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Archive: 23 January 2022

Posts in 23 January 2022

Live Course on Appeal, Pleading & Drafting under GST by CA Sachin Jain

May 15, 2024 6267 Views 0 comment Print

oin us for an immersive live course led by renowned expert CA Sachin Jain, as we delve into the intricacies of appeal, pleading, and drafting under GST.

Live Course on How to Reply to GST Notices & SCN & to Fake ITC Notices? – Last day to Register

May 15, 2024 19290 Views 0 comment Print

Join our live course to learn expert strategies for replying to GST notices, SCNs, and fake ITC notices. Understand litigation nuances, evidence insights, and practical tips for effective responses. Register now!

Agreed Bank Clause In Insurance Policies

January 23, 2022 14298 Views 0 comment Print

Understand the crucial Agreed Bank Clause in insurance policies when dealing with financing from Banks, Financial Institutions, or NBFs for projects, homes, working capital, and more. Learn how this special clause protects the interests of Banks/Financial Institutions and the insured, ensuring compliance with Loan Agreement conditions. Delve into the specimen Bank Clause, exploring its provisions related to payments, discharge of liabilities, communication, and dispute resolution. Stay informed about the impact on insurance coverage in case of property ownership changes or alterations, emphasizing the importance of timely notification.

Proxies Provisions under Companies Act, 2013

January 23, 2022 81747 Views 4 comments Print

Proxy Applicable Provisions: Section 105 of Companies Act, 2013 Rule 19 of Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014 Meaning: A person who can attend and vote in general meeting on behalf of the member of the company. Applicability: Unless the Article provides this section shall not be applicable to the company having no share capital. […]

GST issues on ITC Mismatch

January 23, 2022 12144 Views 5 comments Print

Point to be considered on these days notice served under sec.73 and 74 of CGST Act, 2017 (here Section 73 of the CGST Act, deals with the cases where any taxes has not been paid or short paid or erroneously refunded, or where input tax credit has been wrongly availed or utilised for any reason, […]

How to Reduce Capital Gains Tax Liability for the Year?

January 23, 2022 8232 Views 2 comments Print

EFFECTIVE TAX PLANNING TOOLS FOR LAST MINUTE RESORT FROM CAPITAL GAIN TAXES The financial year is coming to a close. Are you worried about the capital gain taxes on the income generated from Stock Market/Mutual Funds in the Bull Run? If so, it is important to plan your long-term capital gains in equities as they […]

How to Become an Entrepreneur/Start-Up

January 23, 2022 2190 Views 0 comment Print

In the last few years, technology has progressed tremendously and it’s still evolving a rapid base: Present Business Scenario: – Rapid Technological Progress – Support from Banks – Support from Government – New Policies & Schemes – Funding Provisions – No Income Tax for first 3 Years – Relaxation of Labour Laws – Access to […]

Critical analysis of Newtech Promoters and Developers Pvt. Ltd. vs. State of UP and Others

January 23, 2022 17157 Views 1 comment Print

Critical analysis of Newtech Promoters and Developers Pvt. Ltd. v. State of UP and Others Real estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016(RERA) was enacted to bring about standardization and transparency in the field of real estate. As new and dynamic as the law is, there are still lacunas and unanswered questions prevailing in the current […]

I-MAS POS consisting of Nickle/Cobalt Hydroxide, Graphite & moisture classifiable under CTH 28254000

January 23, 2022 552 Views 0 comment Print

In re Smartage Projects Pvt ltd (CAAR Mumbai) Thus, it is in terms of the chapter note 1 of chapter 28 read with Rules 1, 2 and 3(a) of the GIR, the goods proposed to be imported i.e. I-MAS POS, consisting of Nickle Hydroxide (78-80%), Cobalt Hydroxide (2-2.5%), Graphite (12-18%) and moisture (2.8%) is classifiable […]

Daughter entitled to inherit self-acquired property of her father: SC

January 23, 2022 9957 Views 0 comment Print

The Supreme Court on Thursday said the daughters of a male Hindu dying without a will would be entitled to inherit self-acquired and other properties obtained in the partition by the father.

Withdraw of Fund from EPF account related to Covid

January 23, 2022 3267 Views 0 comment Print

The government has notified the amendment in EPF scheme rules regarding withdrawal of funds from the EPF account to deal with coronavirus-related financial exigencies. The government had allowed employees to withdraw from their provident fund account in case they needed emergency funds due to financial stress caused by the covid-19 pandemic. According to the amended […]

34 Suggestion on Budget 2022 Proposal for GST

January 23, 2022 10122 Views 0 comment Print

BJP Professional Cell, Mumbai has made a representation to Honorable Union Finance Minister and suggested 34 changes related to GST in Union Budget 2022 so that difficulties faced by Common GST Taxpayers can be removed.  BJP Professional Cell, Mumbai Date: 21-01-2022 To, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman Madam, Honorable Union Finance Minister Ministry of Finance, North Block, […]

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