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Key takeaways of 11th GST Council meeting

GST Council, in its meeting held on March 4, 2017 has approved the Draft CGST Bill and the Draft IGST Bill. This clears the deck for the Central Government to take these two Bills to the Parliament for their passage in the on-going Budget Session....

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Letter of allottment date must be taken as date of holding asset

Anita D Kanjani Vs ACIT (ITAT Mumbai)

ITAT held that holding period should be computed from the date of issue of allotment If we do so, the holding period becomes more than 36 months and consequently, the property sold by the assessee would be long term capital asset in the hands of the assessee and the gain on sale of the same would be taxable in the hands of the assessee as...

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Income Tax Exemption in Respect of retirement benefits

Article discusses Tax Treatment of Various retirement benefits i.e Gratuity, Leave Encasement, Commuted Pension, Uncommuted Pension, Statutory Provident Fund, Recognised Provident Fund and Unrecognised Provident Fund. ...

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Anti Profiteering Measure under revised model GST law

Anti Profiteering Measure (APM) is governed by section 163 of revised model GST law. As per section 163, every registered person is required to pass on the complete benefit accruing on account of additional input tax credit or reduced tax rate to the next level of supply chain....

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Skill Development Ministry marches towards a comprehensive quality assurance mechanism in VET

Indian Vocational Education and Training (VET) and general education is in the process of reform and has under gone a number of changes which has seen the system open up to greater participation from industry through the introduction of a National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF). ...

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HC bans CA for issuing wrong Share Application Money Certificate

Council of ICAI Vs kailash Chander Agarwal & ANR. (Delhi High Court)

Proceeding to take cognizance of a report submitted by SEBI the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants constituted a Disciplinary Committee, forming a prima-facie opinion that the respondent was guilty of professional misconduct. Proceedings were initiated by the Disciplinary Committee. ...

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Positive Impact of Export Facilitation Measures on Exports

Latest data suggests signs of recovery of Indias exports. December 2016 is the continuous 4th month when merchandise exports registered positive growth. Despite weak global demand, India’s overall Trade figures also look good, helped by the strong net foreign exchange earnings from the IT-led Services Export Sector....

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Raise Grievance regarding communication received from CPC Bengaluru

Recently, members are raising concerns regarding the problem faced by them in resolving the grievances in respect of Communication/ Order/ Notices received by the assessees from Centralised Processing Centre (CPC) Bengaluru....

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Developing an Institutional Framework for Capturing Services Trade Data – Challenges & Opportunities

India’s service sector has been a major driving force in the growth of the economy. In 2015, India’s trade in services was valued at $277 billion, with $155 billion worth of export and $122 billion worth of imports. With a share of 3.3 per cent in world export and a share of 2.7 per cent in world imports, India was ranked the 5thlarge...

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Place of Supply of goods under GST with illustrations

In GST regime tax incidence will arise when supply is happened but a supply will be subject to Central GST (CGST)/State GST (SGST) or Integrated GST (IGST) that will be decided on the basis classification of Inter-state or Intra-state supply. ...

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