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Determining Casino Supply Value Under Rule 31C of CGST Rules

October 14, 2023 1503 Views 0 comment Print

Explore how Rule 31C of CGST Act, 2017 affects the valuation of Casino supplies, GST rates, and input tax credit eligibility. Get insights for your casino business.

GST on Betting, Gambling, Casinos, Lottery & Online Gaming – What You Need to Know

October 4, 2023 9507 Views 1 comment Print

Implications of GST on betting, gambling, casinos, horse racing, lottery and online money gaming in India and recent amendments.

Understanding CGST Rule 88D: Analysis & Implications

August 10, 2023 19113 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the detailed analysis of the new Rule 88D of CGST Rules, 2017 through Notification No.38/2023-Central Tax dated 4th August, 2023. Learn how this rule impacts taxpayers’ input tax credit claims and compliance.

GST on Constructions Services to Central & State Government or Local Authorities wef 18.07.2022

August 25, 2022 13470 Views 1 comment Print

Understanding the new GST regulations on construction services provided to government and local authorities from July 18, 2022.

Demand and Recovery with Relevant Forms under GST

August 13, 2022 10083 Views 0 comment Print

After circulation of my article Determination of  Tax and Demand with Relevant Forms  under GST,  I have received suggestions from colleagues and department friends to come with an an article on Demand and Recovery with Relevant Forms under GST

Determination of Tax & Demand with Relevant Forms under GST

August 11, 2022 4038 Views 0 comment Print

Get a comprehensive analysis of tax determination and demand under the CGST Act, 2017. Learn about the relevant forms and sections involved in determining tax liability.

ITC on inwards supply – Section 16(2)(aa) of CGST Act, w.e.f. 1.04.2022

August 4, 2022 10158 Views 2 comments Print

Learn how to claim Input Tax Credit on inwards supply of goods or services as per the amendment to Section 16(2)(aa) of CGST Act, w.e.f. 1.04.2022.

E-Invoice under GST as per Notification No.17/2022-C.T. dt. 01.08.2022

August 3, 2022 39054 Views 1 comment Print

Learn about the E-Invoice under GST as per Notification No.17/2022-C.T. dt. 01.08.2022. Get answers to important FAQs and understand the impact on registered taxable persons.

Change of Rate of Tax under GST, how to determine tax liability with new rate

July 22, 2022 1614 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the impact of recent GST rate changes with insights on determining tax liability under new rates. Understand the nuances of time of supply for goods and services, considering scenarios before and after the change. Gain clarity on invoicing and payment timelines, ensuring compliance with the latest notifications from CBIC. Read on to navigate the complexities of GST rate adjustments.

Renting of residential property to a Unregistered Person – Place of Supply

July 21, 2022 9702 Views 2 comments Print

I am trying to explain that, if an unregistered person has taken residential (Dwelling) property from unregistered person  and how to discharge and under what head of account to be mentioned on RCM invoice by TENANT.

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