Just as we choose various add-ons while shopping or while ordering at any eating joint to suit our taste and make it better, big MNC’s also look for candidates who has other add-ons in their job applicant in the form of additional qualifications to suit them best for their job. Those additional qualifications in a particular field helps job applicant as well as companies to sort out the best man required for the job.

Gone are the days when a single professional degree would serve good in the competitive business environment. In this era of globalization, the companies are not restricting themselves to offer their products and services to local cities/state and even countries. Today new businesses are setup with a vision of keeping their footsteps at global level and the existing one’s have already expanded their global footprint. For example: Tata Industries is the biggest conglomerate in the world in the terms of the varities of services and products they offer with such a huge presence.

At every level of business i.e. from being a startup to big conglomerate, one thing that is pre-requisite is effective availability and management of finance via best possible way. To achieve such objective, every business needs man power who can effectively and efficiently perform this role. This is where finance professionals come handy, who has expertise in it.

In the current scenario a lot of things is expected from a finance professional. He should possess great working knowledge of his field and one who can make cheaper funds available to the business in the dynamic environment and also manage it effectively so as to maximize business’s return and thereby create value for the shareholders n promoters.

Many courses are available in market for gaining such expertise. Most common are being a Chartered Accountant or an MBA in finance. But due to the increase in the complexity of managing finance not only at the domestic front but also at international level, the need of the hour is to enhance these skills by opting finance courses which can take a finance professional to expert level in his area of chosen finance field.

Various full time, part-time, online and even distance learning courses(Domestic as well as International) are available and one can choose either of these as per their suitability and time. One who wants to gain international exposure can definitely go for CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) or FRM (Financial Risk Manager). These courses are highly recognized by big MNCs in every country and they are willing to pay very high salaries to such professionals. For more detail please refer to below-mentioned links.

At domestic front, NSE- National Stock exchange also provides various certification courses. Most common of it is- NCFM. In this particular course they allow applicant to pursue modules of their choice and gain expertise in that particular field. For example, one who is interested in Mutual Funds can opt for Mutual Fund- Beginner’s Module or/and for Mutual Fund- Advanced Module. Similar options are available for various options. For more detail please refer to below-mentioned links.

In nutshell- To cope up with the present complexities of modern business and to take your carrier to a new high, a finance professional is required to have other expert qualifications over and above his/her own primary qualification and for that these certifications are of great helpful.


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(Pratyush Harlalka, CA FINAL Student. –  e-mail: capratyush2517@gmail.com )

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