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CA Nitin Kumar AgarwalTDS related management has already got messed-up and going forward to a point where it is going to have a count of the breathtaking of the deductors so that they may be penalized for violation of medically recommended count of 60 breaths per minute.

To add to the chaos NSDL has also made an entry. AT the most peak hour, acceptances of TDS statements has been made compulsorily ON-LINE without any prior testing and updation of infrastructure. Majority of the TIN-FCs are facing a nightmare of not able to cater the client coming up with TDS returns for filing at the last moment.

It all started last week when much awaited on-line version of SAM was made applicable by the NSDL without any warning whatsoever at least to TIN-FCs.

On-line PAAM runs only on IE 7,8,9 or 10, requires JRE version 1.6 update 29 or above and windows XP Professional or windows 7.

We all professionals have already faced a lot of problems using different versions of Java for different Authorities be it Income Tax, MCA and now NSDL. In most of the case IE has to reverted back in order to work over PAAM. The matter isn’t settled by only downgrading/upgrading systems it also requires to play with security risk of the system.

Once the system is able to run on-line PAAM, new problems are creeping. Slow generation of receipts is the foremost, in many cases receipt is not generating at all which may be due to system error but the fact is that this problem is very common. Further neither there is any facility to Re-generate receipts nor a TIN-FC is able to check whether a particular return has been filed by it as there is no option to show details of acceptance by TIN-FC. Last but not least Multi Batch Correction Statements are being asked to put on hold, so no correction filing in majority of the cases.

The fact is people who are doing TIN-FC business are searching for JUGAAD to run the system and serve the clients.

Ultimate sufferers are of course the Deductors, as many of them will be left out due to this testing exercise by NSDL at the eleventh hour and TRACES will come out with stick and leave nothing to prove the tediousness of TDS.-

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