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Income Tax Rates for Individual, HUF, Women, Senior Citizen for A.Y. 2010-11

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New Income Tax Rate slabs for Individual, HUF, Women, Senior Citizen for A.Y. 2010-11 & F.Y. 2009-2010

Basic exemption for individual tax payers was increased by Rs 10,000 for general tax payers and women and Rs 15,000 for senior citizens (i.e. 65 years and above) by the finance minister on Monday.

The current income tax exemption limit is Rs 1.5 lakh (Rs 150,000) for men, Rs 1.8 lakh (Rs 180,000) for women and Rs 2.25 lakh (Rs 225,000) for senior citizens.

Surcharge and Education Cess—

Levy of surcharge has been withdrawn for personal income tax payers . Earlier surcharge was levied at 10% having total income exceeding Rs. 10,00,000/- on such cases.

“Education Cess on Income-tax” and “Secondary and Higher Education Cess on income-tax” shall continue to be levied at the rate of two per cent and one per cent respectively of income-tax.

Income tax slab tables for your quick reference

India Income tax slabs 2009-2010 for Men

Income tax slab (in Rs.) Tax
0 to 1,60,000 No tax
1,60,001 to 3,00,000 10%
3,00,001 to 5,00,000 20%
Above 5,00,000 30%

India Income tax slabs 2009-2010 for women

Income tax slab(in Rs.) Tax
0 to 1,90,000 No tax
1,90,001 to 3,00,000 10%
3,00,001 to 5,00,000 20%
Above 5,00,000 30%

India Income tax slabs 2009-2010 for Senior citizen

Income tax slab(in Rs.) Tax
0 to 2,40,000 No tax
2,40,001 to 3,00,000 10%
3,00,001 to 5,00,000 20%
Above 5,00,000 30%

The rates for persons not resident in India, including companies other than domestic companies,are the same. Basically, for corporate there are no tax rate changes and hence is at statuesque.

  • Manan Vyas

    sab log galat aswer likh rahe hain…I am the king of tax…



  • bhaskar

    whether standard deduction of Rs.160000 revised to Rs.180000 for A.Y. 2010-11

  • rajendra.kumar puri

    My Question
    I am a senior citizen,if I come to India and if my income is ten lakh a year in India,how much tax I have to pay

  • Vishesh Anand

    Dear sir,

    please share your view: My grand mother having 5 lakh at bank is she liable to pay TAX on bank intrest..

  • S Sharma

    Please tell me sir

    i am 62 yrs old and i dont have any source of income
    my wife died this year and i have got Rs 24 lacs from her office (gratuity and CPF)

    Can i invest all this amount in FDs and avoid paying any TDS if the rate of interest in FD is 10.05 % per year
    Plz tell me this sir

  • s pal

    purchased a property @ 30lac jointly with wife investing 50% each
    a> how to show it in ITax return in Col ITR col(invested 30lac or more in property ???
    b> whether wife who is not having taxable income need to file return?

  • ravi teja

    dear sir,
    this is raviteja will you say me about the standard deduction for senior citizens for the year 2009 – 2010


    is 64 years 16 day is senior citizen as per Income Tax Act.

    please reply soon through- revolution.biplob@gmail.com

  • Praveen Kumar

    Dear Sir,

    I am married and leaving in joint family with my parients. My father sold ancestral old house including scrabs and old furtuner & irons about @ rs.8.00 Lacs. Further my father transfer some amount in my account for purchasing properties one flat(under constrution) cost about rs.6.45lacs, and Rs.2.30Lacs for purchasing a residential plot.

    Said property are purchased jointly with my wife and my mother.

    should i file my I-Tax-returns If yes then how to file it, what is the best way to do it should my father filed it with HUF or Indivisual riturns.

    please guide my as early as possible and send me reply on my E-Mail.

    Note: we don’t have HUF Pan No.

  • rohit khajuria

    I am a male, doing a job as a teacher in a school. For the year 2010-11 for men, I need (i) list of admissible deductions (including telephone bills, medical expenses for the family etc) and (ii) income tax slabs

  • sardar

    i am working in central govt.how much tax exception for tpa in 6th pay

  • Divya

    i have been working since January. My salary till October was 15000. Since Nov, i have been getting 20000 per month. My question is: since the tax limit is 190000 for women, will I be taxed for this year? If not, what other taxes should I pay?

  • s v ramana murthy

    savings eligibility for income tax for me like a senior citizen and also medical expenses eligibility for senior citizen

  • Rashi

    Sir Pl advice, i expense the medical expenses it is recd in exmpated in Income tax. or which Diseases expenses allowed in Income tax. pl guide me.

  • mitsmo

    I am paid Rs 22,000 per month by my employer in cash. That’s the full salary. There are no PF, LTA/Medical, Gratuity or any other extra benefits. My employer is a government institute and I am on a one-year contract with them. My employers are now telling me they will deduct taxes if I do not make an investment of Rs 80,000 a year. Can you tell me whether they are correct and what ways I can save taxes? I am a 40-year old lady.
    regards, mitsmo

  • santhanam

    Slab rate upto 2 lacs no tax.when this implementing

    Housing loan principal and interest from when govt abolishing

  • amit

    dear sir
    tax rate 2010-2011

  • prash

    sir. my monthly salary is 1.75 lakhs, please tell , how much amount the company will cut from my monthly salary for TDS. wot will be my take home salary after tds cut.


    • anil

      if u do not have any savings like LIC, Tax Saver FD, ELSS Mutual Fund, or school fees etc. Tax deducted for you will be 1500. However it can also be saved by including Conveyance Allowance in your salary package.

  • B.Srinivasan

    We are now past the middle of Financial year 2010-2011.Why display the old financial year slabrelating to financial year 2009-10?It will be useful to show current IT rates pertaining to financial year 2010-2011.


  • jawahar raju

    Dear sir,
    Give me how much we can save in different sections aviling tax saving ,crossing 5 lakh above income.

    • anil

      u can get 80C exemption upto 1.00 lac which includes LIC Premium, TAX Saver Fixed Deposit, Tuition fees of children, PPF Investment (upto 70000/-) etc.

      U/s 80D, MEdiclaim is exempted upto 15000

      u/s 80CCC, a new deduction of Rs.20000/- is available for investment in Infra Bonds issue by various agencies

      If u r recving salary income, u can reduce ur tax liability using HRA, PF, Conveyance allowance (upto 9600), Medical reimb (upto 15000)

  • Ramesh Singh

    Respected sir/madam, my monthly income is 12000/- and i want to prepare my income tax return file. what shuld i do and what documents required to do this.
    Plz. guide me.



  • Subhash

    For tax saving, can I take home loan to alter my 20 years old house against mortgaging my fix deposites? what is the % of Tax saving? I can not get bank loan as I am retiered person. I have got amolument less than eigtht Lacs on earlier pay fixation. In what way I can save Tax

  • manish sharma

    what is exemption on senior citizen’s income

  • manish sharma

    what is exemption on senior citizen



    • swaminathan

      You were not submitted form 15G/15H

  • C.I Ramanathan

    Is the incme tax exemption limit of
    Rs.2.4 lakh for seniorcitizens
    applicable for both men & women?

    • anil

      YES it is applicable for both

  • jayasimha

    I need clarication apart from salary income ,i have income from share trading my turn over more than 2.5crores. is it my I.Tax comes under tax audit or not for A.Y.2010.11

  • Shabbir Ali VM

    Dear Sir,
    I need a clarification on filing my IT returns. I have worked in 2 companies in 2009-2010, so i have 2 form 16 dated 1.4.2009-20.05.2009 i quit the job & for joined a new company Form 16 dated 1.6.2009-31.3.2010. In the first company i have to get a refund of 373 as per the Form16 & in the second company i have already paid tax of 10998. Could you please assist me in clarifiny my doubt whether i have to get refund or i have to pay tax.


  • Knight

    Mr. K. hari chandana Meher,
    U/s 80 C, u can avail a benefit upto Rs. 100000.

  • total income including fixed deposits

    dear sir,
    please answer my question

  • K.Harichandana Meher

    I need maximum limit for LIC

    • anil

      maximum u can get 1.00 lacs deduction u/s 90C for LIC Premium paid

      • nabin

        not 90C i think it must be 80C

  • K.Harichandana Meher

    This Tax Guru is very helpful to all.you are doing a good job.

  • naveen singh rawat

    what is the maximum exemption limit for gratuity, is it not 3,50,000 please tell me and reply me on my mail id –

  • sukhwinder

    dear sir,

    please guide me.I left the company in january 2010.I found on net company has not filled my IT return of 2008-2009 and 2009-2010.and now company is not giving me 16 no. form.comapany did not pay my last one year salary also.but i have all salary slip and company deducted the tax in every salary.company deposited my PF till date.so company will not give me 16 no. form.

    Can i fill IT return after gap of two year ?
    i want current IT return for some purchasing purpose.

    can i fill the it return without adding my salary income?

    please guide me

  • drsundaram

    sir, I will earning Rs 35000/ per month effective July 31st. I will not have PF and other contributions. Personally i have deposited such an amount in Post office which gives me rs 2700/qrtly interest.I am aged 61 and what would be my must and least tax deduction upto Match 31st 2011.
    Kindly reply

  • renu

    thanks for updation

  • http://www.taxguru.in VIKAS V. DEORUKHKAR

    Please advice my Gross salary Rs.7.50Lacs. Please let me know the Investment part, where i will save my Income Tax. I have read carefully your site and found very nice.

    Please reply my querry urgently to save my fund and invest in new scheme & housing loan. Regards.

  • shailendra kumar

    Dear Sir,
    I have gone through your website and like it very much. I was finding it difficult to get a new copy of ITR 4. Thanks for upgrading and uploading the same on website. Thanks and best wishes to taxguru.

  • shailendra kumar

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  • Ruchir

    This is a good helping website
    and also very usefull for all

    Thanks to tax guru

  • Rajendrabhai Patel

    Please reply me the following question.
    1.Write me the slab rate of income tax of Indian origin person who has acquired USA citizenship and remain Non-resident.Now his income is investment in india.
    2.Write me the slab rate income tax for USA citizen(origin of India)and now resident in India for uncertain period ,if his income of investment in India and other income.
    3.Can Citizen of USA get benefit slab rate of income tax which is given to Indian citizen.

  • Raj

    Hi , the note above the slabs say that the current tax exemtion limit is 1,80,000 for women.. and the slabs inform that its till 1,90,000. Can you please clear it out. Thanks

  • nikita

    thnx…..info’ z reli helpful……..:)

  • JAG




  • sanjay

    We – My wife- House wife nd me have House at ahmedabad.
    I have taken loan on the house and also claim Intrest benefit.

    I have moved to chennai and have rented acoomodation and claim House rent exemtion coupled with Housing loan intrest benefit.

    I ma geting prposal for renting my house at Ahmedabad.

    Please suggest will there be tax liability if the house is rented by my wife, and be filed with IT as her Return, or the income will necessarily be accounting in my as MY business income only..

  • pradip

    Can a HUF claim a tax rebate for the payment of school fees upto Rs 1 lac for the children of the Karta

  • rahul


    I’m rahul. i have completed b.com in 2005. so there is gap of 5 years in my career. my age=29yrs.

    i do many jobs b/w this gap.in call centre and bpo and other computer jobs.

    now , iam very hopeless from my life.
    because i am feeling that i am unable to get a good job. and i am the only earning person in my family.

    So, plz can u give me a job of rs.10000.
    i have good computer knowledge and average a/c knowlege.
    plz help me someone.



  • Amit Igatpurikar

    May I know what is the Limit for the year2010-11 for Men and Women. Be soecify,

  • bhushan

    What is the income tax slab for disabled senior citizen.

  • Suresh Sharma

    Please advise current benefits under 80U

  • harish

    I retired from Bank in May 2009, will I get enhanced gratutity?

  • dileep

    Thanks for updation


    my daughter is in usa since july2008.there are some investment like bank fd, shares, ppf in her name. TDS also deducted from bank fdr interest. there is also some income from share trading upto march31st 2010.Please tell me what is her status for filing IT RETURN?

  • anwer


  • sheetal

    How much time it will get to answer our questions & where we can get our answers

  • sheetal

    Resp Sir/ Madam,
    We have an education institute. We have Deposited TDS amount for last quarter in Bank on 31st March 2010.

    While depositing these amount we have made payment through separate challans, for our Internal purpose.

    We are having PAN Nos of most of the deductees. But some deductees(Teachers) are not having PAN card & we have
    paid their TDS through separate challan (94J).

    1. I want to know last date for filing the TDS return for March.10.

    2. Is it possible that we will file return immediately for those , which PAN no we are having & Can we file separate TDS Return whose PAN no is not available(They have applied for PAN card & will get it within 15 days)


  • Vijay

    I’m Salaried, I have taken Mortgage loan, where the Owner of the property is my mother, The loan was taken in Joint like primary applicant is My mother and Co-applicant is I, Is there any possibility to get the Interest waiver from TAX

  • vinti

    i have to take mortgage loan against property.will get any benefit in income. can i claim against buisness income as expense

  • http://gmail.com Ramkrishna

    Where i can get the income tax slab rate from 1961 to tii.

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    hello sir/madam,
    this information of urs has helped me a lot nd also has heped me for my studies ………and do update me with the relevant facts and figures …..i would be very obliged………

  • B. R. Salwan

    I was retired from National Highways Authority of India on 31stJanuary, 2008 as General Manager(Tech). As per revised circular of Central Goverment regarding ‘Gratuity'(enhanced to Rs. 10 lacs), whthere I am also be paid the areares of grauity enhanced amount. (B. R. Salwan)

  • Income tax slab and Income tax calculator

    The tables are great and looks very familiar.

  • k h shankaranarayana

    GOI pensioner of 61 yrs moots senior citizen relef of rs 10% of basic pension as DR alone is highly insufficient due augmenting debility and lonesome life of utter moroseness and mental fatigue.Medical facilities currently available are damn useless with arrogant doctors and supply of poor standard drugs.

  • http://dabas.rc@gmail.com dabas

    But you should always mention the age for Senior Citizenship. Why the Govt. taking into consideratin the age of senior citizen’s age in different segments means consider sometimes 60 years and for some segments its 65 years so Govt. must take it & should mark be declared the age of senior citizen in clear terms either 60 or 65 for all segments.

  • milagres

    how to calculate HRA relief for 2009-10 for salaried people

  • Dipesh

    Dear Sir,

    Please letm\ me know the least amount where t.d.s is not applicable.like contract, sub contract. and so.

    Please let me know the slab


  • Vivek

    vipul sethi :
    You will be taxed on the amount you “recieve” in a financial year and nnot what you have been “Promised”

  • veena

    I would like to know how HUF funds can be used.HUF has both fixed and liquid assets. For what purpose can the liquid assets be used by the members of the HUF.

  • vipul sethi

    Hello .

    I have CTC of 3,50,000 but out of which , 48,000 is for Performance pay which we dont get with our salary .Its an amount to paid with Dec salary,which is usuallf half of what has been promised by my company.

    I want to know , that shall I have to give 19,000 as Tax , because out of this slab its coming out to be 28,000 (excluding performance pay).

    Please through some light on it

  • Ravi

    Dear Sir, If a person is having a shop & he wants to file his IT Return & his net income for the year is only 47000 , than is their any tax liabilities to pay & what about Profession Tax

  • http://www.gmail.com sumesh

    hai would like tro know about income tax deduction for salaried persons under 80c

  • http://www.gmail.com sumesh

    iwould like to income tax exemption under sec80c

  • Radhakrishnan

    1. What all the eligible elements can be deducted from the gross to arrive at Net Salary?

    2. Whether the members of HUF contributing to HUF account qualifies for tax exemption?

    3. Whether Investment on trading and reaping the returns, already suffered TDS,will attract another while arriving at the net taxable income?

  • sumit chouhan

    thanks for updation

  • vishal kale

    Respected sir,
    i want cpt online exam date & timetable of exam

    • http://www.taxguru.in CA Sandeep Kanoi

      CPT next Exam will be in June 2010. Time table not yet declared by ICAI yet.

  • http://www.taxguru.in Venkatesan R

    hi, your nutshell detail on incometax slabs payable by senior
    citizens is very useful.Keep it up.

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  • Govind Upadhyay

    Thanks to Update me. I want to know about HUF Income tax Slab is it same as Individual or Senior Citizen ?

    • http://www.taxguru.in Sandeep Kanoi

      Its the same as of Individual below the age of 65 Years.



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