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Finance Bill 2023: Taxation of Electronic Gold Receipts

Indian Government since 2015 has taken various steps toward the digital economy. Regulation of Gold Exchanges and provision of an ecosystem that would enable transparent and efficient exchanges of gold was essential to meet the objectives of digital economy....

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Section 89 of Companies Act, 2013 – Understanding Easily

Companies Act of 2013 allows companies to engage in activities that are legal and beneficial to stakeholders, subject to approval from appropriate authority or notification in accordance with prescribed guidelines....

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MCA allowed physical filing of Forms GNL-2, MGT-14, PAS-3, SH-8, SH-9 & SH-11

MCA vide circular dated 22.02.2023 has allowed physical filing of Forms GNL-2 (filing of prospectus related documents and private placement), MGT-14 (filing of Resolutions relating to prospectus related documents and private placement), PAS-3 (Allotment of Shares)...

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Trademark registration: Device & word marks require separate applications

Trademark registration for device and word marks necessitates separate applications to safeguard your brand's unique identity and legal rights comprehensively....

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Exploring Inherent Weaknesses in Classification of Accounts as NPAs

Understanding the distinction between NPAs and inherent weaknesses is crucial for financial health. This exploration sheds light on how subjective classification based on financial, operational, and strategic factors impacts organizations....

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Power of Trademarks: Why it Matters to Your Business

Trademarks protect your brand identity and add value to your business, preventing others from using it without permission. Essential for businesses of all sizes, trademarks boost customer loyalty and legal protection....

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GST on Rent: Implication on Residential Dwelling

Finance Act 2023 amends GST on capital gains, limiting deductions on housing to ₹10 crore. It clarifies tax on Market Linked Debentures and updates on renting residential properties....

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Gujarat HC set aside section 148 notices & 148A(d) orders in 257 cases

Keenara Industries Private Limited Vs ITO (Gujarat High Court)

Keenara Industries Private Limited Vs ITO (Gujarat High Court) In the case of Keenara Industries Private Limited Vs ITO and other 256 cases Gujarat High Court set aside Notices under section 148 of Income Tax Act, 1961 and impugned orders under section 148A(d) on the ground of limitation. FULL TEXT OF THE JUDGMENT/ORDER OF GUJARAT HIGH [...

Section 50C not applies when immovable property compulsorily acquired by Government

PCIT Vs Durgapur Projects Limited (Calcutta High Court)

PCIT Vs Durgapur Projects Limited (Calcutta High Court) Whether provisions of Section 50C can be applied when the immovable property is compulsorily acquired by the Government? Whether the definition of transfer u/s 2(47) can be considered for applying Section 50C or only when the transfer involves payment of stamp duty that the provision...

Understanding Tally Xml Schema And Building XML String

Tally XML is a markup language used by Tally, a popular accounting software, for importing and exporting data. Tally XML files have a specific structure and syntax, which can be understood by referring to the Tally XML schema and the Tally XML tags. To understand Tally XML, it is helpful to have a basic understanding […]...

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