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CBDT to share ITR Data with GSTN

F. No. 225/105/2019/ITA.II 30/04/2019

CBDT  hereby directs that Principal Director General of Income-tax (Systems) or Director General of Income-tax (Systems), New Delhi shall be the specified income-tax authority for furnishing information respecting  assessees to the Nodal Officer, GSTN....

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GST exemption on upfront amount payable in installments for long term lease of plots

Circular No. 101/20/2019-GST 30/04/2019

Representations have been received by the Board seeking clarification regarding admissibility of GST exemption on the upfront amount which is determined upfront but is paid or payable in installments for long term (thirty years, or more) lease of industrial plots or plots for development of financial infrastructure under Notification 12/2...

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GST Applicability on Seed Certification Tags

Circular No. 100/19/2019-GST 30/04/2019

The matter has been examined. It is seen that the process of seed testing and certification followed in the state of Tamil Nadu, as prescribed in the Seeds Act, 1966 and elaborated in the Manual on Seed Production and Certification, published by Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems, Chennai, involves the following steps:...

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No service tax on amount received from BCCI towards prize money

CCE & ST Vs L. Balaji (CESTAT Chennai)

CCE & ST Vs L. Balaji (CESTAT Chennai) Conclusion: Cricket players were not liable to pay service tax on the amount received from the franchise as the money was not given by the franchise, rather it was the money received from BCCI directly for winning and not towards any services. Held: Revenue proceeded against the […]...

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Section 142A: Reference of matter to DVO by AO for valuation of property is not mandatory

ACIT Vs M/s. Ardra Associates (ITAT Cochin)

provisions of section 142A of the Act provides that the Assessing Officer may refer the matter to the DVO for the purpose of estimation of the value of the asset, property or investment and get a copy of the report from the DVO. The word ‘may’ makes it discretionary to refer the matter to the DVO. It cannot be said by any stretch of i...

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Tax reference can be filed in Hindi accompanied with authentic English version

Krishna Yadav VS. The State Of Bihar (Patna High Court)

A petition under Article 226 and 227 of the Constitution of India or a tax reference can be filed in Hindi but it will have to be accompanied by an English version as well which shall be the authentic version of the petition for all legal purposes so long as the Notification dated 9th of May 1972 stands. ...

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No Tax on Amount received by a partner on his retirement from firm

Pr. CIT Vs Smt. Hemlata S Shetty (Bombay High Court)

Pr. CIT Vs Smt. Hemlata S Shetty (Bombay High Court) Amount received by a partner on his retirement and the partnership firm is not subjected to tax in the retiring partner’s hands in view of Section 45(4) of the Act. The liability, if any, to pay the tax is on the partnership firm in view […]...

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Employees Benefits provisions allowable in book profit computation

Mercury Car Rentals Pvt. Ltd. Vs DCIT (ITAT Kolkata)

Mercury Car Rentals Pvt. Ltd. Vs DCIT (ITAT Kolkata) It is noted that the provisions in respect of gratuity, leave encashment, ex-gratia & bonus were created on actuarial basis and had been estimated with reasonable certainty. Accordingly such provisions cannot be said to be provisions of unascertained liabilities so to add it back un...

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Income Tax on Interest Income of Non Resident

TAXATION OF INTEREST ON DEPOSITS MADE BY NON RESIDENTS IN INDIAN BANKS AND ON LOANS GIVEN BY FIIs/FPIS TO INDIAN CORPORATES Q.1 Whether interest income of non resident individual with regard to the deposits made in any bank in India is taxable in India ? Ans. Yes, the interest income of non resident individual whether […]...

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Fast Track Merger A Complete Guide

Fast Track Merger (Section 233)  is that Form of merger which can be carried out without complying provisions of Section 230 & Section 232 of Companies Act 2013. TYPES OF COMPANIES THAT CAN GO FOR FAST TRACK MERGERS 1. Two or more small companies, 2. Holding and its wholly owned subsidiary Company 3. Such class […]...

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