All India UNIQUE 10 Alphanumeric Number allotted by the Income Tax Department.

PERMANENT ACCOUNT NUMBER which does not change with change of address or station or change of Assessing Officer, etc.

PAN is needed for

*  an Income Tax assessee, or

*  any person carrying on business or profession whose total
sales or turnover or gross receipt exceeds T 5 lakhs, or

*  a trust

*    Any other person who needs a Permanent Account Number (PAN) can also apply.

How to Apply ?

♣ Apply only in “Form 49R (in the case of Indian Citizen/Indian Companies/Entities incorporated in India/Unincorporated entities formed in India) or “Form 49AA” (in the case of an individual not being a citizen of India/Entities incorporated outside India/Unincorporated entities formed outside India) which you can download from  or or

♣ Obtain the location of the Centres in any city from the websites of the Income Tax Department or UTIITSL or NSDL

♣ You can apply online through websites of Income Tax Department or UTIITSL or NSDL

♣ You can pay the processing fee by Net-banking or Credit/Debit Card or Cheque or Demand Draft or by Cash (except for online application)

♣ You can also trackstatus of your PAN application online

♣ Mandatory Fields in PAN application form:

  • FULL NAME (Initials must be expanded)
  • DATE OF BIRTH (in case of individuals)
  • DATE OF INCORPORATION or FORMATION, etc. (in case of companies or firms etc.)
  • FATHER’S FULL NAME (in case of individuals)
  • Please attach copies of requisite documents (Proof of Identity, Address and Date of Birth etc.)

Events to be reported to the Assessing Officer

  • DEATH of a PAN holder,
  • DISCONTINUATION of Business,
  • DISSOLUTION of a Firm,
  • PARTITION of Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), LIQUIDATION or WINDING UP of a company,
  • MERGER or AMALGAMATION or ACQUISITION etc. of companies.

Why Pan?

♠ For payment of Direct Taxes

♠ To file Income Tax Returns


♠ To avoid deduction of tax at higher rate by the Deductors


♠ To enter into specific transactions such as:

(a)    sale or purchase of any immovable property valued at five lakh rupees or more;

(b)  sale or purchase of a motor vehicle or vehicle other than two wheeler;

(c)    payment to hotels and restaurants against their bills for an amount exceeding twenty-five thousand rupees at any one time;

(d)  payment in cash in connection with travel to any foreign country of an amount exceeding twenty-five thousand rupees at any one time;

(e) payment of an amount of fifty thousand or more to RBI for acquiring Bonds;

(f) payment of an amount of fifty thousand or more to Company or Institution for acquiring Bonds or Debentures;

(g) payment of an amount of fifty thousand or more to Company for acquiring Shares;

(h) payment of an amount of fifty thousand or more to Mutual Fund for purchase of its units;

(i) a time deposit, exceeding fifty thousand rupees, with a banking company;

(j) Payment exceeding five lakh rupees for purchase of bullion and jewellery.

(k) other transactions as per Rule 114B.

Forms for applicant of PAN

Form 49AForm 49AA
Individual who is a citizen of IndiaIndividuals not being a citizen of India
Hindu Undivided FamiliesLLP Registered outside India
Companies registered in IndiaCompany registered outside India
Firm including LLP formed or registered in IndiaFirm formed or registered outside India
Association of Persons Body of Individuals formed or Registered in IndiaAssociates of persons (Trusts) formed outside India
Local Authority or artificial juridical person


Association of persons (other than Trusts) or body of individuals or local authority or person formed or any other entity (by whatever name called) registered outside India


Know Your PAN

Know Your PAN

Apply for a fresh PAN in case of :

  • PARTITION of a bigger Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) into one or more new Hindu Undivided Families (HUF’s)
  • CHANGE IN CONSTITUTION of a firm (entailing change of partners)
  • SPLITTING LIP or DEMERGER of an existing company into two or more companies

Reprint of PAN card or Changes? Correction in PAN details

  • In case PAN card is wornout or misplaced, apply for a new one with existing PAN by filing FORM titled “Request for New Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN data”, quoting your existing PAN, along with documentary proof and required
  • Above Form can also be used to update or make changes in your PAN data already present with the Income Tax Department (e.g. Name of applicant/father’s name/date of birth/address, etc).

How will PAN be communicated? 

  • A letter intimating PAN alongwith PAN card will be sent by the Service Provider.
  • If application is incomplete or deficient, a DEFICIENCY  LETTER stating the shortcomings or defects in the application will be sent. PLEASE RESPOND IMMEDIATELY to enable us to allot a PAN.


Can a person hold more than one PAN?

No. A person can have only one PAN. If a PAN has already been allotted, it is illegal to apply and possess another PAN. If you have more than one PAN you are required to intimate the concerned Assessing Officer.

Documents required in respect of Form 49A for Proof of Identity, Address & Date of Birth

Click here for details -> Employee / Bank Certificate, Aadhaar for PAN / TAN , Revised Form 49A, 49AA

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