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Archive: 14 July 2019

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Reassessment on Investigation Wing report without further enquiry was invalid

July 14, 2019 2301 Views 0 comment Print

Reassessment under section 147 on the basis of report of Investigation Wing without conducting further enquiry on the same was invalid and liable to be set aside.

No order of CIT(A) was valid if it failed to comply rule 46A while admitting additional evidences

July 14, 2019 1770 Views 0 comment Print

Since CIT(A) had admitted additional evidences without complying with rule 46A which was fatal to sustaining of appellate order passed by CIT(A), therefore, the matter was restored to CIT(A) for fresh adjudication.

Components of Levy of GST

July 14, 2019 5457 Views 1 comment Print

Provisions of GST Acts, which provide for levy and collection of tax, provide that tax shall be levied on supply of goods or services or both. In my personal opinion, expression supply of goods or services or both used in Article 366(12A) of the Constitution refers to completed supply of goods or services or both and expression supply of goods or services or both does not include an agreement of supply of goods or services or both.

GSTR-3B is not a “Return” : Gujarat High Court

July 14, 2019 19611 Views 4 comments Print

On 24th June 2019 the Hon’ble Gujarat High Court has given a landmark ruling in the case of AAP & Company, Chartered Accountants v/s Union of India that the FORM GSTR-3B is not a ‘Return’, rather Return specified for Section 39 in FORM GSTR-3 is a ‘Return’.

Summary of Amendments made by Finance Bill, 2019

July 14, 2019 2619 Views 0 comment Print

This Budget Bulletin is divided into three parts: Part I – Provides Rates of Taxes applicable for A.Y. 2019-20 and A.Y. 2020-21 (given as a comparison). Part II – Provides the summary of amendments made by Interim Finance Bill, 2019. Part III – Provides the summary of amendments made by Finance (No. 2) Bill, 2019.

Body Building of Buses Whether Supply of Goods or Services

July 14, 2019 4797 Views 0 comment Print

Whether the activity of building and mounting of the body on the chassis by the applicant will result in supply of goods under HSN 8707 or supply of services under SAC 9988? The above question is related to Section 97 (2) (a) of CGST Act,2017 as it is with regard to Classification & hence permitted under the said act.

GST Implications on inter-unit service cost cross charges

July 14, 2019 19605 Views 0 comment Print

GST implementation in India piloted various new concepts of indirect taxation. The cause for the levy of indirect taxes shifted from the concept of manufacturing, service and sales to the concept of ‘supply’. The indirect tax system itself transitioned from an origin-based taxation to a largely destination / consumption-based taxation system. An important change under […]

GST on educational service provided by IIM

July 14, 2019 4200 Views 0 comment Print

Indian institution of Management Act, 2018 which came into force from 31.01.2018 states  that IIM’s listed in the schedule of the said Act shall be consider the ‘institute of national Importance’. Thus the same has been defined as educational institute under notification no.12/2017 –CT (R) dated 28.06.2017 as they provide education as part of curriculum […]

GST on sprinklers irrigation system

July 14, 2019 2433 Views 0 comment Print

Initially w.e.f. 01.07.2018 mechanical appliances (whether or not home operated) for projecting, dispersing or spraying the liquid or powder spray guns and similar appliances stem or sand blasting machines and similar jet projecting machines (other than fire extinguishers, whether or not charged), vide HSN 8424 were placed under 18% slab. Subsequently from 22.09.2017 “Nozzles for […]

GST Audit Questionnaire for review of internal control & walk through

July 14, 2019 10572 Views 0 comment Print

GST AUDIT QUESTIONNARE FOR REVIEW OF INTERNAL CONTROL SYSTEM AND WALK THROUGH. PURCHASES – INWARD SUPPLIES 1. Whether all purchases are centralised or de-centralised. If all purchases are authorised by few key persons like owner or Managing Director etc, it may require in-depth study of purchases. 2. Whether all the purchases are made only by […]

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