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1. What is Timesaver Excel Shortcuts?

95 selected basic & advanced excel shortcuts which can simplify work

2. Is there any thing one should know in advance before reading the shortcuts?

Yes. Below are the two points which you should know in advance before going through the shortcuts:

  •  Shortcut keys separated with “ + “ sign implies that you have to press all the keys together as mentioned in the shortcut, separated by “ + “ sign
  •  Shortcut keys separated with “ , “ sign implies that you have to press the first key first, release it and then press the second key, separated by “ , “ sign
Sl. No. Shortcut Keys Use of Shortcut
1 Ctrl+N Create new workbook
2 Shift+F11 Add new worksheet to the left in your current workbook
3 Alt, E, L Delete current worksheet
4 Ctrl+down arrow Take you to the last cell of current column
5 Ctrl+right arrow Take you to the last cell of current row
6 Ctrl+up arrow Take you to the first cell of current column
7 Ctrl+left arrow Take you to the first cell of current row
8 Ctrl+Shift+down arrow Select all the cells till the last cell of current column
9 Ctrl+Shift+right arrow Select all the cells till the last cell of current row
10 Ctrl+Shift+up arrow Select all the cells till the first cell of current column
11 Ctrl+Shift+left arrow Select all the cells till the first cell of current row
12 Ctrl+Space Select entire column of selected cell/s
13 Shift+Space Select entire row of selected cell/s
14 Alt+Enter Create new line in the same cell
15 Ctrl+Y or, F4 Repeat last action performed
16 Ctrl+Pageup Take you to previous sheet
17 Ctrl+Pagedn Take you to next sheet
18 Alt,H,F,F Change font
19 Alt,H,F,S Change font size
20 Alt,H,F,C Change font colour
21 Alt,H,H Fill colour in cell/s
22 Alt,H,H,N Remove colour from cell/s
23 Alt,H,A,T Align text to the top of the cell/s
24 Alt,H,A,M Align text to the middle of the cell/s
25 Alt,H,A,B Align text to the bottom of the cell/s
26 Alt,H,A,L Align text to the left of the cell/s
27 Alt,H,A,C Align text to the center of the cell/s
28 Alt,H,A,R Align text to the right of the cell/s
29 Alt,H,W Wrap text
30 Alt,H,W Unwrap text
31 Alt,H,M,C Merge cells to the centre (i.e. centre aligned after merging)
32 Alt,H,M,A Merge cells to the left (i.e. left aligned after merging)
33 Alt,H,M,U Unmerge cells
34 Ctrl+1 Open Format Cell option for you
35 Alt,H,B,A Apply all border to cell/s
36 Ctrl+Shift+7 (i.e. & sign) or,
Apply outside border to cell/s
37 Alt,H,B,T Apply outside thick border to cell/s
38 Alt,H,B,L Apply left border to cell/s
39 Alt,H,B,R Apply right border to cell/s
40 Alt,H,B,P Apply top border to cell/s
41 Alt,H,B,O Apply bottom border to cell/s
42 Alt,H,B,B Apply bottom double border to cell/s
43 Alt,H,B,U Apply top border and bottom double border to cell/s
44 Ctrl+Shift+- (i.e. minus sign)  or,
Remove border from cell/s
45 Alt,H,K Apply accounting format to cell/s
46 Alt,H,0 Increasedecimal place
47 Alt,H,9 Decrease decimal place
48 Alt,I,R Insert row/s above the current row
49 Alt,I,C Insert column/s to the left of current column
50 Ctrl+- (i.e. minus sign) a. Shift cell
b. Delete Row/ column
51 Ctrl+F Open find option
52 Ctrl+H Open find & replace option
53 Ctrl+Shift+U Expand/ compress formula bar
54 Ctrl+Shift+F1 Hide/unhide toolbar
55 Ctrl+Shift+F6 Jump between workbooks
56 Ctrl+Shift+1 (i.e. ! sign) Convert to number format
57 Ctrl+Shift+2 (i.e. @ sign) Convert to time format
58 Ctrl+Shift+3 (i.e. # sign) Convert to date format
59 Ctrl+Shift+4 (i.e. $ sign) Apply currency symbol
60 Ctrl+Shift+5 (i.e. % sign)  or,
Apply % style
61 Ctrl+Shift+8 (i.e. * sign) or,
Select cells
62 Ctrl+9 (i.e. ( sign) Hide rows
63 Ctrl+Shift+9 (i.e. ( sign) or,
Unhide rows
64 Ctrl+0 (i.e. ) sign) Hide columns
65 Ctrl+Shift+9 (i.e. ) sign) or,
Unhide columns
66 Shift+F2 Insert comment to a cell; edit comment in the cell
67 Ctrl+Shift+O Select all the comments in the active worksheet
68 Shift+F10, M Delete comment from selected cell/s
69 Ctrl+D Copies the content / formula from the cell immediately above the active cell
70 Ctrl+R Copied the content / formula from the cell immediately adjacent to the right of the active cell
71 Alt,H,O,A AutoFit Row Height
It adjust the row height as per the height of tallest cell of all the cells selected in a row
72 Alt,H,O,I Auto fit column width
It adjust column width as per the widest cell of all the selected cells in a column
73 Alt,H,O,H Custom row height
74 Alt,H,O,W Custom column width
75 Alt,H,O,R Rename worksheet
76 Alt,H,O,T Apply colour to active worksheet tab
77 Alt,H,O,T,N Remove colour from worksheet tab
78 Alt,H,O,M Move or copy worksheet
79 Ctrl+; (semi-colon) Insert current date in a cell
80 Ctrl+Shift+; (semi-colon) Insert current time in a cell
81 Alt,W,F Opens freeze pane option
82 Alt,W,F,R Freeze top row (top row as appearing in the screen will freeze)
83 Alt,W,F,C Freeze fist column (first column as appearing in the screen will freeze)
84 Alt,W,F,F Unfreeze panes
85 Ctrl+G, Alt+S Go to special
86 Ctrl+G, Alt+S, K, Enter Go to special- Select blanks
87 Alt,W,V,G Hide/ Unhide gridlines
88 Ctrl+Shift+L or, Alt,D,F,F Apply/remove filter option to cell/s
89 a. Alt+down arrow
b. Up & down key
c. Space Bar
a. Open filter dropdown
b. move up or down in the filter dropdown
c. Select/unselect items
90 Alt,D,F,S Un-filter cells
91 Ctrl+Alt+V, V, Enter or,
Alt,E,S,V, Enter
Paste Special- Values (Paste copied content in form of values)
92 Ctrl+Alt+V, E, Enter or,
Alt,E,S,E, Enter
Paste Special- Transpose copied content
93 Alt, N, V Create pivot table
94 Alt+= (i.e. equals to sign) Auto sum
95 Ctrl+Enter Fill all selected cells with the same data or formula (also known as flash fill)

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