"20 March 2018" Archive

GST Council and State Autonomy by Ganesh Aravindh S.

Ganesh Aravindh S.  SASTRA University, Thirumalaisamudram, Thanjavur The interconnection between the GST Council and fiscal autonomy of States in the Indian fiscal framework has to be discerned from the vantage point of the practical ramifications that stem from the 101st Amendment Act. The scrutiny of state autonomy after the originatio...

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E-way Bill under GST- An Analysis

The objective of creating E-way bill mechanism is to create an audit trail on the common portal for movement of goods for Inter-state or Intra-state transaction above than certain monetary value. The e-way bill can be generated by supplier, recipient of goods or by transporter....

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Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements in India

The CBDT has released the final rules through notification (N No. 3497(E) on preparation and filing of Master file by the Constituent Entity of an International group. The brief of the rules as notified and the documentation requirements as needed for the filing are summarized below:...

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Consequential amendment due to change made vide N/N. 22/2018-Customs (N.T.)

Notification No. 31/2018-Customs (20/03/2018)

Seeks to amend notification No. 50/2017-Customs, dated 30.06.2017, so as to make consequential amendment in wake of change made vide notification on No. 22/2018-Customs (N.T.) dated 20.03.2018....

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CBEC reduces export duty on raw /white / refined sugar to Nil

Notification No. 30/2018-Customs (20/03/2018)

Seeks to amend notification No. 27/2011-Customs, dated the 1st March, 2011, so as to reduce export duty on raw sugar, white or refined sugar from 20% to Nil...

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CBEC reduces duty on Chickpeas (garbanzos), Kabuli chana, Bengal gram etc

Notification No. 22/2018-Customs (N.T.) (20/03/2018)

First Schedule, in Chapter 7, for tariff item 0713 20 00 and the entries relating thereto, the following shall be substituted, namely: - 0713 20 - Chickpeas (garbanzos):0713 20 10 - - - Kabuli chana kg. 60 % 20 % , 0713 20 20 - - - Bengal gram (desi chana) kg. 60 % 20 % 0713 20 90 - - - Other kg. 60 % 20 %”....

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Anti-dumping duty on imports of ‘Dimethylacetamide’

Notification No. 12/2018-Customs (ADD) (20/03/2018)

Seeks to impose anti-dumping duty on imports of 'Dimethylacetamide' originating in or exported from China PR and Turkey- Notification No. 12/2018-Customs (ADD)...

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Reg. anti-dumping duty imposed on imports of Melamine

Notification No. 11/2018-Customs (ADD) (20/03/2018)

Seeks to order for provisional assessment in the matter of initiation of New Shipper Review under Rule 22 of the Customs Tariff (Identification, Assessment and Collection of Anti-dumping duty on dumped articles and for determination of injury) Rules, 1995, for determination of individual dumping margin for exports by M/s. Kuitun Jinjiang ...

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Anti-dumping duty on ‘Metaphenylene Diamine’ to continue till 21.03.2019

Notification No. 10/2018-Customs (ADD) (20/03/2018)

In the matter of continuation of anti-dumping duty on ‘Metaphenylene Diamine’, originating in, or exported, from China PR, imposed vide notification No.11/2014-Customs (ADD), dated the 11th March 2014...

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Technical Issues and Suggestions to speed up refund procedures under GST

Issue 1 : Mismatch in GSTR3B / GSTR1 and Custom EDI System Details : It is observed that in the initial period of GST almost all accounting software including huge ones created a common mistake in reporting GSTR3B and all Tax Payers have filed their Export Data (Against Payment of Taxes) in 3.1 (a) in stand of 3.1 (b)....

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