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Insights on Ethics and Governance in Valuation: Learnings from Sri Ramanayam

March 5, 2024 471 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the ethical and governance insights from Maryada Purushottam Shri Rama’s life in Sri Ramayanam, offering timeless lessons for today’s world.

Valuation Consultant: Unlock the True Worth

July 11, 2023 2106 Views 0 comment Print

Unlock the true worth with a Valuation Consultant. Explore future opportunities for valuation professionals, from technology and data analytics to sustainable and ESG valuations, intellectual property, FinTech, international valuation, and more. Stay informed, embrace technology, and continuously develop expertise to thrive in the dynamic landscape of valuation consulting. For insights and guidance, consult IGTM Tax Advisory.

Recognition of Valuation Professionals – A way forward in apt direction

November 1, 2022 1494 Views 1 comment Print

Discover the importance of recognizing valuation professionals in the apt direction. Explore how they contribute to successful transactions and dispute resolutions.

Overview and Importance of Valuation under IBC

August 10, 2022 3786 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the journey and importance of valuation under IBC. Learn how this profession plays a pivotal role for debtors and creditors in the financial sector.

Balancing between Transparency & Confidentiality in Valuation Profession

June 11, 2022 933 Views 0 comment Print

Navigating the delicate balance between Transparency & Confidentiality in the Valuation Profession. Discover the ethical considerations, standards, and practices to maintain trust, reliability, and professionalism in the field. Learn how professionals can uphold the pillars of their profession while meeting the expectations of clients and stakeholders.

A View on Pre-requisite for Acceptance of Valuation Assignment (Pre-engagement phase)

October 30, 2021 1692 Views 0 comment Print

Valuation exercise involves the services of a professional i.e. a Valuer. Valuer is engaged by the clients for the specific purpose of Valuation assignment. This assignment or engagement of Valuer for Valuation has three phases: 1. Pre-engagement 2. Execution 3. Closure

Valuation – As A Profession

September 14, 2021 3963 Views 4 comments Print

Valuation is based on the relation between demand and supply as a basic principle. It had been explained in simpler terms by the great Indian Guru and thinker, CHANAKYA long ago, that Value is a measure of yield.

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