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Govt increases SAED on Diesel to Rs. 6 per litre

Notification  No. 07/2023-Central Excise [G.S.R. 81(E).] 03/02/2023

Vide Notification No. 07/2023-Central Excise, Dated: 03.02.2023 Government increases Special Additional Excise Duty on Diesel to Rs. 6.00 per litre with effect from 4th day of February, 2023 from existing Rs. 3.50 per litre....

SAED on production of Petroleum Crude & export of ATF increased wef 4.2.2023

Notification No. 06/2023-Central Excise, [G.S.R. 80(E).] 03/02/2023

Government increases Special Additional Excise Duty from 4th day of February, 2023 on production of Petroleum Crude to Rs. 5050 per tonne from 1900 per tonne and to Rs. 6  per litre from Rs. 3.50 per litre on export of Aviation turbine Fuel vide Notification No. 06/2023-Central Excise, Dated: 03.02.2023 MINISTRY OF FINANCE (Department ...

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme under Customs Act, 1962

Are you familiar with the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme under the Customs Act of 1962? Learn the background and benefits of this trade facilitation programme....

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Audit under Customs Act, 1962

Post-clearance audit procedure under Section 99A of Customs Act 1962 learn how an audit works with CBIC input...

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Grievance Redressal under Customs Act, 1962

Discover what the Customs Act, 1962 provides on grievance redressal for cargo clearance with promptness & efficiency. Learn how the Citizen's Charter of the Department envisions objectives & transparency for hassle free clearance....

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Appeal, Review and Settlement of Cases under Customs Act, 1962

Understand the detailed provisions for judicial review, appeals & settlements of cases under Customs Act, 1962. Learn the review process & more...

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Offences and Penal Provisions under Customs Act, 1962

Learn more about offences & penal provisions under Customs Act, 1962. Persons performing import/export activities without following prohibited/restricted rules are liable for confiscation of goods & penalties. Discover more about smuggling & commercial fraud & their consequences....

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Customs Brokers under Customs Act, 1962

1. Learn more about the Customs Act 1962 and customs broker licences. Ensure you meet requirements before getting your licence!...

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Customs Cargo Service Providers under Customs Act, 1962

Customs Cargo Service Providers under Customs Act, 1962: Find out how to handle imports/exports according to HCCAR, 2009. Learn more about HCCAR, 2009 & how it applies to CCSPs....

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Setting up of ICDs/CFSs/AFS under Customs Act, 1962

Learn all about setting up of ICDs, CFSs, and AFSs under the Customs Act, 1962. Our guide explains the IMC guidelines to help you navigate the process....

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