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Farmer Producers Company (FPO)

Farmer Producer Company (FPC) allows farmers who are producers of agricultural products to form groups & register under Companies Act....

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Amendments – Goods Transport Agency Under GST

Author explained changes in GST and its impact on Goods Transport Agency (GTA) with FAQs & explained option to pay GST under forward charge...

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Electronic Credit Ledger cannot be debited when appeal Already been Filed

S. D. Enterprises Vs Assistant Commissioner (Calcutta High Court)

S. D. Enterprises Vs Assistant Commissioner (Calcutta High Court) Petitioner submits that since the petitioner has approached the appellate authority under the statute and has complied with the provisions regarding deposit of a portion of the disputed amount of tax, the respondent authorities could not have debited the aforesaid amount fr...

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Profit element involved in bogus purchases should be taxed

Dhanesh Mulji Gala Vs ITO (ITAT Mumbai)

ITAT held that held that the profit element involved in the bogus purchases should be brought to tax and upheld the addition of estimated profit element of 12.50% of the value of non-genuine purchases....

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Curious Case of ‘Grants In-Grants Out Model’ – Social Stock Exchange

Concept of SIF which is found extensively in foreign jurisdiction can be employed in India to increase the domain of instruments, and to provide a two-fold benefit to the corporates as well as the NPOs, thereby driving the whole machinery without any active involvement of the NPOs itself in the business sector....

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Pareena Infrastructure guilty of Profiteering in its project ‘Laxmi Apartment’: NAA

Saurabh Kumar Vs Pareena Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd (NAA)

NAA held that Pareena Infrastructure not passed ITC benefit by way of commensurate reduction in price of flat for project Laxmi Apartment...

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IFSCA issues ‘Framework for Ship Lease’

F. No. 496/IFSCA/FC/SLF/2022-23/001 16/08/2022

An entity intending to undertake ship lease in IFSC, shall be registered as a Finance Company / Unit, as per IFSCA (Finance Company) Regulations, 2021....

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