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Central Excise – Simplification of Export procedure – Regarding

Circular No.284/118/96- Central Excise 31/12/1996

Circular No. 284/118/96-CX Discharge of the bond/ grant of credit in running bond account in cases where bond is executed under rule 13 or rule 14 in invariably delayed because of the time taken in reaching acceptance of proof of export in the office of Jurisdictional Range Officer from the Maritime Commissioner. In this regard, suggesti...

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Circular No. 283/117/96-Central Excise, Dated: 31.12.1996

Circular No. 283/117/96-Central Excise 31/12/1996

Circular No. 283/117/96-CX It has been represented to the Board that the field formations have taken a view that credit on inputs cleared as such for export under bond cannot be allowed to be utilised for payment of duty on final products cleared for home consumption nor can it be refunded in cash. In this regard...

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Availment and utilisation of modvat credit of duty paid on inputs under Rule 57F (1)(ii)

Circular No.282/116/96- Central Excise 30/12/1996

Circular No.282/116/96-CX It has been brought to the notice of the Board that after the amendment of Rule 57G vide notification No. 14/96-CE (NT) dated 23.07.96 specifying the documents for the purpose of modvat, the credit is being denied by the field formations is cases where the duty has been paid on the inputs under Rule 57F (1)(ii)....

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Circular No. 749-Income Tax Dated 27-12-1996

Circular No. 749-Income Tax 27/12/1996

Circular No. 749-Income Tax Under the provisions of section 203, the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) of various Central Government Departments are deducting tax from payments made to its employees, contractors, etc. The taxes so deducted are being paid into Government account by book adjustment....

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Circular No. 67/96-Custom Duty Dated 27/12/1996

Circular No. 67/96-Custom Duty 27/12/1996

I am directed to refer correspondence with Ministry of Commerce and other agencies regarding setting up of new ICDs/ CFS. The Port Trusts are also being requested by the Ministry of Commerce to also examine the proposals and offer Comments. It is requested that...

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Central Excise-Eligibility of Cardenol for exemption under notification No. 115/75-Central Excise Dated 30-4-75-Clarification regarding

Circular No. 281/115/96- Central Excise.3 26/12/1996

Circular No. 281/115/96-CX-3 I am directed to say that doubts have been expressed as to whether Cardenol is a product of Cashew Industry and accordingly entitled to the benefit of exemption from Central Excise duty under notification No. 115/75-CE dated 30.4.75....

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Export certificate for carrying equipment by executives to be issued in advance

Circular No. 66/96-Custom Duty-VI 26/12/1996

With increasing trade interaction, many Business Executives are traveling abroad quite frequently. They carry expensive equipment's like Camera, Camcorder, Cellular Phone, Note Book Computers etc. with them. At the time of departure, they have to the a Export Certificates with them to enable them to bring back the said goods without payme...

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Acknowledgment of letters/ representations received from Trade/ Associations

Circular No. 65/96-Custom Duty 24/12/1996

I am directed to refer to the decision taken in 25th Meeting of Customs and Central Excise Advisory Council on the above subject and in request that all letters/ representations received from the trade/ associations in the Board should be acknowledged and replied. A ...

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SMD/POLICY/5719/96 23/12/1996

The issue relating to the listing of debt securities of a company without prior requirements of its equity having been listed has been considered by SEBI and it has been decided in view of the consistent changes taking place in the capital markets and with basic intention of offering depth to the debt market....

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This notification levies Anti Dumping duty on DBM having MgO contents ranging from 85% to 92% originating from People”s Republic of China

Notification No. 98/1996-Customs 20/12/1996

in the matter of import of Dead Burnt Magnesite falling under sub-heading [2519.90] of the First Schedule to the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 (51 of 1975) and originating from People"s Republic of China, the designated authority vide its preliminary findings, published in Part I, section 1 of the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, dated the 12t...

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