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How to open your ITR V / ITR Acknowledgement

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By now, many of you would have filed several tax returns of your clients or your own companies or even your own returns. It has been brought to our notice that this year, whenever an ITR form is filed electronically without the digital signature, the system shows that the ITR-V has been e-mailed to the e-mail ID registered with the Income-tax Department’s web site. Thereafter, when the ITR-V is tried to be opened, the system asks for a password. This was creating problems as the password that is generally used by the tax payer to log onto the e-filing site does not work while opening the ITR-V.

Recently, the Income-tax Department has put up the following clarification on its website. This would help all of you in opening the ITR-V in case of returns filed electronically.

Information on how to open your ITRV/ITR ACK

Dear Tax Payer,

Please note that you will receive your ITRV/ITR ACK PDF file in a zip format. Please note that the ITRV/ITR ACK PDF document is password protected to ensure it is accessed by the appropriate user. The password is a combination of the pan (in lower case) and the date of birth in the format dd mm yyyy. For example, 1) if the pan is AAAAA0000A and the date of birth is 10-Jan-2008, then the password will be aaaaa0000a10012008 Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat reader 8.0 or forward to open the password protected PDF file. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit the following link to download it: www.adobe.com/products/ acrobat/readstep2.html In case you are unable to open the document, please contact Efiling Income Tax Administrator at ask@incometaxindia.gov.in providing the document along with pan number and assessment year.

Income Tax Department

78 Responses to “How to open your ITR V / ITR Acknowledgement”

  1. Dr.deepa Bhosale says:

    respected sir,
    I have filed my it return 2013.on 15/1/2015 i have received message regardng notice. dont knw how to see th notice.please guide.

  2. asha devi says:

    sir i apply online for pan and do not save my acknowladge slip and lost my date of birth, how to print my knowladge slip,

  3. Anita Shinkar says:

    My ITR is received. I downloaded it but it is not asking for password first and last page is opened only. Plz send my ITR again.

  4. wilson m john says:

    i have efiled my return for the AY 2014-15,and on receipt of the acknowledgement sent ITRV duly signed in blue ink,and sent in an A4 envelope without folding and stapling but used a glue to partially close the cover and mailed one copy by ordinary post and three times by speed post as i was repeatedly receiving intimations that my ITR V is not received. what could be the problem and am i making a mistake again and again.please help me.My Pan no is AAAPW5811D

  5. Yogi says:

    I have submitted FORM 1 yesterday, but unable to save the PDFs that was shown after Declaration. Kindly provide me a way to access those form details again. just for view and print.can u pls tel me the way to view those? thank u..

  6. harish says:


  7. chinna says:

    My acknowledgement number is 139401160250314 for assesment year 2012-13 has been processed to send an sms to my mobile 9030765280,but i forget my pan number,password, Msge my pan number to the mentioned mobile number
    and also another acknowledgement number is 139350920250314 for assesment year 2012-13 is also sent an sms to the same mobile number,

    Pls send an sms of pan numbers to my mobile number as early as possible of above acknowledgement numbers of it returns,
    thanking you sir.

  8. Raj says:

    can i open my ITR V by using acknowledgment number??

  9. Cool World says:

    Sir, More times we are try to open ITR PDF file but massage all time The password is wrong our PAN no is AAGFC4328P and the date of birth is 22-MAY -2009, then the password will be type aagfc4328p22052009 but not open so Kindly help us
    Thanks u
    Ajit Nath
    Cool World

  10. Ranjith says:

    Thanks a lot it helped me.

  11. prakash says:

    it really helped me. thanks.
    if the email id is given in CAPITAL LETTERS, does it make any difference?

    thanks again. prakash

  12. Amit says:

    Looks like Income tax dept does not have any QA persone. The PDF needs PAN number in small letters!! though it is mentioned in caps everywhere. I learned this after several hit and trials.

    Site is also horrible in terms of user experience.

  13. suhas kumar ganguli says:

    unable to find ITR-V acknowledgement.Adobe reader that i installed following instruction sent in my mail box wants DOCUMENT OPEN PASSWORD?Please help.

  14. neetu says:

    i hv to revise a return filed on 16.07.2012 A.Y.2012-13 with in the due date . it is filed manually. can it be revised nw and how online or offline?

  15. sonika says:

    i have sent my itr v through speed post on 14.6.13 and which was delivered by postal department to cpc on 17.6.13.but my online status shows that they have not
    received itr v.what to do?to whom to complain ?kindly help me out

  16. Pranshu says:

    How can i get information about a person an/or his income detail with only ack. no. in hand.

  17. Pranshu says:

    How can i get information about a person or/and his income details with his only acknowledgement number in hand.

  18. uday rana says:

    i had submitted the ITR for the year 2012-13 on line but could not confirm the receipt by the IT department please gide how to get it

  19. Rajaram Alva says:

    I have my ITR-V acknowledgement number. How do I down load my IT return PDF form to sign and forward hard copy to IT dept.

  20. prakash says:

    My name is prakash i do the Online filing ITR. 562235180190213, and 562240350190213 acknowledged but does not open, can you help me please. My No 9820391362

  21. kailash chandra biswal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I submitted the return but didnot get ITR-V through mail.so kindly send it through mail my mail id is-klsh.biswal@gmail.com.
    Kailash Chandra Biswal

  22. ganesh says:

    mera 2012-2013 ka tds returans abi tak nhi mill please cont.9004732326
    pan no ABQPH1509N

  23. ganesh says:

    mera 2012-2013 ka tds returans abi tak nhi mill please cont.9004732326

  24. Ronald says:

    If any of you have received the ITR-V Ack and its says PDF file is damaged, can check acknowledgement of receipt by logging in to incometaxindiaefiling account. Goto My Account -> E-filing Process Status, fill the details and view the acknowledgement receipt.

  25. Prince Bathwal says:

    While opening protected pdf acknowledgement it requires a password which is a combination of pan and date of birth..but whatif i font know tha date of birth bcozDOB mentioned in PAN is not as per the records with IT Department and i dont know actual DOB registered with them…How shall i know my DOB Registered with so that i can open my acknowledgement

  26. rakesh says:


    I am unable to open the received acknowledgement document it says file is damaged could not be repaired. I have even mailed to ask@incometaxindia.gov.in asking to resend the acknowledgement. Is there any other way i can get this.


  27. kasiselvamk says:

    How to validate signature it is showing “signature date time are from the clock on the signer’s computer”

  28. Yuva says:

    I have same query as already raised by Sumit Roy,
    I am unable to understand what I should fill in the blank space in the last line of the declaration: “I further declare that I am making this return in my capacity as…………………………and I am also competent to make this return and verify it”. Since my return is filed under Status: INDIVIDUAL and is a personal Income Tax return, should I just write INDIVIDUAL in the blank space?

  29. gaurav says:

    thanks dear

  30. Raina says:

    While trying to complete ITR-1, I am repeatedly getting a message that I should check Form 16 or AS26. There is hardly any time left for me to first register for viewing these forms and then submitting the return.

    Is this message coming because the server, which matches actual TDS with the figures mentioned in ITR-1, is overloaded?

  31. Sai says:

    Thanks. The information was very helpful

  32. Omkar says:

    To get copy of ITR V again
    1. Login to income tax site
    2. Goto My Account
    3. Goto My Returns
    4. Enter correct assessment year
    5. Click on submit
    6. Close information box that pops up
    7. Under “Details Page” column, there is link “Click here to view details”
    8. This link will give ITR V

  33. Shiv Shankar Rai says:

    I want to know in ITR-V in verification column last line (in my capacity as coming blank not mention individaul is it ok.

  34. sam says:

    if anybody doesn’t receive their ITR-V through email, they can download from My Account > My Returns > Provide Your Assesment Year > Under Details Section > click on Click Here to view hyperlink in https:// incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in site…

  35. Catherine says:

    I have e-filed my returns on 12/7/2012 but have not received the ITR-V through e-mail. Help!!

  36. priti says:

    Due to power failure i did not save and print ITR acknowledgement . Now how can I get it back

  37. Nikhil says:

    I had received ITR-V for last financial year, but somehow could not send t to Incom tax dept in BANGALORE.
    I have the return file on the Incomtax.gov website.
    Is it possible to send ITR-V of last year to bangalore now?
    Pls help and suggest.

  38. Radhika says:

    Thanks for the inputs…
    is tehre any link available to check ITR acknowledgment though online by giving 16 digit acknowledgment number.. if so please send me the link

    – kind regards ( Radhika)

  39. Keyur says:

    Thank u

  40. Krishna reddy says:

    Hi . 
          This is krishna  i had forgotten my  e-filling password and i don’t have acknowledgement number also i don’t have any contact with my ca to whom i had given my  T.D.S form of p.year 

    This is my pan no : aidpn8510f

    How can it solve

  41. LC says:

    Hi!! My father-in-law is trying to file his tax returns, he has the excel file( in Excel 2010), but is unable to save it as xml as it password protected and he has no idea what the password is to unprotect it. Is anyone else having this issue? How do we solve this problem?
    Thanx in advance

  42. SUMIT ROY says:

    I have submitted my IT Return for AY 2012-13 using e-filing procedure and have also received the ITR-V acknowledgement file via e-mail. Since no digital signature was used, I now have to send a signed copy of ITR-V to Income Tax Department, CPC, Bengaluru.
    I am unable to understand what I should fill in the blank space in the last line of the declaration: “I further declare that I am making this return in my capacity as…………………………and I am also competent to make this return and verify it”. Since my return is filed under Status: INDIVIDUAL and is a personal Income Tax return, should I just write INDIVIDUAL in the blank space?

  43. anjana says:

    dear sir,
    i have filled up detail of the application for pan card and did payment through debit card but not able to take the printout of the acknowledgement form nor i am able to save it. now how i will get the format of my acknowledgment form. kindly give me suggestion.    


    PAN card issued mentioned date of incorporation/formation as ANCESTRAL. I ahve submitted my return by efiling, but I am not able to open my ITR V because I have not known my password i.e. date. Hence i request you to kindly let me know how to open my ITR V.

    Thanking you

  45. Patit Paban Pal says:

    This post is just highlighting our organization which are working in Birbhum district as exempted by 80g and other non profit association.

  46. Rohit says:

    Dear Friend..
    i have not received my tax refund of last FY year.. as per NSDL web cheque has been expired as not deposited in 90 days.. but i hav not recevied it yet.. BTCPS2910P.. plz help..



  48. Animish says:

    This post just saved my life – thanks a ton for the Password Details !!!

  49. kamlesh says:

    dear sir

    i m unable to open my file:-

    ack no. 264592580310711
    pan no.- agups5337c

    please help.


  50. Ajay says:

    I haven’t received my itr-v via mail nor did i downloaded it coz of some site problem. Filed today only. Tell me what shud i do to get my itr-v??????

  51. Saras says:

    even i didnt get the mail. Waiting for it. I tried the combination of pan no(lowercase) + date of birth, still its not getting opened. Can anyone tell what may be the problem.

  52. I K Pateriya says:

    The information provided for opening the ITR-V acknowledgement Password is of great help .

  53. bhujang more says:

    when we get ITR amount.

  54. vishnu says:


    I uploaded my xml file but did not receive any ITR V through mail. Could you pls tell me how to get it?

  55. SATYA PRAKASH says:

    I have successfully uploaded my itr 1 with income tax e filing, but could not record its acknowledgement number.Whats the solution to this so that i can send the return to banglore

  56. Koushal says:

    We have filled our return last year, but not able to sent the ITRV to income tax dept. Now we have lost the ITRV and we are getting mails for submittng the ITRV.
    What should be the next step?
    How we can get ITRV (we have only ITR ack number)?
    Please let me know ASAP, as the last date is very close.

  57. Rashmi says:


    The password would be

    your pan number + your date of birth.

    For instance if your pan number is: AACCB2952P
    and you Date of Birth is : 20 Dec 1984

    then your password will be aaccb2952p20121984


  58. dharmapal.gedam says:

    Dear sir,

    will u please help me, as my old income tax returns filed had been lost during transit. as i had recently transfered from aurangabad to mumbai.

    will u please me, that how can i retrieve my old income tax return copy for my future records.

  59. t2 says:

    open it with combination of pan (akxpk6295n) n d.o.b 15031980 now u have to put this to open itr V for example akxpk6295n15031980

  60. ABDUL RASHID says:

    i am unable to open our ITR-V for the A.y 2009-10 which was filled on 4th February 2010
    name of company BUL BUL HANDICRAFT PVT.LTD.
    PAN – AACCB2952P
    DOI – 25.11.2003
    Ack No. 107013510040210
    Date of Filling – 04.02.2010

  61. Suhas says:

    How ITR V can be printed in case of an HUF where date of birth/date of incorporation is not there on PAN card being an ancestral HUF?

  62. Ankur says:

    I received the ITRV form and can open it. All I need to do is verify details and sign it? Do I need to fill anything else like TRP etc?

  63. ravi says:

    thanks for your timely help in opening ITRV pdf file.

  64. Subhra prakash says:

    I submitted the return but didnot get ITR-V through mail. Somehow managed to get it from my accounts etc. but could not open it as it was asking for password. Tried all combinations but nothing worked. Finally your information about the password only helped.
    Thanks a lot.

  65. Shailesh says:

    Thank you very much!!! I started worrying , how to to solve this problem? Since this is neither a product of some pvt company so no customer care number either. This info was life saver!

  66. Anand says:

    Thanks a lot man.
    really appreciate!

    helped me :)

  67. Ravi says:

    Thanks a lot, this helped me to relieve my tensions due to the password………..

  68. Nikhil says:

    Very Thanks for this. I totally forgot how to open this pdf. Thanks again

  69. ABDUL RASHID says:

    we hav filled Revised ITR for Bul Bul handicraft Pvt. ltd. on 01.06.2010
    Asst. year- 2009-10
    but we are unable to open ITR-V
    we have tried numerous time by providing PAN with combination of date of incorporation
    computer displayed incorrect password
    what i have to do kindly tel me as earliest.
    thanking you

    Ca abdul rashid

  70. The password is a combination of the pan (in lower case) and the date of birth in the format dd mm yyyy. For example, 1) if the pan is AAAAA0000A and the date of birth is 10-Jan-2008, then the password will be aaaaa0000a10012008

  71. neeraj tyagi says:

    dear sir,
    my acknowledgement itr-v is not open my password please give us resons about it.

    with regards,

  72. Its acknowledgement of Income Tax return filed.

  73. SANDEEP says:

    what is the itr Vi ack code

  74. Surendra Gandhi says:

    How ITR V can be printed in case of an HUF where date of birth/date of incorporation is not there on PAN card being an ancestral HUF?

  75. som says:

    thanks a lot !!

  76. Manoj Sharma says:

    Dear Dakshesh,
    the Acknowlwdgement would be sent to the email id provided by you in your return within a few days time from receipt at Bangalore. You may take a print of the same. Thanks

  77. Dakshesh Barbhaya says:

    Once it is confirmed on the Income Tax Website that ITR-V has been received.
    How shall the acknowledged copy of return be received from IT dept.

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