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Study on MSME – A Game Changer

January 20, 2024 14616 Views 0 comment Print

All Business Enterprises, whether commercial or non-commercial, commence their activities in a bootstrapped manner. Over the years, with their vision, persistent conviction, dedication, and relentless efforts they unfold their wings to grow by leaps and bounds to establish themselves progressively as Larger and Bigger Companies.

Clause 44 in Form 3CD under Section 44AB of Income Tax Act 1961 – FAQs

August 28, 2023 67344 Views 3 comments Print

Clause 44 in Form 3CD under Section 44AB of the Income Tax Act 1961- updated FAQs, guidelines for reporting GST details, and exemptions. Understand who needs to report, expert knowledge requirements, and more

UAE Corporate Tax (UAE CT) – A Curtain Raiser

February 5, 2023 2382 Views 0 comment Print

Get an insight to UAE Corporate Tax (UAE CT) – A Curtain Raiser with Federal Decree Law No. 47 of 2022. Learn about CT provisions with the help of Federal Tax Authority from June 2023.

Budget 2023: Analysis of Proposed GST, Custom & Excise Duty amendments

February 5, 2023 7344 Views 0 comment Print

Amendments carried out in the Finance Bill, 2023, vide clause 128 to 144 except clause 142 will come into effect from a date to be notified, as far as possible, concurrently with the corresponding amendments to the similar Acts passed by the States & Union territories with legislature.

Direct Tax Amendments proposed by Finance Bill 2023

February 2, 2023 10524 Views 4 comments Print

Understand the Income Tax Exemptions Amendments proposed by Finance Bill 2023 – no change in Minimum threshold limits and surcharge slabs. Opt for the new tax regime to get maximum benefits of interest on housing loan, HRA, 80C, 80D, 80G, 80T etc.

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – A Curtain Raiser, A Catalyst…

November 2, 2022 3513 Views 0 comment Print

Govt. has announced launch of CBDCs (or e-Rupee) during the presentation of Finance Bill, 2021 which has triggered a lot of inquisitiveness amongst many stakeholders from the perspective of its Advantages, Benefits, Challenges, Threats and Concerns etc.

An Uninvited Guest – GST on Residential Property – A Light Bulb Goes off in One’s Head

July 22, 2022 7554 Views 0 comment Print

In this article, I am putting forward my considered view about applicability of levy on rent payable by a Registered person arising out of Notification No 05/2022 dated July 13,2022 which has been made applicable from July 18, 2022

Section 194R TDS on Benefits or Perquisites under Income Tax Act 1961

July 2, 2022 24831 Views 0 comment Print

Understanding Section 194R TDS on Benefits or Perquisites under Income Tax Act 1961. Learn about its objectives, implementation, and impact on tax base.

Gospel Truth of Reassessment Proceedings – SC Judgment Analysis

May 6, 2022 12639 Views 4 comments Print

Gist and a Snap Analysis of SC Judgment –  Union of India Vs Ashish Agarwal (Supreme Court), Appeal Number : Civil Appeal No. 3005/2022, Date of Judgement: 04/05/2022 1. The Union felt aggrieved due to the adverse outcome of several writ petitions which were filed on PAN India basis against notices issued u/s 148 of the Income […]

Compliance Due Dates – Income Tax & GST Issues – Representation

December 17, 2021 11595 Views 4 comments Print

New ITD Portal is still not fully functional at its 100% level as a glitch free portal where many issues are encountered by many viz. people filing multiple ITRs u/s 139(1) for the same PAN, Incorrect upload of JSON files of one PAN in some other PANs, unable to download Income Tax acknowledgements and/or ITR forms after filing, validations of ITR Forms, Frequent changes in ITD utilities

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