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Archive: 14 December 2023

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जीएसटी एक्ट में ई वे बिल के प्रावधान और संशोधन

December 14, 2023 3000 Views 0 comment Print

जीएसटी एक्ट में ई वे बिल के प्रावधान और संशोधन वस्तु एवं सेवा कर अधिनियम 2017 के सेक्शन 68 तथा नियम 138 में यदि माल की खेप रुपए 50,000=00 से अधिक मूल्य का है ।तो उसे निर्धारित दस्तावेज के अतिरिक्तe way बिल का निर्माण करना होगा। सेक्शन 68 का सार सरकार को अधिकार है। कि […]

7 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Customized Checks for Your Business

December 14, 2023 1056 Views 0 comment Print

Not to sound controversial but buying customized checks for your business can be a lot cheaper than getting it directly issued from the bank. No wonder most businesses prefer doing that. This has, in turn, led to the growth of the third-party check issuing and printing businesses.

101 FAQs on Investigations by Economic Offence Wings (EOW) in India

December 14, 2023 5397 Views 0 comment Print

Embarking on a comprehensive exploration of the intricate realm of economic offenses, this article titled ‘101 FAQs on Investigations by Economic Offence Wings (EOW) in India’ navigates through the multifaceted landscape of economic malpractices

Green Bond: A decarbonization Strategy

December 14, 2023 537 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the world of green bonds and their role in financing sustainable projects. Learn how these climate bonds work, their advantages, and types, driving India’s decarbonization strategy.

How Private Companies can dematerialise their shares

December 14, 2023 2052 Views 0 comment Print

Discover the step-by-step process for private companies to dematerialize shares, comply with regulations, and leverage electronic securities for efficient transactions.

Litigants Have No ‘Kangaroo Right’ to Change Jurisdictions Whimsically: Allahabad HC

December 14, 2023 354 Views 0 comment Print

Allahabad High Court, Lucknow Division Bench, in a recent judgment, dismisses a petition stating litigants have no ‘kangaroo right’ to hop around jurisdictions on whims. The court emphasizes judicial discipline, discourages forum shopping, and suggests sticking to the initial choice of filing location unless compelling reasons are provided.

POCSO Cases Quashable on Genuine Compromise & Happy Marriage: HP HC

December 14, 2023 1419 Views 0 comment Print

Himachal Pradesh High Court rules that POCSO cases can be quashed if the victim and accused reach a genuine compromise and lead a happy married life. Analyzing a recent judgment, explore the legal perspective on quashing FIRs under the POCSO Act based on reconciliation and matrimonial harmony.

Refund of Tax paid on export is not barred by period of Limitation: Delhi HC

December 14, 2023 1038 Views 0 comment Print

Delhi High Court ruling on Grapes Digital Pvt. Ltd. vs. Principal Commissioner, allowing IGST refund for export of services and addressing interest on late payments.

Rubber Gaskets for Pressure Cookers (Quality Control) Order, 2023

December 14, 2023 144 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the implications of the Rubber Gaskets for Pressure Cookers Quality Control Order 2023 by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Learn about standards, enforcement, and its impact on manufacturers.

Demystifying TDS: A Cheatsheet for CA Intermediate Students

December 14, 2023 1728 Views 0 comment Print

Confused about Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)? Check out this cheatsheet designed for CA Intermediate students. Understand key sections, threshold limits, TDS deduction timing, and rates when PAN is not furnished. Simplify TDS concepts with this comprehensive guide.

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