• Jul
  • 30
  • 2013

Initiation of proceedings u/s 153C based on document seized from third party which neither mentions the name of the assessee or bears his signature is not justified

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This document was seized from the business premises of D. Nagarjuna Rao in course of action u/s 132 of the Act against him. In the impugned assessment order the AO has also observed that the said D. Nagarjuna Rao had admitted that entries in the seized documents were made by him in his own handwriting. While considering the objection of the assessee, the AO has also admitted the fact that neither the name of the assessees appear in the seized document nor it bears their signature. The notings made in the seized document only shows that an amount of Rs. 74,81,250/- was paid to Mr. Venkatesh towards sale consideration of the property. When the document in question was not seized from the assessee but from a third party, who admittedly has made the entries therein and furthermore when the seized document neither mentions the name of the assessee or bears his signature, then by no stretch of imagination it can be said to be belonging to the assessee. Thus, the precondition for initiating proceeding u/s 153C is not satisfied. Therefore, the initiation of proceeding u/s 153C against the assessee is without jurisdiction.

Source- M/s Shouri Constructions Vs. ACIT (ITAT – Hyderabad), ITA Nos. 2056 & 2057/Hyd/2011 , Date of Pronouncement: 28/06/2013