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ITAT deletes Penalty on Estimated addition from Sales Tax Department Info

Jaisingh H. Solanki Vs ITO (ITAT Mumbai)

Mumbai ITAT deletes penalty under section 271(1)(c) of the Income Tax Act on estimated quantum addition based on information from Sales Tax Department. Full text order....

Petty Quarrels Not Cruelty Under Section 498A IPC: Bombay HC

In a landmark judgment, the Bombay High Court quashes an FIR against an elderly couple, emphasizing that petty quarrels do not amount to cruelty under Section 498A IPC. The court criticizes biased investigation and highlights the need for fair trials...

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Timely Resolution: GST Appeals under Section 107(13)

Explore the dynamics of GST appeals under Section 107(13) and Rule 138C. Learn about timely decisions, e-way bill inspections, and the crucial role of proper documentation....

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Violation of Section 180(1)(c) of Companies Act, 2013 – MCA Imposes Penalty

Order No. ROC/CHN/SACS/ADJ/S.180/2023 13/10/2023

Explore the penalty imposed by MCA on SACS Infotech for violating Section 180(1)(c) of the Companies Act, 2013. In-depth analysis, consequences, and appeal process reveale...

Moonlighting Income in India: Tax Implications Decoded

Explore the tax implications of moonlighting in India. Learn how additional income is taxed, whether as salary or professional fees. Understand the nuances and stay tax-compliant....

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SEBI’s Most Important Broker-Client Terms for Formalizing Relationships

Circulars No. SEBI/HO/MIRSD/MIRSD-PoD-1/P/CIR/2023/180 13/11/2023

Stay informed on SEBI's latest circular on Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC) for stock brokers. Understand the changes, compliance dates, and how it impacts investor relationships...

Bombay HC Slams Department for its System Default excuse for IT Refund Delay

Matrix Publicities and Media India Pvt. Ltd Vs DCIT (Bombay High Court)

Bombay High Court criticizes default system excuses delaying refunds, urges Finance Ministry intervention. Matrix Publicities vs. DCIT detailed case analysis....

Gujarat High Court Halts GST Recovery Amid Tribunal Dysfunction

Rajkalp Mudranalya Private Limited Vs Superintendent (Gujarat High Court)

Gujarat High Court grants stay on recovery of GST dues as GST Appellate Tribunal remains non-functional. Detailed analysis of the Rajkalp Mudranalya Private Limited case....

GST Penalty Quashed, Emphasizes Hearing Rights: Allahabad HC

New India Traders Vs State Of U.P (Allahabad High Court)

Allahabad High Court quashes GST penalty in New India Traders case, stresses the importance of opportunity of hearing. Detailed analysis and implications....

Allahabad HC: Tribunal Can Consider Late VAT Forms under UPVAT

Sah Agencies Pvt. Ltd. Vs Commissioner (Allahabad High Court)

Allahabad High Court allows consideration of late UPVAT forms due to unavoidable circumstances. Detailed analysis of Sah Agencies Pvt. Ltd. Vs Commissioner case....

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