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TDS implication on purchase of property from NRI

It is essential to note that in case of purchase of property, the buyer is responsible for deducting the applicable tax at source (i.e. TDS) and deposit the same with the Government. Since the buyer is required to deduct the TDS, he would obviously be required to fulfil all the relevant compliance like TDS payment; […]...

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Clarification for Depreciation on Vehicles

In this Article we are going to discuss about Higher Depreciation Rate on some vehicle and care to be taken while finalizing books of accounts in this regards for Financial Year 2019-2020....

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Conversion of LLP to Company- Process, Documents & Taxation

The assent of all the partners in the form of resolution must be taken by conducting a meeting having propaganda of conversion of LLP into company under section 366, of the Companies Act, 2013. Authorisation must be given to required partners for executing the steps papers, deeds, and documents required for registration....

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Impact of Leverage on Firms’ Investment: Decoding Indian Experience-RBI’s latest study

I am among those investors who wonder what has happened to the investment pattern of leading Indian industries who roared with huge financial leverage( It is defined as financial borrowing to generate income to overcome its cost of acquisition) after Indian economy skyrocketing during the past decade, and why no suitable income generated ...

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