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Archive: 21 March 2023

Posts in 21 March 2023

Free YouTube Live on The global landscape –  from market’s to trade

May 24, 2024 807 Views 0 comment Print

Join us for an insightful and dynamic YouTube Live session on “The global landscape –  from market’s to trade.” with renowned financial analyst Ankit Baid, MBA Finance. The presentation explores shifting of the global economic landscape, focusing on the decline of US dominance and the rise of China. It examines the potential decrease in global […]

Live Course on Appeal, Pleading & Drafting under GST by CA Sachin Jain

May 15, 2024 7521 Views 0 comment Print

oin us for an immersive live course led by renowned expert CA Sachin Jain, as we delve into the intricacies of appeal, pleading, and drafting under GST.

Actions & Precautions to be taken before closing of your books of accounts as on 31st March 2023

March 21, 2023 14082 Views 1 comment Print

Discover crucial actions and precautions to take before closing your books of accounts on 31st March 2023. Ensure compliance, financial health, and strategic planning for the years ahead. Insights provided by Nitin Gupta, a financial expert.

Path of filing of disclosures related to Corporate Action on NEAPS Portal

March 21, 2023 2076 Views 0 comment Print

It is observed that certain listed entities are uploading the disclosure of corporate action (e.g., Record Date or Book Closure dates for Dividend, Annual General Meeting, etc.) in announcements under subjects like Outcome of the Board /Shareholder Meeting, etc.

Basic understanding of terms Compromise, Arrangement & Amalgamation

March 21, 2023 14568 Views 0 comment Print

Gain a basic understanding of compromise, arrangement, and amalgamation in the context of Indian business strategy. Explore key definitions, reasons for such corporate moves, and governing laws, including cross-border mergers. Get insights from Sudhir Halakhandi, a tax expert.

Amendment in Prevention of Money-laundering Act, 2002 dated 7th March 2023

March 21, 2023 6111 Views 0 comment Print

Politically Exposed Persons” (PEPs) are individuals who have been entrusted with prominent public functions by a foreign country, including the heads of States or Governments, senior politicians, senior government or judicial or military officers, senior executives of state-owned corporations and important political party officials;

Amendments to scheme of Credit Guarantee Fund for Micro Units

March 21, 2023 585 Views 0 comment Print

Guarantee fee shall be paid on the sanctioned amount corresponding to the outstanding balance of the quarterly built up balance of the portfolio of micro loans, including micro unit/enterprise set up under Joint Liability Group (JLG) framework, individually or jointly

Advisory for the taxpayer wishing to register as “One Person Company” in GST

March 21, 2023 7626 Views 0 comment Print

21/03/2023 As per provision of section 2(62) of The Companies Act, 2013 “One Person Company” is defined as a company which has only one person as member. Some issues have been raised by the persons registering as ‘One Person Company’ while they take GST registration. Upon analysis, it has been noticed that the option of […]

Restaurants entitled to charge GST on service charge voluntarily paid by customer

March 21, 2023 7794 Views 0 comment Print

Whether restaurants entitled to charge GST on service charge voluntarily paid by customer and if so, details thereof and provision and slab under which GST is charged

Important Things from Income Tax Aspect to Consider this March ending!

March 21, 2023 7605 Views 0 comment Print

Financial year 2022-23 is about to end, & new financial year is about to start. How should a taxpayer prepare himself for this year’s march ending?

What to do if rectification request is not considered by Assessing Officer?

March 21, 2023 5133 Views 1 comment Print

If any mistake is apparent from the record, the Income-tax authority can rectify such mistake. An order of rectification is required to be passed within a period of 4 years from the end of the financial year in which the order which is sought to be rectified was passed.

Rectification of Errors Under GST Laws

March 21, 2023 76353 Views 1 comment Print

Understand the process of rectifying errors in GST orders. Explore Section 161 of the CGST Act, 2017, learn which mistakes can be rectified, who can inform the errors, and the time limits for rectification. Get insights from tax expert Sudhir Halakhandi.

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