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Startups – The Future of Developing India

July 21, 2022 1833 Views 0 comment Print

Discover the essence of the Startup India Scheme, a groundbreaking initiative launched in 2016 to foster entrepreneurial spirit and build a robust startup ecosystem in India. Unravel the benefits, eligibility criteria, and the significant role startups play in shaping the future of a developing India.

11 Steps to Create a Startup Pitch Deck to Attract Investors

July 12, 2022 1374 Views 0 comment Print

Learn how to create a compelling startup pitch deck to attract investors. Follow these 11 steps to present your business in a logical and persuasive manner.

MIS Statements: Cash Flow Statements & Key Ratios

July 7, 2022 4053 Views 0 comment Print

Discover the power of MIS statements in financial analysis, including insights from Balance Sheets, Income & Expense Statements, Cash Flow Statements, and key financial ratios. Learn how to assess your company’s current position and gain valuable analytics for strategic decision-making.

MIS Statements- An solution for Startup Entrepreneurs.

July 5, 2022 6459 Views 0 comment Print

Discover how MIS Statements can revolutionize the way you track and analyze your startup’s financial performance. Simplify your reporting and impress venture capitalists.

Creating, Monitoring & Reviewing a Budget!

June 30, 2022 939 Views 0 comment Print

Learn how to create, monitor, and review a budget effectively. Discover the key points to consider and ensure the success of your business.

Attention Business Owners – Let’s talk about budget

June 24, 2022 519 Views 0 comment Print

Understand the importance of corporate budgeting for startups and avoid financial crunches. Learn how budgeting can help you achieve your business goals.

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