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Archive: 09 January 2012

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The Shrinking Money and RBI’s Monetary Policy

January 9, 2012 567 Views 0 comment Print

In the global context, shrinking money could possibly be related to advanced countries’ fiscal excesses which have been fully accommodated by their respective central banks in conducting monetary policies. In other words, despite inflationary risks in the medium-run from the persistent easy monetary and liquidity conditions created by their central banks, monetary policy has no choice but remain subjugated to the fiscal excesses and the impact of such excesses on the economy. Moreover, monetary policy strategy in advanced economies has explored new options, particularly after hitting zero nominal interest rate bound, such as “quantitative easing” and “twist operations” but their effectiveness in delivering a durable robust recovery in growth has belied expectations.

Evolving Customer friendly Payment Systems in India – a continuing agenda

January 9, 2012 555 Views 0 comment Print

payment systems are continuously evolving, it is necessary that all the stakeholders including the regulators are continuously engaged in gearing up to provide safe, efficient, robust, accessible and affordable payment services to our citizens. The challenge therefore, is to understand the various issues and the subtle nuances of this ever evolving payments landscape and devise appropriate strategies- in short we should continue to stay ahead of the curve. Have we as an industry been able to achieve this? I have accordingly focused my thoughts on some issues in payment systems which I think need our collective attention.

Banking Sector – Maintaining Resilience to Risk and Shock and the role of the Accounting Profession

January 9, 2012 672 Views 0 comment Print

The title of the current session Banking Sector: Resilience to Risk and Shock is also very topical. Maintaining resilience to risk and shock is an integral part of bank management and also bank regulation and supervision. However, the events of the last few years have underscored like never before the importance of ensuring that the banking sector builds up its ability to handle the headwinds of adverse events with relative equanimity. Over the years, many practices have been exposed in financial institutions that point to the importance of risk management and controls. Efforts have been ongoing, across the globe, to develop a risk management framework to identify where the key risks lie, and set out how they are to be managed. But, mishaps continue to surface, clearly indicating that the development of a fool proof risk management system is still a work in progress and whatever level of sophistication and advancement we reach, shocks are unavoidable.

Articles 7 of the Indo-Australia DTAA vs. Section 44D on FTS – Delhi High Court Reverses Law

January 9, 2012 2375 Views 0 comment Print

DIT Vs. Rio Tinto Technical Services (HC Delhi) – The payment in the present case is for furnishing of evaluation report. The fee paid is for the said purpose. To collect and collate the information and furnish evaluation report, the assessee was required and it was necessary to undertake certain tests, mapping and studies.

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