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Archive: 08 June 2024

Posts in 08 June 2024

From Side Hustle to Tax Puzzle: A Freelancer’s Guide to Taxes

June 8, 2024 966 Views 3 comments Print

Discover the complexities of tax compliance for freelancers and gig workers, from understanding income sources to navigating legal consequences. Learn how to mitigate tax non-compliance and optimize financial management.

Transfer of Unutilized ITC During Demerger: Procedures, Rules & Practical Insights

June 8, 2024 1002 Views 0 comment Print

Learn about the procedures, rules, and practical insights for transferring unutilized Input Tax Credit (ITC) during a demerger under India’s GST regime, as detailed in Circular No. 133/03/2020-GST.

When a Principal is Bound by an Agent’s Acts: Understanding Agency by Estoppel

June 8, 2024 441 Views 0 comment Print

Understanding when a principal is bound by an agent’s acts through agency by estoppel, where the principal’s representations lead a third party to believe in the agent’s authority.

Negative Blocking of Electronic Credit Ledger under Rule 86A GST Act

June 8, 2024 1131 Views 0 comment Print

Delve into the complexities of Rule 86A under the GST Act, exploring its provisions, conditions, and implications for the electronic credit ledger (ECL), and understand the debate surrounding negative blocking.

Decoding Basic Fabric doctrine in Schemes of Merger & Amalgamation

June 8, 2024 480 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the Basic Fabric doctrine in mergers and amalgamations, highlighted by the Zee-Sony merger case and its legal implications. Analysis by Srujan Nirkhee.

Classification of Roasted Areca Nuts and Cashew Nuts: CAAR Mumbai

June 8, 2024 1221 Views 0 comment Print

Delve into the detailed analysis of the classification of oven-roasted areca nuts and salted cashew nuts as per the Customs Tariff Act in this insightful article based on the order of Customs Authority of Advance Ruling, Mumbai.

No Reason to discard testimony of 8-Yr-Old Child if Competent to give Rational Answers: MP HC

June 8, 2024 264 Views 0 comment Print

MP High Court rules child testimony valid if competent, upholding murder conviction based on an 8-year-old’s testimony. Detailed analysis and implications.

TCS reported as payable in Audit Report cannot be added back to income u/s 43B

June 8, 2024 972 Views 0 comment Print

ITAT Amritsar decision on Aay Kay Manufacturing Co. Vs ITO-CPC discusses TCS payable and Section 43B compliance, offering key insights for taxpayers.

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