after a year it seems like ca will be a 100% guaranteed pass course., ab to ca institute ko cwa se sikhna padega how to have a radical change in quality and standard

  5. Rakesh Sonkar says:

    Congrats to all the passing guys n gals….those who have the questions on the abilities of CA…. I would say only one thing to them…Just go ahead and try at least once..

  6. Jeanmarie Medanich says:

    I bought one of these (in red) in LA in 1987. It was the best car I have ever owned. It was very quick and had a great suspension. I had mine 12 years and put a 165K miles on it. By the end of its life the door vinyl was starting to peel off, the radio knobs had broken, and the top of the read seats had faded to light gray. California sun was rough on the interior. It was still running great when I traded it. I would buy one all over again if I could..

  7. N. Santosh says:

    Recently i have received some companies Job openings, where they are mentioning, they require CA cadidate who has 2 to 3 years of experiance (excluding articleship). Do you know for what CTC the opening is? Its for just 4 to 5 lacs per annum.

    Its my personal experiance. There was walkin for finance in a big finance outsourcing company. For whcih 350 candidates were attended and i was one among them. For my surprise in group discussion out of 10 candidates 2 candidates were only MBA & B.Com graduates with 4 and 6 years(myself)of experiance respectively and others were CA candidates. All of us were for the same goal. We both mentally prepared after technical and group discussin round that we will not get this job, lets move. As we were thinking the same recruiter called the 8 guys who are CAs and took them in a conference room, another surprise out of 8 guys 3 were shortlisted for the post Assistant Managers others rejected. You will be thing about what happen to both of us. Yes we have short listed for Manager post with high package.

    Here i am not discuraging the CAs, i am requesting please change the articleship format.

  8. N. Santosh says:

    congratulation to all the candidate who made sensation in exams & wishing them all the best for their career.

    The guys who have commented above saying value of CA has come down. That is correct. As a manager (a B.Com Graduate with 7 Years of work Experiance in a Fortune 500 company) i recruit several candidate who have qulified CAs and B.Com graduates as well. I feel taking one CA cadidate (Concerning fresher CAs) is equal to take two B.Com graduates with 2 years of experiance. It saves cost of the company and the work which manangement expect will get very smoothly. If CA candidate recruit in their place will never feel comfort to do the same work. More over with the audit experiance (during articleship) CA candidates can not do anything. Which i have seen many qualifieds are coming (From Big Firms) to do audit where i work. Really change the articaleship system first. Then only the CA value will increase.

    What ever you think after reading, this what the fact and this is how the real world is running.

    For your Kind information i have completed my CA recently.

    But befor completion of my CA i have achieved what i was thinking.

  9. Vaibhav Jandey says:

    Those who think the pass percentage is higher and much more higher than it should be; guys you may be correct but to ensure that you’re correct please give a try to appearing in CA-Final examination.
    -commented in your own interest.

  10. bhanu says:

    Yes definately the quality of CA papers have come down.ICAI is moreralying on quantity and not on quality.I think this should be stopped.when once compares the result in early 2000 the result was only 5-6 % but now it is 25-27% which is higher at that time also the valuation were done by highly qualified professionals.

  11. avardhana says:

    The answer papers are valued by responsible persons and checked by another set of professionals. The Institute publishes the marks awarded by the valuers. Why don’t you think that the students with modern techniques of learning and more facilties are becomming more intelligent unlike the older generation. I can see the intelligence and confidence in the present students. They know how to pass, what to write, the requirements of the questions. Now answer book xerox are given to students on request. Anybody can verify whether the Institute has added or deducted any marks on it. The marks awarded by the valuer is final.When the value of life itself is degenerating, how to retain the value of CA exclusively.

  12. Jain Rafael Varghese says:

    Why do you guys think the pass percentage is higher than required.? What makes you think all those guys who passed both groups, would not have passed ,had icai made it qualitative? May be icai prepared it well and those who passed prepared themselves even better. Don’t measure other on the basis of your intellect and hard work.

  13. sekhar says:

    i don’t agree if one have analysed the CWA result it is emphasing on quality not on quantity like CA if one has obsorbed there are about 30000-35000 CA’s qualified in last 2-3 years which is very high. Institute has to concentrate on quality and not on quantity or else CA will lose its edge in the markets mwhich was already clarified by Birla sir.many are of opinion that CA is just like

  14. Gopathy Padmanabhan says:

    Auto-rickshaw driver’s daughter tops CA exam
    Source :
    Press Trust of India
    Last Updated: Tue, Jan 22, 2013 16:49 hrs

    Surmounting all odds, Prema Jayakumar, daughter of a Mumbai-based auto-rickshaw driver, has topped the all India Chartered Accountancy (CA) examination.
    Residing in a crammed one-room chawl in suburban Malad with her parents and brother, the 24-year-old told PTI today she was ecstatic to have secured the first rank in the examination conducted in November 2012 by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, results of which were announced yesterday.
    “It’s my lifetime achievement. For me, the key to success is hard work,” an elated Prema said.
    Her family, originally from Tamil Nadu, is settled for the last several years in Mumbai where her father Jayakumar Perumal drives an auto-rickshaw for a living.
    Prema, who secured an impressive 607 marks out of 800, credits her parents for the success and now wants them to live a life of comfort.
    “It would not have been possible without their support and blessings. My parents always motivated me. I would now want my parents, who did so much for me, to live a life of comfort,” Prema, who did her articleship with Kishore Seth and Company, said.
    Prema said she was proud of her father and homemaker mother who never allowed money to come in the way of her academic pursuit and that of her 22-year-old brother, who also cleared the tough CA examination with her.
    Both siblings had registered together with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India to take the test in November last year.
    Displaying academic excellence earlier too, Prema had stood second in her B.Com Third year examination conducted by Mumbai University, securing 90 per cent marks

  15. mappy says:

    Not sure is the high percentage of pasout is good news or not. We have seen in resent years that in order to meet the demand of CAs ICAI has increased the passout percentage while on the other side the quality of the CA has gone down. I think ICAI need to evulate wether to passout higher number of CAs to meet the market demamd ignoring the quality or restrict the passout numbers keeping quality in mind.

    Share your thoughts!!!

  16. VIJAY MALKAN says:

    congratulation to all the candidate who succeded in exams & wishing them all the success in their career.

    All the best who have not succeded in exams & wishing them best of luck for the next attempt. Don’t get depressed. One or another day all of you too will succed in the exams.

    All the best to all of you.

  17. rahim mardhani says:

    Stop this kind of results else the value of all the CA’s will be like CS/ICWA or even like B.Com. Institute needs to learn some lesson. Even on last resuls Aditya Birla commented on passing percentage of CA’s and detoriating standards of passing CA’s.

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