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Archive: 15 July 2018

Posts in 15 July 2018

E-KYC drive through e-form DIR-3KYC is operational from 14.07.2018

July 15, 2018 1284 Views 0 comment Print

MCA is conducting KYC of all Directors of all companies annually through a new eform viz. DIR-3 KYC. Important points to be noted: 1. Every Director who has been allotted DIN on or before 31st march, 2018 and whose DIN status is ‘Approved’. 2. Due date of filing of DIR-3KYC is on or before 31st August, […]

Voluntary winding up of LLP -Procedural aspect

July 15, 2018 55161 Views 7 comments Print

There are numerous LLPs which were incorporated but have not done any business or stop doing business. In order to reduce the number of bogus entities, this is important to provide an ease in procedure of winding up. There are two ways of winding up of LLP first is voluntary winding up and second is compulsory winding up (by tribunal). If partners want to wind up the LLP the process they need to opt is of voluntary winding up. It is pertinent to note here that in case winding up of LLPs, procedure for winding up is different for functioning and de-functioning LLPs. For winding up of functioning LLPs the procedure is laid down in Limited Liability Partnership (Winding up and Dissolution) Rules, 2010 and for defunct LLPs the ministry had specifically notified Form-24 in Limited Liability Partnership (Amendments) Rules, 2017 for granting procedural relief to those LLPs which are not doing business means which are defunct.

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