Input tax charged on any supply of goods or services or both to him which are used or intended to be used in the course or furtherance of business.

ITC is used for payment of output tax. ITC being the backbone of GST and there are many condition to claim ITC on any items. But there are some cases where ITC is blocked so that recipient is not able to claim ITC. Section 17(5) of GST Act deals with the blocking of ITC on specified inward supplies.

Blocked credit list {Section 17(5)}

1. Motor Vehicles and other conveyances

E.g. TaxTown is purchased a car and registered with the name of TaxTown in RTO office and uses the car for business purpose only. But in this case TaxTown cannot take ITC on this car.

Exception to ITC on Motor vehicle (ITC can be claimed in these cases):-

(i) Further supply of such Vehicles or conveyance –

 If registered person is dealing in car supplying the dealer can claim ITC. For e.g. Audi car dealer purchase car from a company and paid tax on this car, then dealer sold out that car to TaxTown. Now in this case, Audi can claim ITC and deduct his final tax liability.

(ii) Transportation of passenger –

If any person is providing service by way of transportation of passenger than ITC can be claimed on the vehicle purchased.

For example – if Red Bus is purchasing buses for transportation of passenger than Red Bus is eligible for ITC.

(iii) Imparting training on driving, flying, navigating such vehicles or conveyance-

If Maruti driving school purchasing vehicle for training of the driver then Maruti driving school can claim ITC on that vehicle.

Also, If Airplane training is given by some training school than he is also eligible to take ITC Credit.

(iv) Transportation of goods –

If any vehicle is used for transport of goods from one place to another place then vehicle is eligible for ITC.

2. Food and beverages, beauty treatment and others

Food and beverages Outward catering Beauty treatment
Health services Cosmetic surgery Plastic surgery

However, when inward supply is used for making of outward taxable supply of the same category or as an element of a taxable composite or mixed supply, then ITC can be claimed.

e.g. TaxTown is taking outward catering services for celebrating annual day at Park hotel so in this TaxTown is not eligible for ITC.

e.g.  when airline company is taking packed food for the passenger than ITC is eligible for inward supply. It is considered as part of the composite supply of air travel services.

e.g. If any actress/production house is taking beauty treatment services than inward supply is not eligible for credit.

e.g. When restaurant is taking inward supply of beverage than restaurant can claim ITC.

3. Membership   

Membership of below:-
Club Health Fitness center

e.g. TaxTown is taking membership of gold gym for its employees then inward supply is not eligible for ITC.

e.g. X Ltd. Purchased club membership for its director for client meeting so in this case inward supply is not eligible for ITC.

4. Rent-a-cab, life insurance and health insurance  

These above mentioned inward supply is not eligible for ITC. But there are some exceptions where we can claim ITC.

(i) The government has made mandatory for an employer to provide specific service to its employees.

e.g. Indian government has made that all employee health insurance is mandatory. so in this case TaxTown Ltd has took the health insurance of all the employees. Then ITC is available to TaxTown Ltd for health insurance inward supply.

e.g. Haryana government issue a notification for all the employer of gurgaon to provide mandatory cab services to all the employees after 9’0 clock. TaxTown Ltd hires a rent-a-cab to provide transportation of its staff. Then TaxTown Ltd is eligible to take ITC of cab services.

(ii) If inward supply of these services is used for making outward taxable supply of the same category or as an element of taxable composite or mixed supply.

e.g. XYZ travels rent-a-cab services to BZ travels. Then BZ Travels can claim ITC.

e.g. XYZ Ltd. insurance company is providing Re-insurance services to LIC. Then in this case LIC Re-insurance services is eligible for ITC.

5. Travel benefits

If travel benefit is extended to its employees on vacation such as LTC or home travel concession, then inward supply of travel is not eligible for ITC.

But if travel is for business purpose then can be claimed ITC.

6. Works contract

Works contract services for construction of an immovable property Except When

It means ITC credit is available in these cases:-

  • Input services for further supply of works contract services.
  • For construction of immovable property i.e. plant and machinery only.

e.g. A company hires contractor to construct an office building to house the plant supervisory staff. ITC on this service is not eligible.

e.g. If the contractor has sub-contracted the work to another contractor. In this case, contractor is eligible to book the credit of sub-contract service. It is an input service for further supply of works contract services.

e.g. Manufacturing company is taking service for construction of  AC plant in the factory. It is eligible for ITC since it is considered as plant & machinery.

7. Immovable property on his own account

ITC is not available for goods/services or both used for construction of an immovable property on his own account. But if inward supply is used for plant & machinery then eligible for ITC even if it is used for own use.

When inward supply is used for construction of immovable property and immovable property is used in the course or furtherance of business then ITC is not available.

e.g. XYZ Ltd is developer of buildings. It builds a corporate office for itself. XYZ Ltd cannot take credit of inward supply even the office used for business purpose.

e.g. XYZ Ltd construct boiler to manufacture. ITC is available since it is Plant & Machinery.

8. Composition Scheme

ITC is not available for inward goods/services or both received by composite dealer. Since composite supplier is not entitle to collect any GST from recipient, so dealer is eligible to book any ITC.

9. Non-Resident Person

Non-resident person is not eligible for ITC on goods/services or both. But Non-resident person is eligible for ITC on goods imported and supplied in india.

10. Personal consumption

ITC is not available on goods/services or both used for personal consumption.

11. Lost goods, gift and free samples

ITC is not available in following case-

Lost Goods Stolen Goods Destroyed
Written off Gift Free samples

e.g. TP Ltd purchased 20 rolls of yarns for manufacturing the cloth. But due to accident of truck 10 rolls are destroyed and 10 rolls are stolen due to the accident. Hence 20 rolls of yarn are not eligible for ITC.

e.g.  TP Ltd has written off the unsold inventory in the books of account. Thus in this case ITC need to be reversed.

e.g. TP Ltd has given a TV as a gift to the dealer. Since it is not taxable supply then ITC is not admissible.

12. ITC is not admissible on Search & Seizure

No ITC is available if tax is paid because of any following reason-

  • Fraud, willful misstatement or suppression of facts
  • Detention, seizure and release of goods in transit
  • Confiscation of goods.

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  1. Biplab Kumar Mazumdar says:

    advice me i can claimed in put tax credit
    purchased heavy vehicles (Dumper) for carrying material (Red Clay) from digging point to our storing point.

    It is for your information that we are doing moram business which is concerned with digging Red Clay from earth and after mixing grids and gravels for those materials are been improving quality of the product. This dumper are been used for carrying moram from storing point to suppliers point as per there direction.

    It is in no way concerned for our personal used.

    So, you are requested to give your valuable advice in writing in getting claimed of input tax credit in this mattered and anticipating your early reply in this respected of dumper purchases along with spare parts and maintenance and your early reply is highly solicited.

  2. Ben Thomas says:

    I issued a Tax Invoice on interiors work in Hotel for Rs 785000.00. GST @ 18% Rs 14,13,000.00 in Dec-18
    But the customer payed Rs 60 Lakhs & declined to pay the balance. But we have paid GST from our pocket.
    Please advice if we can claim reversal of tax paid/ or file claim against the customer for of Rs 497745.00 GST paid in excess.



    Dears Sir,

    The Company is authorized delear of mahindra tractor. It also providing repairing service to their client. if company purchase a motor car for transportation of his employee for providing services in different area, then ITC on Motor car is eligible or not ?

  4. Calalit says:

    As per Section 2(25) of Motor Vehicles act,1988, Motor cab means motor vehicles constructed for carrying not more than 6 passenger (excluding driver). In this case Rent-a-cab does not include Bus services hence it is eligible for ITC.

    Explanation- As there is no clarification regarding cab in ITC, so we are using general definition that is used in GST Notification. Please refer N/N 17/2017-CT(Rate).

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