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SEBI Circular: Extension of Nomination Timelines for Mutual Fund Unit Holders

Circulars No. SEBI/HO/IMD/IMD-I POD1/P/CIR/2023/160 27/09/2023

SEBI extends deadline for mutual fund unit holders to nominate or opt out of nomination to January 1, 2024. Learn about new timeline and requirements....

‘Exceptional Circumstances’ must exist to prevent promoters to compete with other resolution applicants to retain control of corporate debtor in case of MSME

R. Raghavendran Vs C. Raja John & Ors. (Supreme Court of India)

In present facts of the case, the Hon’ble Supreme Court observed that in “exceptional circumstances” if a corporate debtor is an MSME, it is not necessary for promoters to compete with other resolution applicants to retain control of the corporate debtor....

Cognizance taken under repealed law is valid if it is provided by provision of ‘Repeal and Savings’ under the new Law

First Global Stockbroking Pvt. Ltd. & Ors. Vs Anil Rishiraj & Anr (Supreme Court of India)

In present facts of the case, the Hon’ble Supreme Court observed that the Enforcement Officer appointed under Section 3 of FERA, 1973 was authorized to file complaint under provisions of FERA even after getting repealed by the virtue of S. 49 of FEMA under the heading ‘Repeal and Savings’....

Unlocking Stock Market Success: Lessons from Chinese Bamboo Tree

Discover how the patience, faith, and perseverance required for success in the stock market mirror the growth of a Chinese Bamboo Tree. Learn valuable lessons for traders and investors....

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Advisory: Temporary/Short Period Pause in e-Invoice Auto Population into GSTR-1

Press Release No. 604 27/09/2023

Important advisory: The auto population of e-Invoice data in GSTR-1 will be temporarily halted from 26th to 29th September 2023 due to system upgrades. Details provided....

11 Types of Directors in Indian Companies

Discover various types of directors in India under Companies Act, 2013. Explore their roles and how they contribute to a company's success....

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Failure to transfer unspent CSR : MCA imposes 33.83 Lakh Penalty

Order No. ROC/CBE/A.O./135/11979/2023 27/09/2023

Government of India's Ministry of Corporate Affairs imposes a penalty of 33.83 lakhs on M/s Jayem Automotives Private Limited and its directors for not transferring unspent CSR funds. Learn about the case, provisions of the Companies Act, and the penalty details....

How to Terminate a Contract

Learn how to terminate a contract, the reasons for contract termination, and the legal implications involved in ending a contractual agreement...

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Voluntary Delisting of Non-convertible Debt Securities/Redeemable Preference Shares

SEBI amends LODR provisions, introducing voluntary delisting of non-convertible debt securities. Learn about the objective, need, and framework of this amendment....

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SMFG Grihashakti Home Loan: How does it differ from other home loan options?

Navigating home loan options can take time and effort. With all the jargon and percentages flying around, making a decision can be unclear. You're probably thinking about the hefty down payment of long-term financial commitments or wondering if you've chosen the right interest rate....

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