Venugopal C
Venugopal C

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I am Practicing CA from Bangalore, I am Practicing in Direct Tax, Statutory Audit, Audit of Trusts and NGO
Member Since: 20 Jul 2020
Total Posts: 3
Qualification: CA in Practice
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
Company: R V K S and Associates
Designation: Partner R V K S And Associates



Job Experience

Qualified in Nov 2010 and Partner with RVKS and Associates since 2012

Job Skills

Direct Tax, Statutory Audit. Audit of Trusts and NGO,

Venugopal C 's Posts

1. Note on Statement of Donations and Certificate of Donations
4,455 Views | 1 comment | Published: 07 Jun 2021 | Posted Under: Income Tax |
2. All about Transparent Taxation-Honouring the Honest
4,383 Views | 4 comments | Published: 14 Aug 2020 | Posted Under: Income Tax |
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