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GST Payable on transfer of business if transfer is not as going concern

In re Cosmic Ferro Alloys Limited (GST AAR West Bengal)

In re Cosmic Ferro Alloys Limited (GST AAR West Bengal) Questions Raised Whether transfer of an unit by the applicant with all the assets including taking over all the liabilities by the purchaser for a lump sum consideration would amount as supply of goods or supply of services and whether the transaction would be covered […]...

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GST on dismantling & installation of sleepers for Railways

In re Utkarsh India Limited (GST AAR West Bengal)

In re Utkarsh India Limited (GST AAR West Bengal) Question: Whether dismantling of existing sleeper fixing and/or installation of new (H-Bean Steel sleepers) is amounting to execution of original work and would attract IGST @12% in terms of Notification No. 20/2017-Integrated Tax (Rate) dated 22.08.2017? Answer: The instant supply is fo...

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Doctors can run individual clinics in NOIDA residential areas but not nursing homes: SC

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Vs Mange Ram Sharma (Supreme Court of India)

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Vs Mange Ram Sharma (Supreme Court) Supreme Court held that individual doctors would not be entitled to any benefit under the Scheme that the NODIA will declare under this order. A clinic simplicitor can be run by a doctor within such area as already specified, of his or her residence. […]...

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MCA/ROC Compliance Tracker for FY 2022-23 by Companies with important points to consider

MCA/ROC Compliance Tracker for FY 2022-23 by Companies with important points to be considered Timelines for Mandatory MCA Annual Filings for the Financial Year 2021-22, and other e-Forms to be filed with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) by Companies in FY 2022-23 are as following: S. No Form Provision & Applicability Due Date* ...

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Grievance Submitting – GST Composition Dealer – Annual Return

A memorandum is submitted to Finance Minister  on Grievance related to scheme of annual return filing for the composition dealers under GST Act — modify the Late fee Rs. 10000/- imposing contrary to the 43rd GST Council decision – rectifications need to erroneous auto filled columns in GSTR 4 forms. Full text of the same [&hellip...

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Steps To Dissolve A Foreign Company In India

This blog will help you understand the dissolution of a foreign company in India. Due to several reasons, the company may need to take steps for the closure of its operations in India. Let us discuss the steps that must be taken to dissolve a foreign company in India. Striking Off The Company A foreign […]...

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What is A Foreign Company As Per Companies Act, 2013?

The business world is no more disconnected or limited to political territories. We all know that many business entities function in many countries as a foreign company and have expanded themselves to operate all over the world. However, when you wish to start operations in a country, other than the home country, you will have […]...

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Starting Up A New Business? Learn more

Starting a business venture is nothing short of embarking upon a journey that is marked by challenges and major choices. Making the correct choice with regard to the type of entity or the legal structure of your business is crucial in so many respects. This is not a decision that is made on a whim. […]...

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Steps To File A Trademark For An Individual

An individual can file for a trademark for the purpose of providing a distinguishable Identity to his/her products or services, and it can be done under the Trademarks Act 1999. In this blog, we will learn the steps to file a trademark. The form and fee, that is charged for the registration of a trademark for an […]...

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What Is A Faceless Assessment Scheme under Income tax?

The Faceless Assessment Scheme that was launched by the Indian Government on the 7th of October (2019) is a huge step forward in the direction of achieving a more digitally and technically empowered functionality of the government authorities and department. With regard to the revenue and income tax department, the assessment process for ...

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