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How To Recover TAN Registration Number (TRN) if Forgotten or lost?

“Reproduced with permission from Blog – Fast Fact Bulletin from Fast Facts Computer Systems Ltd ,Mumbai”

What is a TAN Registration Number( TRN)

  • TIN web site provides for  registration of TAN by deductor , which is necessary , among other things, for downloading consolidated fvu file, Form 16A text file.
  •  When a deductor applies for TAN Registration online , a confirmatory email  is sent giving 12 digit TAN Registration Number. Example :

 “The TAN has been successfully registered on 31th October, 2009. Your registration number is T20098776DAC”

Where is TAN Registration Number needed

  1. TRN is required to be quoted in all correspondence with NSDL
  2. The following files are emailed by NSDL / available for download are password protected and the password is TRN
    1. Reset password
    2. Form  16A

Hence if TRN is lost, it is not possible to access downloaded Form 16A files

What is the procedure  to retrieve TRN

  1. A written request on the letter head  has to be sent to NSDL mentioning name of Deductor, TAN and requesting for retrieving TRN
  2. The letter should be signed by ‘Managing Director’ or ‘Chief Financial Officer’ or authorized signatory in the organization along with name and designation and should be preferably digitally signed
  3. If the letter is not digitally signed then one the following support documents will have to be provided
  1. Board resolution certifying the authorized person list, which includes the name of the authorized person.
  2. If  name of the person is not present in the board resolution then supporting documents from ROC website mentioning name of the authorized person, Power of attorney or any other legal document authorizing the person to sign documents on behalf of the entity
  • An undertaking on the letter head owning responsibility in case of misuse of login. Format of the undertaking is given at the end of this post
  • Latest copy of Provisional Receipt Number

After receipt of above documents, the TRN will be emailed to the deductor.


Format of Undertaking Letter

Article was First Published on 22.09.2011

Sandeep Kanoi

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  1. Praveen Pokhriyal says:

    Hi, what is the format of letter to getting the forgotten tan registration no in both the case if we have the digital signature or not.

  2. Noor says:

    HOw can be a written request Digitally SIgned?

  3. Troilus Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. says:

    My Tax No. BLRW00471C Registration Number T201200HXPDE 

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