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Archive: 11 January 2020

Posts in 11 January 2020

Checklist to buy Health Insurance; Select Insurance Company & Tax Benefits

January 11, 2020 3783 Views 0 comment Print

So, this is It? Checklist to Choose your Best Health Insurance Policy:- 1. Hospital Room Rent Eligibility, 2. Co Payment and Sub Limits for diseases (if any), 3. Waiting Period for Pre Existing Disease, 4. Waiting period for few specific diseases like Cataract, Hernia etc, 5. Cover Amount and Premium charged as compared to other players with same features, 6. Pre Hospitalisation and Post Hospitalisation Coverage,

Draft Guidelines on Standardization of General Clauses in Health Insurance Policy Contracts

January 11, 2020 1233 Views 0 comment Print

The Objective of Guidelines on Standardization of General Clauses in Health Insurance Policy Contracts s is to standardize the common general clauses incorporated in indemnity based Health Insurance [excluding Personal Accident (hereinafter called as PA) and Domestic / Overseas Travel] products covering Hospitalization, Domiciliary hospitalization and Day care treatment in order to simplify the wordings of general clauses in the policy contracts and ensure uniformity and greater transparency.

ICSI representation on recent change in CS Appointment limit

January 11, 2020 8277 Views 0 comment Print

This has reference to Ministry’s Notification dated 3rd January, 2020 amending the Companies (Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel) Rules, 2014 thereby altering the limits for mandatory appointment of Whole-Time Company Secretaries from rupees 5 (five) crore to rupees 10 (ten) crore.

Mere participation in section 147 proceedings not confers jurisdiction upon AO

January 11, 2020 2286 Views 0 comment Print

Mere participation in proceedings or acquiescence would not confer jurisdiction upon AO who otherwise was not the AO of assessee, therefore, notice issued under section 148 was quashed and since  reopening was quashed,  subsequent orders passed on account of such reopening were also quashed.

18 recent changes related to FEMA and FDI Policy

January 11, 2020 14883 Views 1 comment Print

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) means any investment made by a person resident outside India on a repatriable basis in capital instruments of an Indian company or to the capital of an LLP. FDI means investment through capital instruments (equity shares, debentures, preference shares and share warrants) by a person resident outside India in an unlisted […]

No penalty for wrong claim due to inadvertent clerical error committed by CA

January 11, 2020 13128 Views 0 comment Print

Making of wrong claim due to inadvertent clerical error committed by Chartered Accountant could not be classified as furnishing of inaccurate particulars so as to levy penalty under section 271(1)(c) when assessee had voluntarily filed revised computation and AO had completed assessment on the basis of details furnished by assessee.

Revenue of ICAI through providing Certified Copies

January 11, 2020 5520 Views 2 comments Print

I have made an application to the ICAI under the Right to Information Act, 2005 to know the amount received by the ICAI by providing certified copies to the students by charging Rs. 500 per subject.

Statistics of CA Final Elective Paper

January 11, 2020 73248 Views 7 comments Print

Every one of us interested to know the statistics of CA Final elective paper which was introduced in the CA Final New syllabus from the year May 2018 and onwards. I made an application to the ICAI under the Right to Information Act, 2005 seeking the statistics of number of candidates appeared, passed and the […]

How to resolve “Error in establishing connection with TRACES Websocket Esigner” on TRACES?

January 11, 2020 2217168 Views 114 comments Print

Updated Em-signer utility is available for download. Existing utility will stop working w.e.f. March,19, 2023. Users need to uninstall existing Em-signer utility and download updated version using Web signer setup V 2.0 link available under ‘Download’ Tab at the login of user at TRACES website.  You might be facing issues with the Emsigner on TRACES, […]

SOP for Officers to take action against Non-Filler of GST Returns

January 11, 2020 2628 Views 1 comment Print

Analysis over the Standard Operating Procedure given by the CBIC, to be followed by Proper Officer for Non- Filler of Returns. 1. Three days before the due date of filling the return, the taxpayer will receive the message from the department for filling the return on or before the due date. 2. If on the […]

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