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Financial, Tax, Digital Literacy: Key to Success for MSME

December 24, 2023 1077 Views 0 comment Print

Elevate your MSME game with financial, tax, and digital literacy. Learn key strategies to manage money, navigate taxes, and secure digital transactions for business growth

All About Gujarat Professional Tax & Amnesty Scheme- 2022

December 10, 2022 33042 Views 0 comment Print

Unlock the details of Gujarat Professional Tax & Amnesty Scheme-2022. Explore the nuances of professional tax in India and how Gujarat’s recent amnesty scheme offers relief to taxpayers. Understand rates, types, and the registration process. Check out the benefits, payment methods, and the newly revised tax rates effective from April 2022.

All about Filing Income Tax Return & Annual information Statement !!!

December 2, 2021 13365 Views 1 comment Print

Generally you have to give details of income from various sources earned by you during the financial year to your consultant / Chartered Accountant so that they can compute your correct Income and tax thereon on the basis of correct information.

All about Investment in Equity Shares & Tax planning !

October 19, 2021 39981 Views 2 comments Print

During the time slot of COVID-19 Pandemic record breaking Demat accounts and Trading accounts have been opened in Share Market in India. In the past more and more people use to invest their funds in FDs , Post Offices, Bonds etc. as a traditional method in search of some additional Income, due to increasing inflation […]

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