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Archive: 17 March 2023

Posts in 17 March 2023

Copyright Laws In India

March 17, 2023 1650 Views 0 comment Print

Discover the Copyright Act of 1957 in India, safeguarding creators rights. Learn about eligibility, publication, and penalties for infringement. Explore key terms and the procedure for copyright registration.

Provisional Attachment Under GST With Case Laws

March 17, 2023 12543 Views 4 comments Print

Understand the provision of provisional attachment under GST with relevant case laws. Section 83 of CGST Act empowers the Commissioner to attach any property for protecting government revenue.

What Is ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems?

March 17, 2023 1257 Views 0 comment Print

Discover what ISO 9001:2015 entails, its benefits, principles, and how to get certified. Enhance your organization’s quality management system and performance.

If provisions of DTAA more beneficial then it supersedes provisions of income tax

March 17, 2023 2112 Views 0 comment Print

ITAT Delhi held that the provisions of a DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement) supersedes the provisions of the income tax Act in case their application is more beneficial.

Refund post finalization of provisional assessment u/r 9B of Central Excise Rules not hit by unjust enrichment

March 17, 2023 954 Views 0 comment Print

CESTAT Chennai held that unjust enrichment is not applicable to refund consequent upon finalization of provisional assessment under Rule 9B of Central Excise Rules, 1944.

Matter restored to CIT(A) and cost imposed for continuous non-compliance to notice of CIT(A)

March 17, 2023 1131 Views 0 comment Print

ITAT Hyderabad restore the issue to file of CIT(A)-NFAC as non-appearance before CIT(A)-NFAC due to unavoidable circumstance. Further, due to continuous non-compliance to the statutory notices issued by CIT(A)-NFAC, cost of INR 10,000 imposed to be paid to PM’s Relief Fund.

Projectors capable of being a video projector, classifiable under 85286900

March 17, 2023 987 Views 0 comment Print

In re Supertron Electronics Pvt. Ltd (CAAR Delhi) It is evident that the projectors in question are designed for use with an automatic data processing machine. It also appears that the subject goods has got additional ports which may make it capable of being a video projector, classifiable under 85286900. In this regard, it may […]

ICSI approves ICSI Social Audit Standards

March 17, 2023 1617 Views 0 comment Print

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India has approved the ICSI Social Audit Standards covering all the sixteen areas of activities listed by the Regulatory Authorities, where a Social Enterprise can operate to be eligible to register on the Social Stock Exchanges. The same can be accessed at: The ICSI has set up The […]

Explanation of Savings Under Previous and Current Tax Regimes

March 17, 2023 1614 Views 0 comment Print

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister of India, recently announced the New Income Tax Regime in the February 2023 Union Budget. Since then, parallels have been drawn between both the regimes to establish similarities and differences and find out which one has more benefits.

Decide Excise duty Refund based on certificate from buyer & CA: CESTAT

March 17, 2023 3684 Views 0 comment Print

CESTAT Chennai held that appellant for the first time submitted certificate from the buyer reflecting that price in the supply order is without excise duty and also certificate from Chartered Accountant establishing that incidence of duty has not been passed on. Accordingly, matter remanded for deciding refund on that basis.

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