Know your Permanent Account Number (PAN) with the help of Surname and date of birth (DOB)

You forgot your Pan and do not have your PAN card too then you may be wondering how to know the PAN allotted by Income Tax Department to you. Here we would discuss trick of knowing the PAN with the help of your name and date of birth.

Points to be noted before proceeding to know the trick to know your PAN with the help of surname and Date of birth:-

1. The Surname and date of birth should be same as you filled while applying for PAN card in form NO. 49A.

2. It is observed that many people wrongly enter surname in place of first name or vica versa i.e. they enter first name in place of surname. So if you are not able to know your PAN with your surname try to know with your first name.

3. Company, partnership Firm, HUF, Trust , AOP etc other then Individuals have to enter there full name in surname column.

4.   In case of HUF Assessee department earlier use to issue PAN card with date of birth mentioned as ANCESTRAL in such cases , as per Income Tax records also date of HUF incorporation is unknown.  So if Assessee remembers that his PAN was not having any date of incorporation he can use the 01-01-0001 as the date of incorporation to know his PAN.

4. In Date of birth Company have to enter date of incorporation which can be known by incorporation certificate.

5. Company may also know there date of incorporation by going to the following link –

6. In Date of birth Partnership Firm have to enter date of formation which can be known by partnership deed.


Go to the following link:-


Enter your surname and date of Birth and Press Submit Query

Entering First name and middle name is not compulsory so it’s better to leave them blank and Enter Your Surname and date of birth in the format dd-mm-yyyy.

Once you press the submit query after entering the Surname and date of birth the following window will appear showing your PAN, First Name, Middle name, Surname and jurisdiction under which you are assessed.

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