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Public Notice No. 62 (RE-2002)/1997-2002, Dated: 22.01.2002

Public Notice No. 62 (RE-2002)/1997-2002 22/01/2002

Attention is invited to Government of India, Ministry of Finance (Department Of Revenue ), notification no. 17/2001-Customs dated 1st March, 2001, as amended vide notification no. 119/2001-Customs dated 16th November, 2001. As per these notifications, import of the four items viz., (1) Skimmed and whole milk powder, milk food for babies e...

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Placement of quantity of 10,000 MTs of Raw Cane Sugar under SPS quota to EU

Policy Circular No. 21 (RE-2001)/1997-2002 22/01/2002

As regards Special Certification requirement for special preferential raw cane sugar under European Commission Regulation No. 2513/2001, the following endorsements may be made in respect of preferential sugar export to EU from India....

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Policy Circular No. 20 (RE-2001)/1997-2002, Dated: 22.01.2002

Policy Circular No. 20 (RE-2001)/1997-2002 22/01/2002

It has been decided to allocate a quantity of 8500MTs (Eight Thousand Five Hundred MTs ) of Raw Sugar out of free sale portion of 2001-2002 (October 1, 2001 to Septpember, 2002) season’s production for export to USA as a Preferential Raw Cane Sugar Tariff Rate Quota for the fiscal year 2002 and place the same at the disposal of the...

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Condition on import of textile and textile articles as per paragraph 11 of Notification no.3 (RE-2001)/1997-2002 dt. 31st March, 2001

Policy Circular No. 19 (RE-2001)/1997-2002 22/01/2002

The matter has been considered in consultation with Ministry of Textiles, and it has been decided that the aforementioned condition regarding testing of textile articles, shall not be applicable on import of samples. However, this exemption shall be subject to the following conditions....

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